Range from hood distance?

sue2012June 15, 2012

Hi All,

I have purchased a Wolf 36 inch gas range with a Wolf 42 inch pro hood.

What distance do you like from the bottom of the hood to the top of the range?

My families height runs between 5'5" to 5'11".

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Both the user manuals will give an appropriate minimum distance. Most often, the distance specced in the range's manual will be a standardized distance reflective of using a basic hood you can pick up at an Lowe's or HD that mounts to the underside of a short set of cabinets above the range (usually ~48"). In your case, it sounds like you are going with a pro style hood, so you will need to go with what is specced in the hood manual (usually ~30-36").

Here's a a good thread on this subject concerning 2 other brands of pro range/cooktop & hood (KA & GE Monogram)...

I posted on your thread in appliances as well. Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Distance Between Range & Hood Thread

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US code requires at least 30" from top of hood to countertop.

(why the measurement isn't from the bottom of the hood, which would make more sense, I don't know).

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I'm curious about this, too. If it's an electric range...what is the maximum distance to the bottom of the hood? Can you keep it a bit higher, if it's at an island or peninsula?

Thanks for starting this thread, Sue :)

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This is what custom hood mfr. Modern-Aire recommends:

What height do you need?

Determining the proper height for your vent hood can be simple as long as you know the height of your ceiling. Let say for example that your ceilings are 9ft high, that�s 108 inches. You would then take the total 108 inches and deduct 36 inches for the height of your range leaving you 72 inches. Then you will need to determine how high you would like your range hood off of your cooktop. Modern-Aire�s minimum hanging height is 30' above the cooking surface with a maximum installed height of 36' above the cooking surface. Modern-Aire recommends hanging your vent hood 32 - 34 inches above the cooking surface for optimal performance, so let�s just say that you have decided to hang it 33 inches above the cooking surface. You have 72 inches remaining, so deduct the 33 inches for the distance between your cooking surface and the bottom of your range hood and you now have a total hood height of 39 inches.

Here is a link that might be useful: Modern-Aire hood height info

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