French door bottom freezer fridge without ice maker?

zagyzebraJune 30, 2013

Does one even exist? I have been reading about the KitchenAid French door bottom freezer fridge. The design makes sense to me. However, I have read many complaining that the ice maker takes up valuable storage space in the fridge.

Personally, I'm one of those people that orders my water without ice in restaurants. I could care less about ice makers. Which fridge has the least obtrusive ice maker, especially in a french door, bottom freezer style? Or better yet, one without an ice maker at all.

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the LG has a small icemaker. You can save money if you don't want an external icemaker.

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I really like my Electrolux CD FD fridge that I have had for about 6 weeks. Internal icemaker only, and the refrigerator portion seems pretty roomy, especially for a CD.

Here is a link that might be useful: Electrolux

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I just picked up a Whirlpool fd fridge at our local Sears outlet without an icemaker for a rental home, I was thrilled to find it as we do not want to worry about leaks or one more thing to repair.

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We have a KA french door with no external ice maker. The ice maker is in the freezer, and takes up a relatively small footprint. We don't use ice in our drinks either and at first thought we wouldn't use the ice maker. We were wrong. Not only is it handy when we have company, but we use the ice regularly for things like shocking vegetables. Much handier than wondering if we remembered to fill the ice trays.

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I am very much like you in the ice department - do not use it for drinks for myself either. But like sas - it's handy for the veggies and we use it to fill coolers and other miscellaneous things that normally use a lot of ice and it's way easier and neater than filling ice trays. We are looking at french door but with ice maker in the freezer and no water/ice in the door.

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Like you I do not want ice in my water. I did not want water or ice in the door. I did want an ice maker in the freezer though because I didnt want to have to remember to fill ice cube trays and you have to have ice for blanching vegetables, and to offer other people.
I love my Electrolux FD CD fridge.

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Agree with above posters that having ice availability is important. But like sas and localeater, we don't use ice for drinks so a smaller ice maker was what we wanted. Our new SZ FD has a much smaller ice maker than our old SZ side by side. Works well for us.

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We have a KitchenAid Architect II model, bottom freezer with an internal ice maker that was extremely easy to pop out and store away. No plumbing lines, and reclaimed room in the freezer - even with a couple of old-fashioned ice trays -- but we or a future owner could easily reverse the decision, run the plumbing and reinstall.

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I also have the Electrolux. We didn't want an ice maker, but now that we have it, we love it.

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Holly- Kay

I don't like ice in my drinks either and would have been perfectly happy with no ice maker for myself but DH has to have ice for his water. I have a Jenn Air cd fridge with ice maker in the freezer. I didn't want ice or water on the door so it is all internal.

I am surprised at the number of people who think like I do regarding ice.

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We don't use ice either, so our GE FD BF only has a small one in the freezer. It's small but quick, so if we have guests we are set. Plus I do occasionally use some for alcoholic drinks. We do have water in the door though, DH uses it for his coffee maker and soda stream.

You might have better luck shopping by checking on the individual brand website to see what models you like, then ordering one. My guess is many places will have an extremely limited number on display as we are in the minority.

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No ice in my drinks either, unless it's of the adult variety. :) I mostly use ice from my internal ice maker to rapidly cool hard-boiled eggs or salad macaroni. Strongly dislike through-the-door ice/water dispensers.

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I just bought a french door fridge (it will be delivered Wednesday), with no ice or water in the door. It has a small ice make in the freezer that I will remove - I have no water line to the fridge, and don't plan to install one. We use ice so infrequently that what's in the trays sublimates before we use it.

If we need ice for an event, we make up a bunch in trays and store it in bags, or buy a bag at the grocery store. Our local liquor store gives a bag of free ice with purchase, and I can find room for a bottle of wine or a 6-pack.

I live in North Dakota, and for 6 months out of the year, our tap water runs about 35 degrees. Close enough to ice water for me (and it's yummy).

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annkh, thanks for using "subliminates" in a sentence, spurring me to Google it. I never understood what was happening to the ice that languishes in my freezer's ice-maker and thought it was something more shameful. :p

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I have the water only on the door and the ice-maker in the freezer. I turned off my ice-maker and wish I had an internal water dispenser only. I have used the ice-maker only a few times but I prefer no ice in my drinks.

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zagyzebra, this is a high end rental right? Get the icemaker. I would think high end renters would expect an ice maker.

We got an icemaker because the trays were always empty from my DD who puts at least 6 cubes in every drink multiple times a day. Now that we have it, everyone is using ice cubes. I was always a non cube person but have been converted!

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Local eater -- and everyone else who owns an Electroluxe: Have you had problems with the internal ice maker? I've heard the Electroluxe ice maker breaks down (they probably all do), and bunches the ice together, especially if not used right away.

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That was a problem with their old ice makers. They've changed it. My Electrolux is 18 months old and makes lovely ice cubes.

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I have seen several French Door fridges with no icemaker in the door. I made the mistake of buying a LG French Door with the icemaker. Long story short, I had the thing worked on at least 5 times by the time it was 5 years old. I've had a recall because of interior lights staying on and catching peoples houses on fire, a computer board went out. The icemaker went out and I had it replaced to the tune of $600 for the parts and repairman. But it never worked at all even after he replaced it. Repair man said it needed another couple of hundred worth of work. I just quit spending money on it at that point. I'm building again and this house will have a Side by Side GE with the door ice and water dispenser. The icemaker is the 10 LBS arctic one. The LG will be in the garage for a beer cooler. Pretty sad for a fridge that is only 6.5 years old.

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Hi, We have a stainless Fisher & Paykel French door with bottom pull-out freezer. There is no ice maker or water dispenser.

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We have a Kenmore with no icemaker on front (just water). We don't like ice either in our drinks. HOWEVER, I'd do it differently. I hate that I have to tell friends to get their ice out of our bottom freezer. So if we were to do it over again, I'd get ice in the door, just for guests.

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