White kitchen Counter Choice

cinjosJune 4, 2013

Hi all,
I need to make a decision about the counter for my new kitchen. We are doing white uppers/lowers on perimeter, and deep wood stain on the island. The room is open concept - kitchen/dining/living room with oak floors stained gunstock.

I know that there has been a ton of talk about different kinds of stone like quartzite, but my question is more about colour/design and livability. I have 3 boys in the preteen/teen years. I cook/entertain a lot. Here are the 3 directions I'm going:

1. White princess quartzite - gives me the look of marble that I love. Concerned about cost and some questions about durability

2. Lyra or Misty Carrera quartz - worried that it looks "fake" and lacks depth

3. River Valley/White Valley granite - beautiful and adds warmth but it's further from my original dream of marble.

Would love some input. You are all amazing here!


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I think if you can find the right river granite it will work, but compared to white, it may look cream or beige or just too dark. But I have seem some beautiful ones, just not at any of my granite yards. I like the idea of a soft light gray quartz. Lyra was high on my list before I found my quartzite. I think it is very pretty. Maybe artificial but have you seen these pics? I think it works well. http://www.houzz.com/photos/278639/Woodale-Designs-kitchen-dublin
I think misty carrera is beautiful too. Have you seen this? http://aubreyandlindsay.blogspot.com/2012/09/kitchen-reveal_26.html

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Funny! Our kitchens will be very similar. Mine is in the process of being remodeled right now, white oak floors being sanded.

We decided on two different counter tops, on the perimeter (white shaker cabs), it's antique brown with a leathered finish and the island is Bianco Antico granite polished (chocolate oil stan walnut shaker cabs).

I did struggle with the choice as well, I think all three of your choices are beautiful, I wouldn't worry about quartz looking "fake" it's a beautiful choice.

Compare them side by side and go with the one that grabs you :-)

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fsteph, I'd love to see pictures of your slabs. My cabinets will be the same white perimeter, walnut island and I would like to coordinate but not match the tops....but am worried about getting 2 patterns to harmonize. Did you see the slabs side by side? I think it is a good call to have one polished and the other not.

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You can take a look at my kitchen. I have the same colors exactly. My ceasarstone London Grey was just installed last week and I love it! I like it MUCH more than Misty Carerra...which does look fake in person. I would recommend you find a way to see anything you are considering INSTALLED....much different. I was at a granite warehouse and drooling over the marble and almost just gave in to it b/c nothing felt right. Then I saw a slab of London Grey and it is GREAT! There is also a new one that is whiter. Can't remember name. These two new colors just came out this spring.

Sorry my photos aren't that great. No lighting in there yet : )

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There is a thread where we talked about the new Ceasarstones.....Frosty Carrina and London Grey.

The Frosty Carrina was a bit too subtle for me. Didn't want it quite that 'stark'. The London is just warm enough and the veining is pretty.

I tried to link the thread...hope it worked!

Here is a link that might be useful: New Ceasarstone Thread

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I have white perimeter cabinets, a stained island and oak floors as well. I went the other route and put in grey counters and used real Carrara on the bs and elsewhere. Pics are in some of the recent Caesarstone threads. I considered the London Grey and Frosty Carrina, but decided to go with more contrast. There are many threads on Cambria Torquay and Silestone Lagoon as well.

I think all of your choices are relatively close in terms of durability. Cost-wise, I think you know that WP can be more expensive, as the material cost is relatively high ($50 to $60 per square foot for materials only; roughly 2 to 3X of other alternatives). I looked at all the quartzites and quartzite wannabes, plus some whitish granites. A lot of them were quartzite wannabes.

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Still loving my Silestone Lagoon. I'm sure they're all beautiful....you just need to find the one that sings to you! Like Lagoon did to me!

I agree....you need to see larger samples. However, I knew with Lagoon's 4x4 sample! :-)

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Thanks, everyone! Your pictures are stunning! After running around more today, I am sure that quartz is not for me and now my heart is set on quartzite.

Here is my question - does anyone know the colour "Everest"? I like it more than White Princess now but can't find it anywhere online to see it used. I'm also considering Super White, but find it just a bit too grey.

The biggest problem was that they didn't have a sample of the Everest for me to test. I shouldn't commit without doing that, right?

Thanks, everyone!

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