Silestone and Leathered Quartzite are in!

mom2tykelJune 4, 2011

Just a couple of pictures of yesterday afternoon's install. They were in and out in an hour. I can't say enough about the company I worked with. I will post all info once kitchen is finished. Now the upper countertops can go in. Install was halted as I have 2 appliance garages that sit on the countertop.

The perimeter is Silestone Stellar Nights. It was DH's choice, he had seen it many years ago and said "if we ever reno our kitchen, that's what I want". I can't say it was my first choice but now love all the glitz and glam it brings to the space. I think it will sparkle even more once the under cab lighting is in and the pendant over the sink.

I chose the peninsula which is leathered finish Suprema White. I love it! It feels so nice which a bit of texture. I chose a slab with less "chunks" and more variation.

The wall color is BM Revere Pewter and looks sage green next to the gray countertop. I love the paint color, it varies from gray, to sage green, to a gray-blue, depending on the day.

Silestone Stellar Nights (location is at slide-in range):

Suprema White Leathered Quartzite on peninsula (BM Revere Pewter on wall):

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HOLY SMOKES! That quartzite is off the hook!!

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It is pretty funky, isn't it. I love it. I am in the healthcare field and with my way of thinking there are areas that look like vertebrae of the spine. Odd, huh? =]

The feel of the leathered finish is so cool, very smooth but with a bit of texture.

This morning with the sun shining in the windows by the sink, the Silestone's silver pieces are reflecting off the walls. I have mini rainbows everywhere. Very interesting.

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What a great combo! Love it.

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Waahoo LOVE it! We are getting Moon Night honed for our countertops and island which is very similar and also leaning towards the BM Revere Pewter color for our walls. I was happy to see how well they go together. Thanks for sharing. The "bling" from the Silestone is fabulous too.

MORE pictures please!!!

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I usually prefer a unified look, but your combinations of cabinetry and countertops are absolutely stunning! It's going to look amazing when you're finished.

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Please plan on me arriving tomorrow morning bright and early to relieve you of that quartzite. Thank you.


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Beautiful quartzite. What a the paint color too! hmm...where can I put Revere Pewter?

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Thanks everyone.

Breezygirl, if you are in the NH area, come on over!

My 1st choice for the peninsula was Kashmir White and when I got the sample home it had too much green in it. So, back to square 1. I took a trip to a granite exchange and my fabricator said "I want to show you this" and I knew right away the leathered finish Suprema White was the one. It sets itself apart from the Silestone; not competing with glitz and shine.

I had to work last night and DH put in the trims on the lights and most of the switchplates and outlet plates. He couldn't find where I stored the pendants(?) so those didn't go up. It's coming together. GC said he will come back this week to finish up the cabinets and trim.

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It is so pretty! I love the look of the quartzite honed/leathered too. I often wonder if I should have done that on my island. Enjoy!!! can't wait to see the finished kitchen ;-)

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Your combo is fantastic, and the quartzite is so elegant- I think that I might see a lumbar vertebra in the lower left corner. :o)

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Sounds like you are coming along. What pendants did you choose? I am excited to see the rest of your kitchen.

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Slush1422: I purchased 3 Pottery Barn Serena Pendants off of ebay (2 different sellers). 2 over the peninsula and one over the sink. We just finished hanging them up and they look great. A little frustration getting the height right on all 3 and having to swap one over the peninsula as the mercury glass glaze is a bit heavier on 1 than the other 2 and it looked odd with 1 heavy glaze and 1 lighter glaze. A bit of trial and error. DH is very patient with my stand back see how it looks, adjust a little, stand back see how it looks, adjust the other way, etc.

Pottery Barn stopped selling the pendants for a bit that is why I went with ebay. I had emailed PB to see if they could give me the name of a certain part of the pendant that was broke on one of mine and in their reply back they said they would be offering them again soon. Sure enough, they did offer them and they are sold out again in a matter of weeks.

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