CEFremman- you need to write a book

lynn_r_ctJune 6, 2014

Oops, I meant CEFreeman

I love your sense of humor. Every time I see one of your posts I open it regardless of the subject. You are able to bring a chuckle to whatever is being discussed, no matter how important or how trivial.

For many of us who can get distracted with being TKO, it is a breath of fresh air.

Keep it up! Seriously though, start jotting down those notes for a book. I will be your first preorder.

Lynn fr CT

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Lynn, that's very nice of you! It's really nice to know I've given someone's day a laugh. That's a purpose of life!

Ironically, IRL, I'm one of those people you either dislike on site, or you get to know me and love me. Either way, my tombstone will say, "She was never mediocre."

Someone said the same to me about a book once, or that I should blog everything. I've started feeling that if I could corral all my words of wisdom posts in one place, I might at least have a record of the trials and tribulations that have kept me laughing. Ok, sometimes hysterically, sometimes insanely, and sometimes just deep evil chuckles, but laughing nonetheless!

I feel I've lived through the perfect example of (correctly quoting Nietzsche) "That which doesn't destroy (not "kill') us, makes us stronger."
And I think there's strength in the ability to laugh.
Never ask, "What next, God!?" or
"Could it get any worse!?"
Because ....
you ....
know ....
somewhere ...
for someone ....
it most certainly has.
We are very lucky and very blessed, even in our worst moments.

So you gotta laugh. :) After all, that's why God invented red-butted monkeys that just have sex in the jungle all day long. (Talk about wishing for a headache!)

See? You got me going. :)
Thanks for the kind words.

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LOL...agree wholeheartedly with lynn...I have been caught numerous times (like 1 minute ago) laughing out loud at my desk at your posts!!! CEFreeman ROCKS!!!

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Yes. I have two college daughters. I hope they are spared some of the struggles that it seems you have faced. I know, though, that they will have struggles of some sort because everyone does! For whatever the future holds for them, I would love for them to be armed with your survival instinct, resourcefulness, brains and sense of humor! And your attitude. All of it. The good, the bad and the ugly! They like chocolate, so they could easily be mentored by you! So, yes. You should write a book. I will pre-order copies for my daughters and for their friends that I consider my bonus daughters. And one for my young son's future bride. He doesn't date yet, so you have a little time.
Should we all help with a title? I'm thinking...

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I think it's only fitting that the title have something to do with cookie dough, no?

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Be sure to include a photo of your NG POC EX-GC and DH.

Did I get that right? :)

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I know someone personally who ended up writing a book, and the bulk of it was taken from a forum chronicle she was keeping.

If you have been here eight years I can only imagine the literary fodder1

a blog in the least...you have so much more qualification than a large number of so called bloggers out there.

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Red-butted monkeys....ROLF hysterically!! I always loved watching them at the zoo!

Seriously, I've had a really hard day/week, just finished yet another round of sanding/finishing of my walnut and grabbed a beer and my iPad to relax a few. Open your post and BAM!, my mood was instantly changed. You really do have the knack and a distinctive literary voice. And your self-deprication adds a twist.

Time to search for old posts if you haven't kept a record and get started on the book - cookie dough must be in the title! I wonder how many GW subscribers there are? You might get quite a few pre-orders, including me. Thanks for keeping us entertained and light-hearted!!

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I agree whole-heartedly! I always laugh when I read CEF's post.

I admire your resilience and determination.

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Christine, I've always enjoyed reading your posts. You have a very unique way of expressing yourself that is entertaining whether you're sharing important information, telling us about your latest find/accomplishment, or just grousing about life's occasional crappy happenings. If you decide to write a book, I'd be delighted to offer my help/support as a professional editor--completely free--because I believe you have an anything-but-ordinary story to tell. Seriously, email me if you want to talk.

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I too LOVE to read CEF's posts. It would be especially awesome to have a compilation of the things that inspired "deep evil chuckles"..... haha.

Nothing like reading humor when we are deeply mired in the throes of kitchen remodel :)

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Don't wait too long!

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Can we go ahead and cast the movie? With gorgeous kitchen eye candy backdrops.... I am already dreaming about the sets!

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I will always remember your story about when the snakes entwined in sex fell through your ceiling into your bedroom.

Did I remember it right?

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I think it was NG POS GC ex-DH, right?

Hey, the picture on the inner cover flap can be that one with the duct tape wrinkle thing on your forehead, or what was that anyway. It was pretty awesome.

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debrak2008, yes you certainly got it right! I'm surprised/flattered that you remember. That was a few springs ago. Did I tell you guys this winter I had a raccoon peer down at me, as I was lying in bed contemplating my day? I'm not sure who was more startled, but I sure didn't poop on HIS pillow!

flwrs_n_co, I wouldn't know where or how to start. I'll drop you a line, but I think you guys are being kind.

NG-POC-EX-GC-DH is a long one, isn't it! But you all fleshed it out. I'd not done the NG part, but No Good Piece of Crap, ex-General Contractor D***** Husband is now the full translation. Have I told you he's fat? hahahahahhahahahha mwahhhhhhhaaaaa

Deedles, please! That's a poor woman's Botox! I should put a chin strap under my chin, though, for an instant, youthful visage.

I like the idea of chocolate, chocolate chip cookie dough, but we'd have to work in wine, espresso and Reese's cups. I have expanded my dietary regime recently. I've been having a chicken curry sandwich at work. Don't much like the chicken part, but the curry elements are deeeeeeelishhhhhhh!

So, if we were to write a book -- because I couldn't do it without you guys -- where and when should we start?

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Funny, but I couldn't figure out the POC in your post - I can think of any number of men I have had in my life that fall into the Piece of Crap pile!!!

My sister and I are always looking for a way to make lots of money so that now, as we are beginning our "twilight years" we can say FO (I think that is an easy one - heh?) to the one POC we have left!

Reading this post, you may have given me an idea... Duct tape - a new form of Spanx - it should be strong enough to pull any of the body parts up that are lower than where they were years ago - and there are so many attractive colors and patterns now.

Hell it was good enough for Honey BooBoo's Mama June, it did make her look like she shed a few pounds - or maybe it was just a camouflage (I know - poor joke - but I am laughing at myself, which is better than no laughter at all.)

Save your posts from here. There is a great wealth of humor here for sure.

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Lynn_r_ct, I like that idea.
I was actually considering an infomercial deal for my blue, painter's tape Botox, but they wanted to use a younger model, which I thought defeated the purpose. Perhaps we can team up.
But we gotta figure out something for that duct tape glue. It can pull your skin off if on too long, so maybe we can use electrical tape. If my NG, POC, ex-GC, ex-DH can put his thumb back on with it, it might work for a more slender appearance.

Oh - How should we abbreviate Lyin', cheatin' and so on?

You guys have really lifted my spirits with this funny, encouraging thread. But you do realize, don't you all, that encouraging me can be [Jaws music] dangerous.....

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