Cool sink dishcloth holder! Anyone use?

DreamItCanBeJune 28, 2011

So, I'm one of *those* that can't stand sponges in the kitchen. I'm partial to a dishcloth that I replace once or twice a day. In my current kitchen, my dishcloth ends up lying over the divider between my two sink bowls. In my soon-to-be new kitchen, I'm going with a single bowl. This, of course, leads to a problem with where to hang the dishcloth!

I saw this nifty gadget and ordered it. Anyone seen or use this? I haven't received it yet, but will post a review when it arrives if anyone is interested. I'd love feedback from anyone who owns this...

Here is a link that might be useful: Magisso kitchen cloth holder

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Circus Peanut

That video is very cool, I watched it twice. Admittedly, I haven't had my coffee yet. ;-)

My mother would love this, she's a big dishtowel adherent, that small square kind with the really loose weave. Definitely post a review once you get it! I'm wondering how easy it is to slide that magnetic fastener back up inside the outside edge of the sink.

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i think it would work on a silgranite sink too. There are two strong magnets that interact through the sink wall.

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Ya's things like this that one doesn't even think about until someone mentions it! I will have a one bowl D sink in our new space and NEVER even thought about the dish rag. Please do post your review so we all know how it turns out. I guess I will need to get one myself...

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I had the same problem. I tried using a sponge holder in the sink to hold my dishcloth but found that the cloth "soured" within hours (YUCK!) and that the holder itself got in the way of lifting up the grid to clean it, which I might do a couple times of day, depending on what I have been doing.

I cruised TJ Maxx for weeks, trying to find another alternative when VIOLA! this simple black napkin holder caught my eye. Blends right into the counter top and does the trick for a whopping $4.99.

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It's not a towel pig, but would work.

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Interesting. I now have my dishcloth draped over the top of a sponge holder that's suction-cupped to the inside of the sink. The holder loses its grip about once a week.

The holder in the video seems larger than necessary to me, and perhaps bows out enough to interfere with dishes in the sink. The straight version might be less intrusive, but also might not allow enough air circulation around the cloth.

Thanks, DreamItCanBe. Could you give us a review when you get yours?

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Well, that video sure is cool. Hope the gadget stands up to the advert.

I once had eyeglasses holders that worked on the same principle, magnet behind fabric. They were really, really nice but never strong enough; you could accidentally whack them off.

I think if you're careful and don't have large pots to accidentally dislodge things here all could be well. Might depend on your personal habits. I do think it's pretty.

Keep us posted!

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Looks like it could work - probably worth a try. I hadn't thought about that either b/c I, too, used the divider between my two double sinks to lay dish clothes on. Now with my single bowl sink where would it go?

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I saw that when we were doing our kitchen and for some reason (can't remember now) our KD talked me out of it. I think she thought it would be in the way of working in the sink and also quite noticeable.
I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and bought little hooks that are on suction cups and I put it on the inside wall of my sink (closest to where you would be standing) and hang my cloths there. ON the main sink which is a double one I have the same idea for my scrubber but it is the type where the scrubber can sit inside. I think OXO might make them.

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drape it over the faucet.
they still make faucets.

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The problem with draping over the faucet is that most faucets used today are so high (I chose the Grohe b/c it was one of the shortest available) that if you put your dishcloth on it, it looks like a flag. Oh! What an idea! The dc color is code:
White: you're surrendering to your family's every wish
Red: cross me, someone will be hurt
Black: cross me, someone's life may be threatened
Blue: I'm PMSing and getting ready to cry
Pink: compliment me on my new shoes/lipstick/whatever. Compliment me
Green: time to take out the recycles

Any other suggestions?

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I have a small, clear plastic towel rack that is suctioned to the inside of my sink. It is the perfect size for a dishtowel. I bought it at Walmart. It is not noticeable, nor does it get in the way. Perfect solution for us.

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You crack me up, rjr. :o)

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That is cool. Rjr is a hoot! And I'm too cheap to spend $40 on a dish cloth holder. I usually just toss mine in the laundry after I use it. I probably use 3 or 4 a day depending on how much action they get. They don't take up much space in the washing machine, so I'm good with this. Drives dh nuts though. I'm always throwing rags down the laundry chute, and he's often not done using them.

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I'm thinking most sinks have some type of insulation on the exterior to reduce noise, etc. This would probably be a problem for the magnet system, no? I guess you could always remove some insulation in the one location.

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I will post a review when I receive this (and my sink is installed, which will take a little longer ; ) ).

Thanks everyone, for your feedback! I thought about the suction cup idea, but I liked the look/sound of this better. I will reconsider, however, if this turns out not to work for some reason.


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"i'm too cheap to spend $40 on a dish cloth holder."

me too! my fridge is next to my sink so I'm gonna try something like this - see link

love the 'flag' code tho!

Here is a link that might be useful: dish rag and towel holder

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Here's my dishtowel holder, I keep sponge and steelwool pad on an old metal soapdish on the sink counter. I think the dishcloth holder inside the sink that you are buying might interfere while washing dishes. Aesthetically, it looks neat though.

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I think it looks cool, but wonder whether it would work with my sink since (1) I don't think there's enough room between the cabinet and the sink for a magnet and (2) my sink has thick insulation and (3) I'm too cheap to spend $40 on a dishcloth holder.

I either hang mine from the faucet ($400 dishcloth holder) or lay it flat on the sink grid.

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I ordered the straight one for my square sink, I'll let you know how it works.

The company is in Montreal and so am I, what a coincidence.

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rjr220 - LOL, very funny.

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I bought three of these months ago. They work great!
I put a curved one in my round laundry sink, and straight ones in my kitchen and craft room. You can position it so that your dish cloth drys, then swing it against the sink and out of the way.

They look as good as they work!

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Thanks Boerboel! Mine arrived yesterday, it looks very solid and well built. I'm hoping to put it to use in a couple of weeks.

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Just received a straight Magisso dishcloth holder in the mail -- looks well-made and should work well in the large utility sink. I like that you can swing the arm back and forth if you need the space, or remove it altogether, and that I won't have to sacrifice counter space to a towel pig! Or drape wet dishrags over pretty faucets.

Dumb question: do magnets lose their strength over time? If I ever knew the answer to that, I've forgotten it.

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Hey everyone,

Just got bump into this forum because recently I got something cool for holding my dishcloth and sponge. It's a Danish company called "Reenberg's". I have made comparison between Magisso one and Reenberg's, and finally made decision on Reenberg's product because I like their sponge holder, and I bought their giftset in May... I just think it's a better deal. Anyway, just curious how is the Magisso holder?! I know this forum it's been here for like a year or so, but still curious how these great invention product do in reality.. I am pretty satisfied with mine though.. =P

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