so much talk about BS. here is a simple and cheap tile idea

raroJune 29, 2011

Though I'd share a pic of the tile pattern I devised for the upstairs bathroom. It utilizes the least expensive white Datile 4x4 and 2x4 tiles in a hopefully interesting pattern. The idea was that the squares are the background and the rectangles are like paths running through the squares. The paths take a couple of right angles here and there. Just some food for thought for an economical use of tile in a different way.

It is kind of hard to get the full effect in this shot but you can get the idea.

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That's a clever way to get some interest that doesn't scream at you and that uses a lower cost tile. Very creative. But I'd expect nothing less from you. ;)

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I can see that not only in your kitchen, but also in a bathroom where you want to use a lot of tile at a budget cost. Is the pattern somewhat random as it appears or is there an overall repeat?

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The pattern is random but there are some rules inherent here. Rules are that grout lines should not match up between squares and rectangles; spaces between runs of rectangles are not even; and corners of runs need to be laid down first so that the rectangular tiles are whole at the turns of the corners. this is the paper design that I made.

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Love it!

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I can see this as the basis for the Tetris tile backsplash Adrienne2011 wanted to see!

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I love it. And I might just unashamedly steal it when we eventually redo our bathroom(s). But, man, that was a lot of work to measure and cut the "underpass" sections of the 2 x 4 tiles - but it worked out perfectly.

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Fabulous. I think you have a mosaic gene in you : )

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I approve wholeheartedly. You not only added interest to cheap tile but you also created something that is not of a "kit" or part of a passing fad. It will have a much more long-lasting appeal.

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I am glad that I was able to contribute something. You all have given a lot to me!

There was very little cutting. I told the tile guys to order 2/3 of the area for squares and 1/3 for the subway tiles. The square and the rectangle tiles were the cheapest Datile white tiles that they make. the only cutting was at the edges. The grout lines were a little tight because 2 2" rectangles plus grout is wider than 4" of the squares. My paper copy shows more cutting because I was sloppy. The tiles show few cuts - at the edges of each wall and where rectangle runs cross eachother. Other design element - when runs crossed eachother I "wove" them so that they alternated with the horizontal runs going over or under the vertical runs.

this allowed me to save money that I then spent in the master bath and the guest bath, but that is a topic for the bath forum.

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I really like it and I am definitely going to steal it for somewhere.

If you wanted to make it a tiny bit more emphatic, use matte for one shape and gloss for the other.

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