Fridge cabinet crown molding issues

roo514June 12, 2014

I had a space built for my fridge and it doesn't look right. Pictures say it better than words, but I'll do my best to explain the issue. The fridge space is inset in a wall and when the cabinet above was installed, it was done so that the top of the molding is even with with the wall. The means that the molding on the wall isn't even with the molding on the fridge cabinet (just ignore the different style and color for now in the pic). Also, the frame around the cabinet extends down into the fridge space so this leaves a gap between the fridge and the wall.

My contractor is very reluctant to move the cabinet and frame out, mainly because he would have to call the cabinet installers back. My other thought was to have the molding extend to the cabinet and fill that gap. Not ideal, but it's better than it is now. The irritating thing is that this is the most expensive part of the remodel because building the fridge space meant moving the water heater and furnace. I can live with the gap between the fridge and the wall on the sides, but the molding just doesn't look right. Or am I off base?

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Another pic where the difference in depth is more clear.

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Who planned this out? Of course it doesn't look right. Don't apologize. You could use the wall crown over the cabinet, mitering those corner areas so it's continuous. There are also corner pieces for transitions but not sure it would work or look right. I'd also want a filler at the bottom for the large gap. Don't see gaps at the side.

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Yes, that looks wrong, and it catches the eye even if you didn't explain it. I think the cabinet and cabinet molding could extend beyond the wall and look fine, but it looks wrong that it is recessed from the wall. I also think that a continuous piece of crown would look nice if you add another piece of molding at the bottom of the crown to cover the gap.

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Make a tiny little soffit at the top of the fridge cabinet from painted trim wood. The soffit would come down to the bottom edge of the crown on the cabinet and stick out enough to make the crown mounting surface the same as the wall crown. Then you can run your crown uninterrupted across the stretch. It will melt right in and not involve moving the cabinet, which looks fine!

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I agree with beauty...some kind of filler or soffit or something to build out the top of the cabinet and then run the crown straight across. Is it just my monitor or is the cabinet crown a different color than the wall crown? If so, I guess you'll have to decide which color looks right there.

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Sorry, I think the cabinet guy needs to come back and pull cabinet to be flush with wall. Then ceiling trim can run straight across. I had same gap at top of fridge, they just put a filler piece in, better looking, but now I cant store anything on top of fridge (which is the point with a frdge cabinet I know, but I could have put some flat trays there without the trim piece).

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Sophie Wheeler

Poor overall planning from the beginning to do this ''recess'' and not have a plan to either integrate the room crown into the design, or eliminate the room crown entirely. This is yet another reason drywall recesses are bad ideas to try to build in a fridge. They are neither fish nor fowl.

You need around 1/2" on the sides for ventilation. You need to decide if you want room crown or cabinet crown, or how to do a transition between them, like with a plinth block. And the whole fridge and cabinet need to be pulled forward about 6'' to have this look like an actual cabinet instead of a hole in the wall. Yes, that means cacinet side panels.

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I like the soffit plan, FWIW.

I have that same gap at the top of my fridge and thought it was required for heat ventilation? The install specs in my fridge required a 2" clearance from upper cab. I toyed with asking for a piece of fretwork trim, but I do sometimes slip large things up there temporarily.

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I don't think I would pull the cabinet, fridge or scribes chance the walls are perfectly plumb there

Maybe have the cabinet installer make up a "L" shape piece of trim to install behind the cabinet crown to get in-line with room crown?

Check the specs on the fridge before you have that gap closed up....have a feeling you will find there is a clearance requirement for that fridge to allow for ventilation as MizLizzie mentioned above

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That does look odd to me, especially since it looks as though you need the fridge pulled forward so that the doors can open. I would want the fridge and cabinet to line up, either both pulled forward or both recessed, but having one forward and one back is weird.

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I wonder how this would look - Continue the wall crown molding so the bottom comes right to the edge of the recess (right now its the top that comes to the edge of the recess). This would cause the diagonal part of the wall crown to overlap in front of the recessed cabinet crown. The wall crown molding would then cover the edges of the cabinet crown molding and you would get the illusion of a continuous piece

The little soffit and L ideas are good but it might look funny to have the cabinet crown projected forward like that. Try to make a mock up to see how it looks.

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