question on length of gilmore pulls

michelle16June 16, 2012

It;s very late, and my brain is fried right now!! Got back from dutchwood today and saw some of my doors and the detail in my shaker door is not what I thought I picked, and now I am trying to figure out pull sizes and I could really use some help! I think I'm going with Cliffside Industries appliance pull for my frig and pantry door. I also like their latches, does anyone know what size latch, are there diff. sizes for them?? And for the Restoration hard gilmore pulls, should I just do the 4" they are actually 4.41 long for all draws? or if the draws are longer like 26" would you do the 6"pull?? I feel like I can't make another decision, I'm loosing it! Thanks in advance! Michelle

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Funny, I was just looking at the Gilmore pulls a half hour ago! I'd say it depends on how dominant you want the pull to look. I think a 6" pull on a 26" drawer would be a very strong look, pretty hardware-dominated. I looked at my 24" drawer and held up a 6" box in the center to see how it would look. I personally would go with the 4" pull, but you might be looking for something different.

Did you see that they're on final sale? I might be wrong, but I think this might be the pull that had a lot of complaints here a while ago. The screws were not long/strong enough to hold the pulls on well if I remember correctly. Do a search on this forum before you order. That might be why it's on final sale (which it has been for a long time, BTW.)

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I used 6" Gilmore pulls on my drawers and doors....full inset, some 24", some 18". I liked the beefy look of them. Here's a lousy picture of the incompleted area, but may give you some idea anyway.

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used gillmore pulls all 4", pics below. small cab drawers are 19" across, the big bank is 30", all inset.

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addendum. as referenced above the screws that come with the are total crap. i had to pay a CO to my GC to get one out of a cabinet and to source new ones. be warned, replace screws that are actually usable.

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