Renovated Kitchen in Oakton, VA

sonny_hJune 7, 2014

Almost finished with renovating 25 year old kitchen with modern floor up renovation. Ikea White Adel cabinets, Bluestar 6 burner range top, Herringbone Carrera Marble tile backsplash, Apron front stainless steel Kohler Sink, Bosch Dishwasher, Delta touch faucet. wood floors.

Painfully long process since I was managing it myself, but we are finally at the end (all that remains is the range hood install scheduled for Sunday).

More pictures at the link

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Remodel Pictures

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Beautiful!! I love how your back splash ties everything together!

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Wow! Gorgeous! Love your tile, sink is awesome and it all looks great! The hood will be the perfect final touch.

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Looks great, I *love* the herringbone tile bs!

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Looks awesome!

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Looks great! What are your counters? I'm looking for non-shiny dark perimeter counters.

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Looks fantastic! I'm also in the DC area and contemplating a marble herringbone backsplash for my half finished kitchen reno. Can you tell me where you sourced yours?

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I'm down south in Upper Marlboro. I am almost ashamed to admit that I had no idea Oakton was anything other than office buildings. That's all I see on the rare visit to my sister in Reston.

In the meanwhile, beautiful job. It'll be a pleasure for you to see it every day!

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Looove the backsplash!!!!

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Very nice! Where are the rest of the pictures? We need to see your ovens and dishwasher :)

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Just added a couple of "Before" pictures to the thread. We changed the layout slightly, but not enough to require majoe plumbing/electrical work, but gained about 10 sq ft in the new layout by pushing the peninsula about a foot out, allowing us to go with a 36" range top and 36" sink. Will post more pictures of the hood/ovens shortly. The kitchen was overall in good shape, but was dated, cabinets were falling apart (duct taped drawer fronts, etc.), Corian counters were ugly and dull, and the appliances were 25 years old.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen pics

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Thanks for the compliments! Will post more pictures tomorrow once the hood is installed.

Tile was sources from "". They have local outlets in the DC area, and are also online. Here's the link to the tile I purchased (

Counters are Silestone Quartz Raven - Sourced through Ikea but supplied and installed by a local supplier (Norwood Marble and Granite) - These guys were pretty good.

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Really nice!!!! Love everything about the kitchen.
Glad to hear that you were happy with Norwood Marble and Granite. Did you install the cabinets yourself, or did you have someone do it in the DC area? If yes, who did the install?

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nosoccermom - We had a local company assemble and install the cabinets - They also provided some GC services such as connecting the under sink plumbing, installing the oven and dishwasher - I would give them a 6.5/10. Their folks know what they are doing, but they were always rushing and making mistakes along the way, and were kind of difficult to deal with. The company is Zee Dee Touch. They are a certified Ikea installer. Not sure if there are others.

In the end they did a good job, but it was frustrating to get there at times.

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Adding several additional pictures of the double convection wall ovens, refrigerator and dishwasher. More to come tomorrow once Hood is installed.

I have been without a kitchen for 4 months. This is all very exciting!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Reno pics

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Wow - love your backsplash with your counters!
I was trying to figure out what your counters were but saw it above. Almost looks like soapstone.
Keep those pictures coming!!

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Thanks a2gemini! I was a bit surprised when I saw the counters fully installed. Quartz finish is not as shiny/reflective as the traditional granite counters you see everywhere. Its more muted. In fact, I love that it is muted as it doesn't reflect the under cab lighting blinding the person standing next to the counters. looks great. The material is super tough and I'm already loving not having to worry about spills, stains, water, etc.

One lesson learned already is about the sink. Love the size of it. Its HUGE! large sheet pans, cutting boards easily sit in it. The thing that I didn't expect was that the bottom of the sink is fairly flat, as opposed to being contoured to direct water towards the drain. The corners are super sharp. As a result, water drops/splashes sit at the bottom after you rinse out the sink, and the corners seem like they could get hard to clean out. Here's a link to the sink I got from Amazon. Its a fantastic, modern, industrial design. Will see how it works out from a usability perspective.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to the Kohler sink

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Regarding the backsplash - I wanted to go with a larger tile in the backsplash so I purchased the individual 2x8 tiles and had my tile guy install the pattern. A MUCH easier way to go is to purchase the marble mosaic tile in herringbone pattern, but it would be a much smaller tile (1x2 max I think). However, it would save hugely on the installation.

Installing this backsplash was not an easy feat. The tile guy I contracted with has been doing tile for 15 years. He almost gave up halfway in the middle. Requires a LOT of precise cutting, setting and aligning. You should plan for at-least 30% more on the tile material since a lot more would go to waste with the cutting, etc. You should also plan that it will take at least twice as long to install by a professional who knows how to tile.

In the end, it was worth it, since it looks absolutely beautiful, but it was a long hard slog.

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It's a beautiful kitchen and esp. that gorgeous back splash! Enjoy it, you did a great job!

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That backsplash is a 10!

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Your kitchen is very successful! It's always cool when people make an IKEA kitchen their own. Your backsplash is lovely and works really well with the other elements.

We're DIYIng a lot so I know how it gets to be a long slog. We're at the 3 month mark ;)

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Beautiful kitchen! I really like the wall color and the marble backsplash is gorgeous.

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It's beautiful. Love the Bluestar rangetop! Can't wait to see the hood.

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Thanks - makes me want to get moving on the rest of the house...
Also, I love that rich blue (what color is it?) with the white trim - again - which white?

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Adding a new set of pictures with the hood installed. We are done! Other than some paint touch up here and there, everything is functional and working, and I think the hood turned out really nice. Its a pro style hood with 900 CFM and Baffle filters. This sucker sucks major air, which is necessary with a high power range top like the Bluestar.

The color on the wall is called "Dior Gray" from Benjamin Moore. The trim color is just pure white trim paint. the contrast looks great!

The stove/hood combo is definitely my dream scenario. I love to cook and always hated the small drop in cooktop and weak under counter hood I had previously. The Bluestar is so much easier to clean and doesn't look dirty like my previous stainless steel sealed burner model.

The Hood is called Professional 696 from Proline Hoods. I read mixed reviews about them, but so far they have been great to deal with and the hood itself is gorgeous. They were so much cheaper than any of the other brand name hoods, I had to take the risk. Lets hope it stays functional. (

Several new pictures added to the link, including a snapshot of the paint can details you can use to get the same paint from BM.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Reno pics

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One quick plug for a company I worked with on MANY MANY things around the house. These guys are FANTASTIC. If you need someone who is obsessed about doing a good job, gives you a warranty for their work, extremely response and very reasonably priced, you need to call these guys. Its a small owner/operated business. These guys completed the following projects for us:

1) Lots of plumbing including replacing burst pipes, replacing valves, Replacing water heater overflow valve, moving plumbing for kitchen sink

2) Installed the backsplash (gorgeous) and the range hood

3) Re-framed and redid two decks, over 500 sq ft.

4) Roof, skylight and chimney repair

5) Repaired major damage on one side of the house caused by termites and water damage many years ago. Involved replacing lots of structural support, siding, window frame and resealing

6) General handyman work around the house

These guys do everything (floor, roof, drywall, paint, decks, kitchens, etc. In my next project, I will contract with the exclusively, rather than managing the project myself. Very reasonably priced too.

Here is a link that might be useful: EY Construction facebook page

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The hood looks fantastic with the backsplash! Love the wall color too. You did a beautiful job tying the whole thing together with your choices. It looks amazing :)

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Wanted to send a big thanks for the inspiration - a marble herringbone from the Tile Shop was at the top of my list and your photos made me pull the trigger. Just in time - I managed to get the last batch of available boxes of the smaller marble tiles from the Tile Shop (the ones already in the pattern on mesh). My kitchen is very small so I think the smaller tiles are better in my case. I can see why you wanted the 2x8s, though, and clearly the end result was worth the effort and expense. Thanks so much for answering my query - if you hadn't I probably would have kept dithering.

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Thanks smalloldhouse! I must say my inspiration was HOUZZ. Spent many hours browsing through pictures of kitchens there. Got the idea for the backsplash there too. Great resource!

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So pretty! That backsplash is to die for. Your tile guy did a great job. Enjoy!

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Great Kitchen! I live in the Fairfax area. I am in the process of renovating my kitchen and have decided to go with Ikea cabinets. Would appreciate your input.
Did you install the cabinets yourself or did Ikea do the install? Where did you get your quartz and marble? For your hood, did you have to make changes for the venting? Also, What is the size of your space and height of ceiling?

I am near the end of my planning and would really appreciate your input! Thanks so much!!

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thdigby - Thanks for your comments!

For the Ikea cabinets, I did not install them myself. Given my work schedule, etc., I knew it would add a lot of time to my schedule. Ikea has authorized/certified installers around the area (3rd party companies). we worked with one of these companies (Zee Dee Touch). They came and put together the design/layout for us, with out input. They provided some GC services (such as demo, haul award, some plumbing, appliance disconnect, reconnect). they also assembled and installed the cabinets. We could have done any or all of these steps ourselves if we wanted to, but decided to outsource it.

The quartz is Silestone, but I got it through ikea also. Ikea sells quartz Silestone through local providers. I bought and paid Ikea for it, but they contracted the measurement and installation through a local provider (Norwood Marble and Granite).

The Marble tile I bought online from they also have outlets in the DC area, so you may want to visit them or call to see if they have the tile you want in stock. They can order it for you if they don't have it in stock

For the hood, yes. Previously I had an under cabinet hood above the cooktop (smaller) and had a horizontal vent out the wall (The cooktop/hood wall is an external wall). I went with a larger, different hood during the reno, that is installed higher and has a different vent (venting up). It required cutting out a new vent (7" round duct) directly to the outside. I sealed in the old cutout with some insulation and drywall and sealed it from the outside. The whole job took about 2-3 hours. I worked with a local small business/contractor/handy man and paid him $200 for it. I already had an electrical line at the location from the previous hood (although he had to move it up about a foot inside the wall and install a box behind the chimney cover.

We have an 8 foot ceiling in the kitchen.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line. I am happy to help.

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Thank you for the information Sonny.

I have a 9 foot ceiling in the kitchen. I am going with the white Abstrakt cabinets from Ikea. For the wall cabs I am trying to go as tall as possible (Abstrakt tallest is 39") and am thinking about stacking. A bit difficult to do with Ikea's limited height selection. Need idea suggestions:). Would you stack? If so, based on Ikeas cab heights, what would you suggest? Also, from countertop to underside of wall cabs, do you have a standard 18' height? Thanks in advance for your time and information!!

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Sonny, gorgeous kitchen!! Thanks for your contractor recommendation - I am down the road in Vienna with a kitchen, two bathrooms, and some other repairs and replacements to do (have been a lurker for years!). I wonder if the EY folks would be willing to install Ikea cabs? Hmmm....

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Sonny and scootermom :

Yes. Please let me know about the EY folks and install of Ikea cabs. Seems like a great team to work with based on Sonny's recommendation!

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Your hood looks great with your beautiful backsplash, Raven countertops & the range. I love all your choices. Congrats on such a sharp looking kitchen!

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wow thanks for the pics what a beautiful reno!
I love the herringbone backsplash and proline range hood
Have you cooked enough since completion to give us your thoughts on cleaning the natural stone backsplash and the noise and efficacy of the proline range hood?
Thanks for sharing and best of luck with your new kitchen!

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thdigby -

I know that the EY guys can install kitchen cabinets. They do full house remodeling so they can take on pretty much anything you throw at them and do a good job. The one thing I would caution is to check with Ikea to make sure they would honor their cabinet warranty if installed by a "non ikea certified" contractor. I am pretty sure they would since people install ikea as DIY all the time, but doesn't hurt to check. The EY guys would probably have a slightly larger learning curve to learn ikea specific items like the doors, handles, trip pieces, glides, etc. but I'm sure they will figure it out and do a good job.

You can reach the main guy. His name is Naser Hamidi - you can let him know that Sonny from Oakton sent you and I'm sure he would accommodate you nicely. His number is 571 276 0152 (I hope its ok to share this info on GW)

As for your question on the 9ft ceilings, this may be one place where you may want to pay the $199 to get an ikea kitchen designer to come and discuss some options. Its money worth spending as these guys will know all the tricks with ikea cabinet options. There are some cool hacks people have figured out (such as installing a standard 12" wide cabinet sideways on top of the standard cabinets as the second row stack. Between the different height cabinets available at ikea (such as 15.25" tall for above sink/cooktop. above cooktop 18", standard 24" and tall 39", you can figure out a configuration that will work for you for the second stack). You can always decide not to do the second stack and finish the uppers with some crown molding.

Good luck and I'm sure it will turn out great no matter how you take this on. Definitely recommend setting up an ikea kitchen designer appointment. The folks at Ikea can set it up for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea kitchen cabinet uppers

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Hey Scootermom -

See my post above - Yeah I think its worth giving them a call. They do put in full kitchens and do full house rehabs, so I'm sure they will be able to help out. Let them know I referred you - it might incentivize them to give you the fairest deal.

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Hi Peacecorp -

Yes I've done a bit of cooking since the kitchen became operational, although I haven't cooked enough to really put all six burners through their paces yet. However, so far, the backsplash is a breeze to clean. The tile is polished marble and mostly water, oil splashes etc are a simple wipe away. This coming weekend I will seal the grout with a grout sealer since I don't want the grout to get grungy over time. However, the grout lines are so thin (the installer really stacked the tiles against each there without much of a spacing), that I am not too worried there, especially once the sealer goes on.

One thing that I've heard of with marble is the risk of etching with acidic food like tomato sauce. I haven't done much splashing of tomato sauce yet, and I'm not sure if thats a risk just for honed or also with polished marble. I did go for the 6" stainless backsplash with the Bluestar range top to hopefully capture a majority of splashes. I debated whether I should go with a full stainless backsplash behind the cooktop, but decided it would probably be too much for the number of times I cook tomato sauce. Will let you know how the tile holds up over time. I am not super particular, so if over time some of the tile have etching on them, I wouldn't lose much sleep over it.

As for the proline hood, so far so good. The noise is actually less than I anticipated. It feels that even at full blast 900CFM setting, the noise is less than my previous 300 CFM hood. Usually its unnecessary to blast it full speed though. I have not found a reason to go beyond setting 2 so far.

It does suck a lot of air. I didn't put in a makeup air system because, well. come on. Lets be serious. The kitchen is open to the rest of the house, and I open a kitchen door leading to the patio if I really need to blast the hood full bore for a long time, which I haven't had to do yet.

thdigby - My uppers are actually slightly more than the standard 18" off the counter. I wanted to make sure they are stacked all the way up against the ceiling to avoid a dusty nook above them. Since Ikea's tall uppers are 39" instead of 40-42" like other manufacturers, it put the above counter opening to about 19.5". I installed a 2 inch trim under them so the opening still looks "standard". The trim also helps to hide the under cabinet lighting system.

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Thank you for posting the referral, I am in need of a contractor to do a breakfast room/deck additions onto my home and I am just over the river in MD.


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thanks rjl443 - These guys refurbished two decks for us, both of which needed major structural reinforcement, including re-pouring the footings on one, and all new boards and handrails (they reused some of the railings to reduce cost to us). They did all of this work in two days. Attaching a picture here - The decks still need to be sealed once the wood has had time to dry and settle (a few months). I don't have before pictures, but they were really beat down and unsafe (wobbly).

btw, I have no association with these guys. just trying to help a small business if I can.

As an example of how good these guys are, when they refinished one of the smaller decks we have (not pictured), next to our kitchen, we all realized that it was severely crooked (4 inch difference from one end to the other, leading water towards the house and foundation. It was not noticeable when the old beat up boards were on the deck since it was all so ugly and buckled, but when the installed the new decking, it was visible to the eye. Not something these guys did, but it had been built wrong 25 years ago and not leveled properly. I told him its ok we will just need to deal with it since I didn't want the expense of having to redo the whole deck. The next day he came back and said "I'm sorry, but I can't deal with leaving the deck as it is". These guys tore up the entire deck and support structured, re-leveled it and re-installed the deck at no cost to me. He said he can't warranty his work otherwise. I paid for all the material directly to Home Depot, and their labor quote was less than half any other quote I had received for the deck work.

I know that they do a lot of work up in Baltimore, so it shouldn't be a problem calling them in where you are.

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Awesome - thanks - we were considering moving (to Leesburg or Great Falls) since we cannot seem to finish any of the DIY projects in our house. The house we had a contract on had way to many home inspection issues for a 16 year old house so we backed out and are now considering staying here.

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