Can a DW be installed before the countertop?

seosmpJune 20, 2013


I'm struggling to find granite slabs that I like. Since counter installation may get delayed, I was wondering whether it's possible to install a DW before the granite is actually installed?

Also, is it possible to install a faucet in a temporary (plywood?) counter? Any issue with that approach? I'm just trying to see how much of a functional kitchen I could have if I can't find granite I like!


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That might be difficult. Dishwashers drain into the sink/disposal. So you need the sink installed. Not sure about installing the faucet directly without the countertop. I think I'd wait and get the granite installed and then get things hooked up.

Hopefully, you will get a reply from someone who has actually attempted it.

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Ours was installed before the counter (and before the sink) but not before the plumbing, so it could drain/get water fed to it with no issues. We ran it a few times to test it and all was well but my husband felt strange using it when everything else was still under construction, so we didn't (but probably should have!) We didn't do final adjustments to it until the counter was in (since it had to be pulled out and then put back for counter installation). Our faucet was also installed months before anything else, but it was a wall-mount, so another animal all together! HTH.

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I've often put in a temporary sink and counter with faucet for clients no reason a DW couldn't also be hooked up. It all has to come out when the final goes in. I got a 6 ft section of counter at the box and keep it in the garage with sink attached. If you took out a drop in reuse it, else stop by the local dump on a weekend. I see a lot of brand new cheap sinks getting tossed.

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Your question made me laugh. We in the middle of the world's longest remodel. I hammered together some 2x4s and stuck a sink in the middle with some plywood on top. Have the DW sitting next to it. We've had a fully functional (although far from beautiful) kitchen for two years.

Only caution is that the plywood around the sink will get wet and plywood doesn't like water. We went to Lowes and bought a really cheap laminate countertop- it was like $25 to use temporarily. Although temporary appears to be a subjective term in our house.

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You mean like this? :-)

It helps if you can do your own plumbing because you have to hook everything up sink and drain wise to be able to use the faucet and d/w so if you can't you'll end up paying the plumber twice to do that.

From this point, we just added plywood counter tops and have been living that way for a month or so while we gather our courage for making the counter top selection!

I just posted a photo of the faucet and counter tops in that angled sink thread if you want to see the finished product.

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Thanks for all the replies! Glad to see it's actually possible (and that I made someone laugh! :))! We've been without a kitchen for about 6 weeks, hoping to get done by the end of June --- but no way that's happening due to cabinet delays (hoping early July!), and now granite selection. I need to know I can have some sort of functional kitchen when the cabinets do finally get installed to keep my sanity! [Our entire first floor is empty since we got new floors and are waiting on the kitchen to be done to do the final coat.]

I will have an undermounted stainless apron front sink which I believe needs to be installed before templating, so I would think that and the plumbing could be hooked up as soon as the cabinets are installed? [Unfortunately I don't have my old sink as a family member took it to use!]

I will call the plumber since he needs to come out and do some work anyway. I will see what he says. I could install a faucet, but that's about the extent of my plumbing abilities!


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