Lowes for Kitchen Remodel?

msmagooJune 17, 2014

Has anyone used them for design/remodel? We were all set to finally pull the cord on our remodel(removing wall and redesign of 25 year old kitchen), when I just happened to check Angies List for the contractor we almost signed with...an average grade of D! With those reviews, most were complaints with shoddy subs and lack of response from GC....DH says we can do ourselves. He is a former contactor, but we both work fulltime. We are removing wall, so I just need a little design help with the flow of things. Has anyone used Lowes?

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I would never leave my kitchen to the hands of a big box employee. That said, I have a girlfriend who did an absolutely beautiful job designing her kitchen with Ikea. I started out trying to use Ikea, as well, but found that their fixed-size cabinetry did not fit my custom demands.

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Sophie Wheeler

Only if you are a masochist and want to be on top of every detail and scheduling yourself. YOU are the GC of the job and Lowes is your sub. Guess who is the responsible party for catching the mistakes?

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It's hit or miss, so you really can't predict how it will go. I have seen some horrific Lowe's layouts posted here.

We had gotten a kitchen quote from their "cabinet specialist" and he knew his stuff. We didn't order them though. A year later we went back to order a Kraftmaid vanity and got a different cabinet specialist. Night and day! The way he fumbled through it I knew the order would have been messed up. We went across the street to Home Depot and placed the order.

Post your layout here for design help and you will be in good hands.

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I had a great experience with using the planner on IKEA and getting layout advice on ikeafans.com forum - they will actually use your planner file and move things around etc. Using the layout rending software yourself helps to evaluate sightlines, and the overall "feel" of a layout - esp if you are considering major changes. They know all the dimensions inside-out. They helped me to make some critical decisions that have vastly improved my storage situation even though only inches were involved and that part of the kitchen kept the same basic layout.

IKDO - is a company that I would trust to give IKEA kitchen design advice based on the owner's posts at ikeafans.

I've also seen some good advice given here on GW.

You can DIY getting a comparison quote for an IKEA kitchen so if the door styles appeal to you I would recommend not ruling that out prematurely.

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I used lowes, and it worked out fine. However, I went in with my own design, there really wasn't any design assistance offered (though neither was there at the local kitchen and bath with a KD). If you have a basic layout you know you want, lowes should work fine. But it's certainly not for everyone. You can make an appointment with one of their kitchen people and see how it goes.

We had some quality issues, and the kitchen person mis ordered a couple of pieces. But customer service was fantastic, things were fixed quickly.

There is quite a large contingency of people here on garden web who will opinionate that big box stores are worse than not remodeling at all. I strongly disagree with that. But doing a kitchen through a big box store does require you to be a bit more on top of things, there is no KD to hold your hand and help you along.

If you are planning on using contractors through lowes I would ask lowes specifically who they use, and look them up.

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" YOU are the GC of the job and Lowes is your sub. Guess who is the responsible party for catching the mistakes?"

Lowes, or whoever, is responsible for their own work if they screw something up. Their customer service is very good, imo. I would not expect much design wise though (nor from a GC) and it could certainly be hit or miss how smoothly things go. But the big boxes are probably better at making things right than the smaller companies. They can absorb it better and it's company policy with Corporate looking over.

They won't be involved in the architectural changes though. They sell supplies and help you lay out a kitchen, will install Items if you want, but don't provide "remodeling" services.

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We bought all our cabinets from Lowes (Kraftmaid). the KD was very good. We did not use their installers though. Lowes wanted over $800 JUST to install the cabinets! We were lucky to find an independent, local, construction guy who did an awesome job for half the price! He also replaced the light box with cans lights, and installed all the plumbing! (dishwasher, sink faucet). It's all in the "luck"!

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We went to a high end shop first. The kd had a great concept for our space that we never would have thought possible. We quickly realized that her products were way above our budget. We went to Lowes. I have a friend who is a kd there. We were pleasantly surprised when she showed us maple Schuyler cabinets with slab drawers and drawers. We told her what we were thinking and 2 hours later, we had a plan. A week later and many decisions later it was finalized. I don't know if my friend would have come up with the plan if we had not gone to the first place. We used Lowes measuring person, our contractor for demo and prep, our plumber and electrician and their installer. From demo to finished kitchen was 6 weeks. I know I'm making it sound so easy and other people have run into problems. But this was a good big box job.

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I have two friends that work at Lowe's in the kitchen department in separate stores, one in Vegas and one in Ohio. I'll match their expertise against anyone anywhere. 50 years experience between them, minimum.

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I had Lowe's do my mothers kitchen remodel when I was selling her house. I have to say, the install went well, it was a good job. I think it all depends on which contractor you get that is doing the work. If you get a good one, as I did, it was a smooth process. My sister had HD do a kitchen and it was a nightmare.

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We first met with Lowe's. REALLY liked the contractor, but just couldn't put things together with them. Weren't as happy with the design process at Lowe's.

Moved to HD, which a friend used for a kitchen reno last year. I had much of the design already and have drove the poor KD there crazy, I'm sure. It took longer back and forth with them than I'd like because of how overworked the KD was, which is why I'm still one month away from cabinets arriving (and going quite crazy myself). Like the contractor okay so far. Not in love with him like we were the one from Lowe's, but with personal recommendation, we feel good with him.

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there is no KD to hold your hand and help you along

Well, that's hit or miss with non-big box KDs too. I'd say we were holding our KD's hand more than she was holding ours. In the end, we got the kitchen we wanted, but it wasn't easy.

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While you may luck out and find an experienced KD, or an experienced installer, it would be against the odds to find both at the same store. In the end, no box store will act as a true GC on the job. You will be hiring all of the trades separately, which makes you the GC, which makes you responsible for catching the issues.

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I worked with Lowes on my mom's kitchen. I really had to take the lead in working with their designer. Frankly it was annoying designing the layout with them. Their so call "best, most experienced" designer thought it was perfectly acceptable to expose one side of the OTR microwave unit, instead of making sure that the microwave was installed between two upper cabinets, suggesting to me that it was perfectly fine to not add a cabinet to the one side of the microwave. I went back and forth with this one for a few weeks before I finally figured out how to resolve the problem. Another thing they would have done was to give me cabinet doors with annoying flaps, where you would always have to close one door before the other. They never made suggestions such as getting drawers instead of ROS cabinets for the base cabinets. I really had to study the cabinet manufacture's online catalogue to find many of their mistakes and oversights. It was a lot of frustration and homework on my part. Would I do it again, probably, but only because I would not rely on them for their design and I certainly would not have them do an install. Like others have suggested, I would see if IKEA would be a better option first.

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We had a good experience with Lowes and their subs. Lowes was very helpful, made suggestions, and more importantly answered my questions. And I double checked their answers here! I was the GC and I was in the kitchen while they worked installing granite counters, subway tile backsplash. My OCD was showing!

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We live in a remote area but ended up ordering our cabinets from Lowes. I already had my design mostly worked out in my head and by asking questions here, so they didn't have much to suggest. They did make sure that I had all the spacers, trim, etc that I needed. (I think, since trim and crown are still not installed.) We did a DIY install, so there are some problems there, but not Lowes fault. What I wanted to mention is that their customer service was excellent. When I inspected our cabinets I had several doors that seemed to have the finish missing in small areas. We lived so far away, that I ended up sending pictures of each individual cabinet, describing my concern and so forth. They replaced 10 cabinet doors and drawers for some issues that were very small. (There were only 3 that I was absolutely insistent that needed replacing.) Replacements were sent promptly and at their expense. I would not hesitate to recommend them as a supplier. No experience using them as an installer or contractor.

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I had a great experience with Lowe's, though I did not use their design services. Throughout the installation I felt like they did hold my hand, with easy communication and good responsiveness. YMMV.

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