Has anyone seen Cambria's new Waterstone Collection?

Piglet_in_MDJune 13, 2011

Hi all,

Has anyone seen (in real life) Cambria's new Waterstone collection? I am interested in Torquay, which on the web site looks almost like marble, but I haven't seen it anywhere and I don't even think I can order a sample of it yet. Does anyone know anything about this new collection, like where one can see it, or if maybe it's not out yet but will be available at some time in the future?

Here's the web site for the collection: http://www.cambriausa.com/collection.cfm/waterstone

Maybe the fact that the web site says the option to order samples is "coming soon" means that no one has it yet?


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I work at a kitchen store and our Cambria distributor has not been able to get any samples yet -- maybe by next month? Can't wait to see them either. Some look like they might be a little "extreme," but there are definitely some I want to see, including Torquay. I was really impressed with their last rollout of new colors.

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I just went to a local fabricator this morning in search of exactly that - a look at Torquay. Nope, they don't know anything, but they'll write me up a bid anyway and see if they can get a sample. I really would like to see it.

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Hi all,

I emailed Cambria directly about this. The reply I got was:

"Thank you for contacting Cambria via our website. The new Cambria color line is not yet available or in any of the Cambria showrooms. The samples are expected to be available sometime in June with the product being available shortly thereafter. Keep checking with Cambria dealers in your area and on our website at www.CambriaUSA.com for the latest updates."

So I'm hoping that means "soon." If anyone sees it, please post and let us know!

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The Sharpham looks kind of cool. I'd like to see a big piece of it. If it is a large format pattern, that would have been something to consider for us. Our counters are (mostly) installed, so it is too late... I think that could be nice for a bathroom counter as well. I like how it won't show everything immediately.

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The samples are now available for order on the cambriausa web site.

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How does Cambria stack, price wise, against granite? Some of those new colors are nice!

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I got a quote of $76 sf (standard edge) installed for Cambria (all Cambria are priced the same) at Costco (Eastern Washington).

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Thanks for letting me know the samples are now available! There are many I think I might consider, so I want to wait until I can see it for real somewhere (instead of paying for 3-4 samples). If anyone actually sees it somewhere, please let me know!

Thanks for the good news!

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My quote is $70/sq foot installed (actual quote based on measurement with standard pencil edge but lots of finished per sq foot because of an island). I found Cambria to be similar to mid-grade granite here in New England. All Cambria is the same price, regardless of pattern/style.

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I like the colors of Bellingham and Buckham, but I wonder if they might overpower a kitchen with their scale and range of colors. Dunno.

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Those colors are way too overpowering for my liking.

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I've just ordered a 12 X 12 sample of Torquay. Will let you know what it looks like live. Looks very promising for those of us who are marble-phobic.

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OK, bottom big one is Torquay, top is Waverton. Of the little ones, bottom right is Zodiaq Bianca Carrera, top right is ceasarstone misty carrera. Bottom left is ceasarstone snow white, top left is ceasarstone cloud white.

I think my white balance is still a little off. Everything looks a little blue here.

I think Torquay is very pretty, and I think we may go with it if we can get slabs in time.

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Sorry, that is Zodiaq Snow White and Cloud White. Cloud White looks very cheap.

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Piglet, are you in MD? I saw them in the showroom near me the other day. I'm in Annapolis. If you are closeby, email me. I'll send you the details.

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I ordered my samples of 12 x 12 cambria's 2 new colors- the torquay as well as new quay. They shipped already. When I emailed them, they told me that they are doing samples now, and that the slabs will be available the second and third week of august...

just sharing the info I learned

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Got my 12 inch Torquay sample today. It's nice...not as grey as Waverton or most of the other almost-marble quartzes. But as close as it is, it's still not marble. i have a lead on some white quartzite and will probably go that way if the prices are comparable.

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I just ordered a sample of shirebrook today. I will let you know my thoughts. Does anyone know what the up charge is for an ogee type edge?

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Went to the Cambria dealer who has 12x12 samples of the Waterstone collection. My future cabinets are stained a sort of milk chocolate and the sink is slate-colored (Kindred).
So I thought Torquay or Waverton was the solution. When I held the cabinet door and a representative slate color against the Bellingham sample, I was blown away. Perfect match, lots of movement, loved it.
But I'm still torn with going conservative (Torquay) or taking the risk and hoping I won't regret getting Bellingham.

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Follow the link to a youtube posting that shows a slab of aberdeen, praa sands and torquay. I talked to the Houston Wilsonart Distributor (carries Cambria slabs) they are expecting the samples mid August.

Here is a link that might be useful: youtube

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Thanks for the video, grann. I called all the local Cambria dealers; no one has samples of Torquay, they might get some next month, maybe, etc. Other people have them? Not in CA, they say. What's with the Cambria dealers? They are hard to connect with and don't seem overly interested in selling their product-and I live in a major metropolitan area!

In any case, we finally gave up and chose a white granite yesterday.

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They are shipping samples if you order direct. I spoke to Cambria and they said that they have a set a sort of firm launch of September 12 (i.e., slabs at dealers). We'll see.

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I received my sample of Toraquay in the mail yesterday. I like it much better than Waverton (not a big fan of all the gray speckles) but still on the fence.

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Has anyone installed Torquay honed? I know Cesar stone no longer warranties their countertops if it's honed... Wondering if its a bad idea to pay extra to the fabricator to get it honed.
Also, on cambria's website, it says torquey is a pure natural quartz... Does that mean its a real stone or is it still a man made composite material like other quartz material...

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