Backsplash Help - If y'all can stand one more

KAA15June 20, 2014

Hi all!
I need help with how to chose my backsplash. I like this but not sure which color choice to go with.
I'm thinking the white is best, for contrast? I've seen a couple of monochromatic kitchens that I think look nice but I'm not sure if the browns will be too much/dark.
I haven't picked a counter yet. I will probably go with formica as I don't really like granite. I'm leaning toward a lighter colored countertop, though.


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Hmm, Sorry I can't find how to post more than one picture,

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Those are both pretty, but until you pick your counter you won't know which way you want to go.
Since you haven't picked your countertop yet maybe you could take the BS samples countertop shopping with you. It will become evident immediately that shopping for both at the same time will be an advantage. You'll end up with a look you like, and they'll work together. Each backsplash alternative will limit your counter choices, just as a counter already installed limits some BS choices. Chosen together you get to make the decisions which is more important in the combo.

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Both Formica and WilsonArt will send you free counter samples in either 5x7 and 12x12 (F) or 8x10(W). You can get as many as you want. I ordered a TON before I picked my counters because the pattern and colour is remarkably different in a 2x3 chip than a larger sample. Some samples which I thought looked all right in the tiny chip I was immediately thinking, "too orange! Too green! Too this or that!"

I agree that you should choose your countertops first.

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I agree with the suggestion to take the tiles to the store when you look at counters and select them both at the same time.

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If you love the backsplash tiles (they are beautiful), chose your countertop with tiles in-hand.

I like the white best also. I also prefer formica for the countertop. I have a pattern in mine that is sort of like your tiles, only in light beige/sand colors.

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Unfortunately, samples aren't available. I found these online. That's part of my dilemma. That and I don't have strong feelings about my kitchen! It's just that my current one is old, ugly and falling apart. This tile is the only part I'm excited about.

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It looks a little fancy for Formica.

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I wouldn't consider anything like those tiles without a substantial sample in my hand.

Edited to add: Even with samples, ordered and paid for stuff can be different from the sample. There are :( stories all over GW where that happened.

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I agree with Linelle about needing to have these in hand. You will need them to select an appropriate counter. You will also need to see them in person to determine whether they look anything like the online representation.

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MGMum, thanks for the info. I might order some sample counter tops.

I think I'm going with white/neutral BS and CT with the brown cabinets. I think. Maybe if I say this enough, it'll become a firm decision?

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