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tobes36June 20, 2013


I've posted quite some time ago under the heading "wonky" kitchen layout. I've been thinking about some kitchen layouts and want to see what the forum thinks. My goals are a good kitchen layout that provides enough counter space and enough storage and the "essential" elements of a kitchen. Sorry, my sketches are hand drawn. The room is 13.5' by 15.34'. It is open on the 13.5' side with a step up into the living/dine area. This room will also serve a thorough fare along the south. Each square is 6". I'm going up load three sketched. BTW, I'm using a designer for the whole house remodel, but my overactive brain can't stop thinking about the possibilities.

The 1st: my concerns are its a galley kitchen and pantry placement.

The 2nd: dunno, pantry placement?

The 3rd: Island too small, enough aisle room?


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Option 2:

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Option 3:

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What are the overall dimensions of the space?

I am confused about the state of wall-i-fication between the kitchen space and the other rooms - is it open to the liv/din?

Are you planning on removing the exterior door opening in #2 and #3? What's outside there; how do you use that door now? Won't you miss that access?

The space is quite large (at least i think so from counting the graph squares). But having one of the dimensions, along with an island oriented the way you have it means that you have a fair amount of space needed just for circulation around it..

Have you played around with having the island at right angles to how it is now?

And have you considered using narrow depth storage cabs along the wall at the bottom of the drawing?.

There's nothing wrong with a hand drawn sketch (though darker ink would help.) Plus add dimensions, like over all size and intended widths of aisles.

Have you gven some thought to how food moves around within the kitchen from storage to prep to cooking to plating, etc? You've got the essentials spread out about far as you can get them, perhaps, too far.

Is adding a prep sink possible?


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sorry about the pic quality. I'll repost tonight. As for dimensions: 15.4' x 13.5' is the room dimension.

The southern edge is a bedroom.

The east edge is a step up (~6") to what will be the existing live/dining area.

Each square is 0.5 sf. I know it is hard to see.

I want to make sure that there is enough "walk" behind space between the island seating and the thoroughfare (walking from bedrooms to the living/dining/great room).

Drawing 1: aisle width is 48" The door would be new to the outside. My thought was easier to take out the garbage instead of front door and have direct access to a proposed patio area/backyard).

Drawing 2: aisle width between counter and island is 42". island is 6 x 3'. aisle width between island and south wall is 59". My thought on spreading out everything was to maximize countertop space.

Drawing 3: Purpose was to re-incorporate pantry into kitchen space so I don't give up closet space in bedroom.

Approx dimension of appliances, etc. 36" wide refrigerator. 30" range.

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prep sink is possible, but where? I'm not sure I want to put in island. I think that would take away from prep space.

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What's the kitchen like now? Do you have eat-in space? Is the dining table close enough so you could get away with no seating in the kitchen?

I'm thinking to start with layout 2, but eliminate the island, and put the fridge and deep cabinets on the south wall. Maybe even make the north wall cabinets 28 or 30" deep as well. That gives you a ton of counter and storage space, and decent flow. You might even be able to squeeze in your back door, without losing too much.

It all depends on your priorities.

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