KAW: new Caloric electric stove...we moved !

trailrunnerbikerJune 19, 2013

We are living in a tiny, 600 sq ft cottage on a 1790 ten acre property in VA. It is lovely here . DH and I have had fun cooking and keeping house in our little play house. The house was the original kitchen for the main house. There is still a whistle walk between the two. The original fireplace and doors and wood floors are in part of the cottage. Very charming. The Caloric electric stove gets HOT fast ! I can't believe how quickly water boils,with no lid , for pasta. There isn't a lid :( We are making do with pots. I have an under counter fridge and a microwave hood that vents outside. We did have to disable the smoke alarm in the kitchen when we cook LOL. Even with the windows open. Here is a pic of the kitchen and then the chicken and veggie with pasta dish we made. Also a pic of the lovely garden we have to use . All in all it is a treat for this whole month. Hope you enjoy ! c

kitchen :

my little Caloric :

mise en place essential in this tiny kitchen :

only large skillet in kitchen...just right :)


our garden for the month...( outhouse is only for show ...now :) )

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Gorgeous - everything! Welcome back to Virginia! Did DS plant the garden or previous occupants?

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Looks tasty! Gorgeous property.
Funny though...after reading this site on and off for years, I have learned that a good hot meal can only come from either a bluestar or capitol range that puts out like 75,000 btus per burner.
So while your vintage Caloric range is cute and all, I'd like to know where you're hiding the 48" culinarian that was obviously used to prepare your delicious dinner??

:-P ;-) :-D

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java...we are just here for a month ...renting this sweet place outside of Lexington so we can be close to DS1 and DIL and grandson. Owner planted the garden and lets us have what we want. It has been great !

Fmr...don't believe all that you read on GW LOL !! This little sucker is HOT ! My Caldera gas cooktop can't even begin to compete with how fast this thing boils water...I would like to see it against a BS too :) If the owner of this cottage isn't careful I am going to load this up and put it in my sunroom as our alternate cooking device. Glad you enjoyed my post...and I LIKE your sense of humor. c

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Trail - you are amazing wherever you are!
Was just in the area for a bike ride.

So funny about the old electric range - Now, if it was just one of those that you could pull out and push in when not in use - that would be super retro!

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a2...sure wish I had known you were here. That is all DH and I do almost every AM...ride our bikes ! I went to DOT and got a county map for the area. We have had a wonderful time checking out every tiny road in Rockbridge county. Where and what were you doing ? Don't you love the hills !? The creeks are SO full due to all the rain we had a couple days. We love it here...would love to be able to live here...now the kids are coming back to AL so no chance of ever staying longer than a short vacation here in VA. c

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Oh, no! I haven't experienced yet the magic DS1 and DIL create! How much time do I have?

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Last day July 13th ! The search has begun for a new chef and a LOT of folks are interested so you better get here soon LOL ! He won't be doing anything but butchering and charcuterie in AL. We are so excited to have him near again and also that he will get to pursue a new direction in his culinary career. Make your reservation NOW!! :) c

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