ellendiJune 20, 2013

Where are you? How is your kitchen coming along?

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Hasn't started. Long, long story. Well, maybe not so much the story as the wait.

All the delay comes from other people being much, much more important than me, so when they're busy I have to wait. For example, I waited three weeks for the architect to drop off already-completed plans from the next town over. I have now waited a month for my attorney to answer two questions about the as-yet-unsigned contract. Now multiply that by every single task or step, and you get the picture. We were supposed to start in March. LOL.

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I was wondering the same thing-saw your response on the obsolescence of the living room thread. Sorry to be nosy, but what did you decide for countertops? I know you were thinking about soapstone . . .

It is such a pain to wait for things with no control over the wait. Hopefully when things actually start rolling they will go smoothly.

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Still supposedly getting soapstone, if it ever happens. I'm already too tired to yell at people anymore, and we haven't even started.

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I hear ya about the wait. We are literally a day's work from being done and I am still waiting for the tile guy to finish up a small section of the grout, the plumber to install the pot filler and the appliance guy to hook up the gas. I have been waiting for a couple of months. When they do show up, they do not remember the history and the details and you have to be the keeper and reminder of the details. Looks like every sub is now busy with jobs with all the real estate activity in my area and as I am a locked in customer, it is always my job that falls to the last on the list.

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Yes, but you have a plan and you're starting!!! That's exciting, even if it is a bit delayed. Can you post your plan again and let us know what you're choices are for finishes? Maybe that will help renew your enthusiasm! My plans are on hold for a LONG time, but right now, I'm just thrilled to have my husband home :)

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It is a pain to wait. Our contractor is busy, so we had to "get in line" for a year before he could start.

I just looked at it as an opportunity to save more money and find more bargains. Turns out we made good use of the time on both fronts.

Keep the faith and picture the end result. :)

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