Cabinets look green

ejayne2June 28, 2013

We just had our kitchen cabinets painted cream and antique washed. The problem is they look a bit too green. Right now our walls are green so we plan to paint those. Could it be the walls making them look so green or the lighting? We have can lights and 2 pendants. Any recommendations on what color to paint walls to reduce green, would hate to have to reprint cabinets.

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It really might just be that the green is reflecting off the walls, so painting could solve your problems - try painting first! If that doesn't work...

I'm not a color theorist, but I do have some experience with this problem. Last summer we ordered and had installed "ivory cream" cabs. When they went up it was clear that in my space the color was much cooler than the name would suggest. It has a slight greenish tinge, like a pale putty. I had planned to paint the walls a warm grey, but the sample patches looked terrible with the cabs. I needed a cool paint color, but not so intense as to reflect too much on the cabs, and BM Stonington grey looks terrific.

Good luck!

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Yes, I had a similar problem, but mine went pink against green sample paint. I went with a different wall color, Powell Buff by BM and replaced all of my recessed lights with reveal bulbs. It made all the difference in the world.

My sister had her cabinets painted white and glazed and golden tans look really good with them. You might want to look at Wilmington Tan by Benjamin Moore. I don't think repainting your cabinets will be necessary.

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Agree with the comments about paint from others. What kind of lights are in your recessed fixtures? I'm sitting here in my home office with renewed hatred of the florescent swirly type bulbs DH has down here. They seem to make everything had a green cast. I noticed it the other day when I was in here looking at paint samples for another project. With a reno we are doing in another home we put in the Cree LED (Home Depot version) bulbs in. Nice warm light--no green!

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I agree that your walls may have a lot to do with it. My Cloud White cabs can appear greenish just from light reflected off foliage outside.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Take a drawer out to the sunlight and see if it still looks green....if not, it's probably the walls.

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Just to clarify: I was trying to say that whether the cabs look greenish because of the walls or because the cabs do in fact have green undertones, painting the WALLS a different color could be a good solution, so long as you find the right paint color. Didn't mean to suggest painting your cabs again!!

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Thanks everyone, I switched out our can lights with led lights and that helped quite a bit. But boy those lights were pricey!!! Now comes picking a paint color for walls... Having a tough time.

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