ugh! major oversight when i ordered conestoga rta cabinets.

lexmomof3June 11, 2013

Never make any assumptions when ordering anything, especially cabinets. I assumed that the opening of the refrigerator cabinet would be plenty large (tall) enough to fit a "standard" refrigerator. I didn't see the opening height specified when I ordered so it didn't occur to me that it might be too small. It's only 68"! The refrigerator I ordered is 70" tall and from what I can tell, that is the standard refrigerators for most refrigerators today.

The cabinet is at the end of a run of cabinets and is 96" tall. All uppers are 42" tall. Any suggestions? If not, I guess I need to figure out how to tell hubby (and builder) that I'm going to have to re-order this cabinet. I was thinking that I could raise the whole cabinet 4" by adding a piece to the bottom and wrap the bottom with base molding to hide the extra piece on the bottom. I would just want to make sure it's stable. I assume that the cabinet sits on the legs but is mostly secured by attaching the top cabinet to the wall. This would, of course affect the overall height and crown which is why I think 4" might look ok, giving it a multi-tiered look. Any other suggestions?

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Ok, first check the fridge specs. Is that 70 to the top of the hinges or the top of the body? The hinges will generally be out in front, so you might still be ok.

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I think you might need to reorder. But ask the builder soon- maybe there's something that can be done. And maybe it's not too late to change.

I agree, though, 68" seems low nowadays. My little 30" fridge is short, but not many others are. Is the opening wide enough?

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The opening is 36" and is fine. The height of the refrigerator is actually 39" and 70" with hinges but the hinges, I believe, extend back into the opening since the cabinet pretty much fully surrounds the refrigerator except for the doors. I double checked the cabinet order and the order number indicates that the top cabinet is 24" tall. The overall cabinet it 96" so that would leave a 72" opening which is what I am finding to be the standard for a refrigerator cabinet opening height. The face frame was ordered custom because I wanted an open cabinet above the refrigerator with an arch valance. We have not opened the box because but when I measured the height of the opening of the face frame, it was only 68". Maybe it goes together in a way that I don't understand yet and will be fine. Or, maybe the opening of the custom face frame isn't right. I'm heading over soon to see if I can get into the box. They painters are there so I might have to wait.

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It must be the custom face frame that is affecting the opening. I just put one of these together this weekend. It was 90" tall with 18" tall cab, leaving the 72" opening you are looking for.

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Why don't you just call the company? There are probably installation details, q&a, etc. online too.

Good luck!

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Jimmydink, you're right, it was the face frame. The cabinet was ordered as a 24" cabinet on top but face frame was mis-ordered as a 27" cabinet on top so it has been re-ordered. So glad the whole thing doesn't have to be re-ordered!

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