Can I modify finished remodel to add cooktop and wall ovens?

Debbi BrankaJune 29, 2013

I have a freestanding range right now. The kitchen is finished. Can I remove the range, add a cabinet, and have matching granite installed with a cutout for an induction cooktop? Then, on another wall I currently have a pantry with a bifold door. Can that be removed to place wall ovens? In my head, I think this could be done, but I'm not positive. Has anyone ever done this before or seen/heard of it being done? Thanks!

PS - the picture I'm attaching is the pantry (4 years ago when we were touring the house to buy it).

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Debbi Branka

This is a really old picture - also when we did the walk through to buy the house. The entire kitchen has been replaced, but the setup in this area is basically the same. I have (new) white cabinets, blue pearl granite counter, a tile backsplash that goes all the way across (so if the range back were not there, you'd see the backsplash), and a flat/radiant range. So can I add a cabinet (drawers), have granite fitted in the space and have a cutout for a induction cooktop here? Is it possible?

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With enough money you can do anything :-) Have you just considered getting an induction range? That would be a lot simpler.

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I wonder if a rangetop (like my gas KA 36") would fit without making granite changes?

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Is the pantry deep enough for a wall-oven cab? They are at least as thick front to back as typical cab boxes. The pantry looks shallower, but that may be an optical illusion.

As for changing out the range for a cooktop, you'll have cab color matching issues and perhaps counter surround issues. Matching probs can be ellided by deliberately using contrasting materials.

In both instances you'll need 220 V electrical service brought in, if you don't have it there now. Electrical work can be pricey, at times.

if you're going to spend some serious cash doing this, I'd first make all other elements of the kitchen layout are as optimal as they can be. No point in re-re-remodeling at some near point in the future.



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Sophie Wheeler

There's no venting of that range. That needs to be addressed. You can't put a 36" anything there without replacing 5 cabinets and buying a new vent. And completely replacing the granite. If you wanted to do a 30" cooktop, then there's still replacing all of the granite on that run, not just "the hole". You couldn't put a 30" piece of granite with a 30" cooktop on it. There's no support left for the weight by the time you do the cutout. Then there's the complete removal of the pantry, buying the wall oven cabinet, and running all new electrical to the former pantry. Plus buying all of the appliances.

As a retrofit, you'd be lucky to get by with only spending 12K to do all of that with just buying the 2 new cabinets, new counters, and all of the construction and appliances. If you wanted 36", with adding 7 cabinets (left and right of the cooktop, cooktop cabinet, left and right of the wall cabinets above, the wall cabinet for the vent and the wall oven cabinet), plus all of the above, then 18K would be about where to start. Then there are the changes in ceiling and floor from making the pantry part of the kitchen. It's a snowball rolling downhill gathering dollar bills as it goes.

If you want a wall oven and cooktop, the real time to make that change is when the remodel is being planned. Get a 30" induction range if you want to buy this house. Or else plan out a whole new 30K kitchen remodel that doesn't use Chinese thermofoil cabinets.

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Holly- Kay

I think Weissman's suggestion of an induction range is a great one. If your pantry is deep enough for an oven you could put in an oven/micro combo and change out the otr micro with a vent hood.

If you did that I think you would achieve your goals with the least amount of hassle and money.

There is an Elux slide in range that would allow all of your backsplash to show because that may be one of the reasons that you want a cook top instead of a range. It really is a cleaner, sleeker look.

You could do a combo oven on the wall. Elux and others offer an oven/micro combo. AJ Madison has some sales going on now but local appliance stores may as well.

The last thing then on your list to accomplish is the venting, though, IMO, not everyone needs great venting. If you don't fry or have a problem with lingering food smells you may not need to do a vent hood but it definitely is the optimal scenario. We have an OTR micro in one of our homes and I love it but I don't do a lot of cooking when I am there unlike this house where we make fish and other things that leave not so pleasant food odors.

I may really be over simplifying things and it could be that there are factors I don't understand but I think this would be a less expensive alternative than having to redo some cabinets and new granite.

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Yes, with enough money and time, you can build the pyramids. ;) However, the cost/benefit ratio would be very low.

Putting in an induction range and an actual vent would be the most return for the money spent. I'd consider the venting to be a priority. But, I don't like cleaning greasy buildup off of my cabinets and walls.

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Debbi Branka

Thanks for your suggestions. I've considered most of the options you all mentioned but didn't want to make my post so long. The original idea was to get a slide in range. I have white appliances and I want to keep white appliances. I do not want stainless. My fridge and dishwasher are less than 2 years old. I won't be replacing them an I want all appliances to match. Induction ranges do not come in white, except Viking, which I considered but I don't like many things about it so it's a no go. So I gave up on the induction and looked for a radiant slide in. I have had a radiant range for 19 years. I like it just fine. The electrolux slide in was my pick, but when I went to buy it, they discontinued it in white just a few weeks ago. There are none left in the country! I liked a JennAir in white (my fridge is a JennAir floating glass white so that range would match perfectly) - yep, discontinued in white.

When we originally built our island, I wanted a cooktop in the island and to put double ovens where the range is right now. At the time, that was cost prohibitive so we didn't do it. Now that I'm having such a hard time finding a range I like, my husband wondered if we couldn't do the double ovens where the pantry is and retrofit a cooktop where the range currently is. If we can, I can still go with an induction cooktop and get everything I want.

The panty is 24" deep. The installation specs for the JennAir double oven (JJW2830WS) show 24" is necessary. The width is fine too.

Matching the cabinets would not be a problem as they are only 3 years old. The "Chinese thermofoil" comment above was kind of uncalled for. We chose those cabinets 3 years ago. I loved white and my husband didn't want painted. They clean nicely and I like them. I didn't know any better back then and if I were to do it over again today, I'd chose Pioneer brand cabinets painted white (our island is Pioneer brand painted navy). But that ship has sailed an we have what we have. Anyway, the poster above who suggested a contrasting cabinet under the cooktop got me thinking that a bit deeper cabinet (so it bump out a bit and maybe has leg/post accents) in the same SW Naval color as my island would be very pretty.

As for the electrical someone mentioned, my SIL is an electrical engineer and we just had our electrical box upgraded this past fall. We have plenty of room and installing whatever we need is not a problem.

I will not be installing a vent hood. I've never had one in 30 years, and I only cook with electric. I don't really see the point. They are pretty in the reveals I see here on GW, but I don't have grease all over my cabinets and the house is never smelly with fried food. I don't think it's necessary and won't be having one.

The point about the granite does make me think. It makes sense that I can't have a piece of granite added with a square hole cut out because my space is only 30" wide. (It would be a 30" cook top (JIC4430XS)). Can we build a frame and have granite strips in the back and front edge of the stove? Would that work? Our granite is blue pearl, so it's quite generic and should be easy to match. I haven't checked with the fabricator yet. We just thought of this last night and wondered if anyone on GW had done this or seen it done.

Thanks for your input. Please remember that the above pictures were of the house when we walked through looking to buy it. The kitchen has since been remodeled, although in the same footprint (and we added an 11' island).

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Oh, I remember you - you're the "white range" lady :-). It seems like you're going through great contortions to avoid getting a stainless steel range. I still think that's your best option even if you don't :-)

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"The "Chinese thermofoil" comment above was kind of uncalled for. "

I agree. I didn't see where you posted asking for any opinions on your cabinets either.

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Have you checked Sears Outlet for the discontinued ranges you mentioned? I've haunted that site for a year, and just finally purchased a range and a refrigerator. It's not always the easiest site to use, but I've seen the white Electrolux in the past, and I know they carry Jenn-Air products as well. They definitely get discontinued items. You might also try Ebay as well.

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The picture with the thermofoil cabinets is the "before", correct? From the PO? Not the "after"? If so, then I don't see where a comment on the PO's taste is so "off".

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Debbi Branka

Yes, I've checked Sears outlet. My JennAir fridge came from there. I've searched the internet and call Electrolux to search their national database. There are none left. Nothing on ebay either. There are white Electrolux ranges, but not the one I want (it has a double oven, not a warming drawer, and is wave touch, not IQ touch).

GreenDesigns - yes, the pictures posted are the "before" pictures. But we chose thermofoil cabinets for the "after" also. The "before" thermofoil cabs were Merillat, which were made right here in my state of Michigan (not China). The after cabinets are Aristocraft and I really don't remember where they are made. As I said, I wouldn't choose them again, but we like them well enough and I love the bright white look in my kitchen.

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