Beverage Center vs. Refrigerator: how important is 3 degrees?

PhronesisJune 30, 2013

Okay, I continue to agonize over this.

On the Perlick side, only the ADA line will fit in the space allocated to this appliance and none of the ADA line seems to show up on the seconds list � or those that do, are not what I want.

So, I'm planning to go with Liebherr.

Liebherr has a BC and a Refrigerator. The difference is 37 degrees minimum or 34 degrees minimum (and glass door vs not and $500).

Is this 3 degrees really going to make a difference in anything?

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I have a Danby beverage center and the minimum temp is 39 degrees (which I didn't realize). I wish it would go lower - not sure whether 37 degrees is low enough or not... hopefully someone else will chime in....

The other thing I'm not fond of is if the power goes out, you have to manually reset the temp since it resets to the max temp of 54 degrees. I hear this is normal when the temp setting is digital (not sure though)?? I actually will be exchanging this one (due to a compressor issue), but since I can't find one that I like better at the appliance store, I will actually just be replacing with the same one (under warranty). I want the glass front and do not want any wine storage, so my options are limited.

Good luck!

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Well, it can literally mean the difference between life and death if you plan to store food items in it like eggs or milk or meat. It's the difference in sensation between "cool" and "cold" and would not comply with restaurant food safety regulations. Even though 37 is the minimum setting the actual temperature will vary from 37 to 42 depending on the defrost cycle. Or, it could range even higher if the fridge wasn't calibrated properly. For food storage, I wouldn't take the chance. For beverage storage, only you can determine if you can happily drink your cold stuff cool.

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With regard to that (food spoiling), the manual for the Danby bev center clearly states that you should not store any items that can spoil (the term for that escapes me).

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Yes - exactly! Thanks! That was not even on the tip of my tongue!

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