Week 7: Let's Go! Let's Go! L-E-T-'S_G-O!

CEFreemanJune 29, 2014

I almost forgot to create this new week!
I'm having such a nice time with this, reading our day to day stuff.
It's not like it detracts, but rather fills in the gaps between questions and reveals. Or at least I think so!

My Friend and her son came back for a 2nd coat. Wow. Watching pros work is incredible. They whipped out the ceiling color, touched up any drywall burps, and slapped on that wall color faster than I could feed the Morgan-my-dog!

I'm proud to say that even in ignorance, I evidently chose very good, well-covering, smooth-applying paint when I had it matched at SW. LOVE it.

(I'm scared to admit that sometimes I see pink, because after 6 months of paint samples on the walls, I should have seen pink before. Hopefully it's the lighting, because it's not all the time. )

So, I did that.
I clipped another 2 crape myrtles of their cold winter damage. Ok, so it's June. Big deal. It's still dead, even though I'm slow off the draw, right!?

Worked today.
My new schedule is back to 4 - close. I'm grateful. I haven't been accomplishing even my smallest of steps. The restaurant has a new manager, who is soooo down to earth and so far, so logical. I am in the very unique position of loving her. Common sense shines every time (so far) she speaks. Could it be love?

I received a couple red-stemmed hosta I ordered off eBay and will pot them tomorrow. I'm enamored with these beautiful hybrids!

So that's my day.
What's in your wallet your week's plan? Just deciding to decide? Or deciding not to?

I'm Happpppy with a painted room! OMG Happyyyyy!

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Oops... I made one yesterday evening also.

Here is a link that might be useful: week 7

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Hey CEF - Shicksal beat you to week 7 last night with our new thread! Y'all need to coordinate or work-weary simpleminded peeps like this one will get confused!

I can't believe it's already been seven weeks of these! Time flies when one's busy with projects!


I'm waiting for some more parts to arrive, to finish my porch railing install. So yesterday I went after the shower, after months of procrastinating (part of which was waiting for open-window-weather because of the solvents I'm using).

Yesterday the other half removed the existing framed glass shower door (grrrrrr, before I had a chance to do "before" pictures). Although the parts of the old door were still perfectly good, the DESIGN of that door was a nightmare for maintenance. It had framed doors with vinyl gaskets, all of which were full of cracks between surfaces and filled up over the years with bio film that could not be reached in the cracks. Too many surfaces, too complex, too painstaking and impossible to keep properly clean.

So, although it's against my basic philosophy to just dump something perfectly good and serviceable, in this case we did, for functional improvement.

I got the 17 year old silicone caulk removed and buffed back down to surface, including using a dental pick in the cracks.

Did a complete dry install of the new shower door and fine tuned the fit.

Today I caulk!

The new door glides like an oil slick and is great. We looked into the frameless plate glass, too, but opted against that type for a variety of reasons - predominantly that our enclosure is corian and it requires oversized holes in the surface to allow for expansion during heating, so the securing is THROUGH the corian into the wall studs, which on a huge plate glass piece has too much "give" in the securing, so the framed sliding enclosure rather than plate glass swinging door was a better model to use in this case. I think this was a great solution, and really inexpensive, too, for what we got.

Yeah, progress!! This thread has helped me tremendously to make progress and stop procrastinating, thank you all!!

Here is the old door, next to the pile of ex-Bubba Fence. At the time we put in the old door, we couldn't find a suitable 2 panel door so went with a 3 panel door, which was a problem, because if you open the openings to dry out the shower then the three panels are sandwiched together and it's a mold factory. This, along with all the frames and gaskets were a nightmare! This picture does not show the problems; I have protected your eyes from the awfulness!

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And as review, here is the only "before" shot I have. Yellowed tub skirt, three section mold factory door, icky old caulk.

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Here is a picture of the door during dry fit. Between replacing the yellowed skirt panel and the new door, we are good to go, and all for about $250-300. And that includes the new buffer and buffing compound! Bargain!

After the caulk job, I have invested in a small buffer and some marine grade gel-coat buffer, and will make this look like new on the inside, too!

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Yesterday I wrapped up all the plumbing so everything is ready for a sink and appliances. I also did a bit of temporary plumbing...

Drain hose + 5 gallon bucket = we have a dishwasher for the first time in 11 months! I'm putting it to the test now. The dishes in there now have been sitting mostly since around... April? I'm not expecting much but we'll see. Water going into the bucket is pretty scary looking.

This dishwasher is QUIET! Since there is no countertop and I've read a couple of noise complaint threads in Appliances I expected it to be pretty loud but I have to listen for it to hear anything.

Today I'm having a go at finishing up the toe kick lighting, making the block that's needed to hold up the cooktop vent, and we'll see what else. I'd also like to order the wallpaper and pendant lighting.

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Up in SF. Didn't make it to Miele, but we went to Heath Ceramics. We went to the SF store/factory just because. Then we went up to the Sausalito location and looked through their overstock (seconds and overages). They publish a list each week and what we've been planning isn't on it, but the guy in SF said that they add stuff daily, so everything doesn't make it to the weekly list. They had some Frost (the color we're planning) but not in sizes that we're interested in. They had a box of interesting tile that we thought was a custom glaze. Just 4 square feet, but it looked like it could be a neat accent. It's birch and fawn. It looked beige and green out in the shed (fawn is really more fawn colored inside, go figure). It was just $24 for the box, so we figured it was worth buying because it was unique and just a small amount that might be neat as an accent with a different color.

Turns out it's a regular layered glaze for them. But a definite bargain. We picked up some samples of colors to go with it. Can you believe we didn't bring our granite sample with us? I'm not sure it will work because the other color that would need to go with it would be a green and there are so many different green tones in our granite that I don't know that it would look good with it. Plus, I don't know that we need that much green. But it was a fun adventure, and we'll take it home and see.

We're off to a Benjamin Moore shop shortly. There's not one by us. We bought a mailbox on kickstarter. Don't know if you're interested in a mailbox schicksal, but it's right up your alley. We were already planning on doing our front door a turquoise color when we paint, but the mailbox guy just put up BM color codes for matching, so we'll take home a sample of that turquoise and see if we like it for the door as well. Again, they're not that close, it's not 100% necessary that they match, but it's fun. :)

bbdf, or anyone - I've said that this kitchen project has made me start eyeing my bathroom. It won't end up being any time soon that we can really re-do it, so just replacing the door like bbdf is doing would be very welcome. I think I have the same old tub enclosure doors. I've thought many times about taking it off and even just going with a shower curtain (I'm the only one who uses it). But I thought the tub or the tile might be icky beneath. Should it be okay? I'd also consider just changing out the doors like you did. Do you mind if I ask what they cost? When we re-do the bathroom, we wouldn't be changing the size or location of the tub, so they could get reused, I'd think. They look great!

Heading home today. Anxious to see the completed painting. Will order speedoven and DW tomorrow for sure.

Here is a link that might be useful: modbox

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I'm starting to think about counters again. I need one for the hutch in my eating area and one for my laundry room. The hutch currently has tile and a tile backsplash. We're using the same tile as the cooking area for the backsplash but more of the stone for the counter is just not in the budget. I'm leaning to maybe a large format version of the backsplash tile. For the laundry room I'm kind of leaning towards butcher block.

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I've seen those mailboxes before and think they're awesome, but mailboxes are on the other side of the street from our place. If the neighbors think they're cool it may be a possibility :)

I've been looking at a lot of wallpaper on Steve's Wallpaper and Blinds. Things will look one shade on the left monitor and another one on the right. I was really hoping to avoid ordering a half dozen samples and staring at them on the wall but am afraid I'll have to go that route. Maybe that can be picked out, ordered and arrive around when putting in the ceiling wraps up.

The sliding doors from slidingdoorco.com look very promising and I need to get some measurements already so I can get a quote going.

Can't wait to get home already so I can go do things.

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Go Mid Century! Go Sleek Modern! So many pretty and personality styles!


Just finished caulking. Used a 10 year GE mold inhibited silicone. I had never used that product before, and it was quite a bit more viscous than normal silicone, so it had me hoppin' to get the tooling done in time. I'm pretty happy with the results. They aren't perfect, but they are pretty darned good.


Cal Quail - I actually replaced the entire door unit, including the supporting frame, not just doors. The extrusions and rollers generally are unique to the product so you'd have a hard time matching parts between different makes.

The whole door unit was a mere $200 at the BORG. Caulk was about $8 a tube for the good stuff. I bought some extra hardware due to my Corian walls for a few bucks (3 inch stainless screws). I looked at all different makes of these types of doors and settled on this Delta Simplicity one because the engineering and exposed extrusions were the simplest, thus fewer places for bio films to hide and develop. The older I get, the more and more I'm into easy, low-maintenance, simple, and durable!

The plate glass enclosures so popular now are simple and durable (well, the glass and hardware are pretty durable, it remains to be seen how durable the mountings are into the walls over time), but they are really sorta high maintenance with the plain glass, which needs squeegied (how do you spell that) each wetness or it will show dirty. I much prefer a beautiful textured glass. I chose one called "rain" or something like that. Here's a close-up.

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True confessions - we're away for a long weekend, the weather is spectacular, we hiked one day, took a 6 mile walk the other, and are heading to the pool right now. Glorious. Therefore, nothing done at home - oh well!

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What a day it is here! Until just now, the humidity has been low.
I must have been exhausted last night because I slept 1/2 my day away. Didn't get up until NINE FORTY FIVE!

Still got a couple things done:
Potted the 4 hosta I got this week. They're bright yellows with red stems. They are so lovely!

Repotted a JM that I tried to move, but had rooted through its pot. Remains to be seen if it survives the repot in this heat. It's a full sun JM, but will be shading for the rest of this summer. Same thing with a JM 'Koto No Ito." Very root bound and so full of ants I thought I was gonna yak.

Then, I sanded some repaired spots on my MBR wall that showed up yesterday in the morning sun. I gave that wall a 2nd coat and will do another coat so the repaired spots has two coats. I'm loving this beautiful painted wall effect.

Gave the appropriate configured Mulberry switch and outlet plates a coat of wall color. Such a small thing, but I can't even wait to put those on! But I will be strong. A 2nd coat for them and they'll be so nice.

I napped, of course. Love going in at 4:00!

Shicksal, I love your DW. I had a drywall bucket for years while I didn't have a kitchen. The nice thing was that I could use the graywater for the garden. Wish I could figure that out now, with some plumbing in place.

Love the bathroom progress, the cool mailbox, and hope everyone out of town has great finds and good times.

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I ought to get another coat of stripper on the woodwork. I ought to get some weeding done for pickup on Monday. I ought to be doing more than picking up around the house, digging out a list of folks to contact on getting new storm windows, and doing some laundry.
The woodwork should be done before houseguests turn up on Thursday. But it was a long drive yesterday -- a bit more than 8 hours -- and I'm still road stupid.

Sure hope the cats stay away from the stripping crap.

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Oh, my.
My painter friends left me an assignment. They'd mudded a few spots on the longest wall. Said, "it needed some love." What the morning light revealed was that it needed an orgy.

So... I sanded and have given it 2 coats. Oh my, but those patches stand out in any light.

Also being home at a different time of day, in a different light, another wall looks like someone chewed it.

Today I mudded the latter and 3rd coated the original wall. We'll see if I totally effed it up or if I have satisfied my anal Bad Self.

but.... the switchplates and outlet covers look very cool, totally blending in with the wall.

My allergies are killing me because my farmer is bailing the hay they mowed yesterday. I love that.
Gotta hose down and go to work.

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We'll I have been painting...at my mom's and here..
Yesterday we gave our $30 Craigs list patio furniture a coat of satin black paint..when I get the cushion covers done, it will like ahmazing..

Today I painted my front door...PURPLE....yes. I did, high gloss purple..

Just imagine the darkest blueberry... It was a maroon..and we leave it open most days..I had to have it look good with the Gypsy Magic Plum on the wall that appears to be the same plane..

And our house is green, medium hunter green...you can see it just inside the door frame.

To the outside world it sits behind a white storm door.

I am sooooo loving it! Let's see what the hubby says when he gets home in an hour....lol....

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The door looks great!

My van broke down in MI. What an expensive tow! Well, two of them. One to the border and then a Canadian truck had to come pick me up. That 7.5km trip was ridiculously overpriced and highway robbery in my opinion. But you've got no choice, you can't go anywhere without them!

I've done nothing on my days off other than watch soccer and sit either waiting for or in a tow truck. Thank goodness for the other family from the soccer team. They recognized our van on the side of the highway and they stop and circled around and waited with us until the tow truck came and they took my boys home and let them spend the night while I got the van back home.

It's a holiday in Canada tomorrow, so I'll have it towed in on the 2nd. I was hoping to be able to drive it to the shop today, so my BIL came over to give me a boost. But, it's not the battery. The coolant was a bit low so my BIL added some more. The oil was fine and when it wouldn't start with a boost, we took the battery in to exchange as it was still under warranty and the guy checked it and said it was fine. So, I guess I'll find out on Wednesday what is going on with it and how much more it will cost me.

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So, inquiring minds want to know: What DID he say!
On my monitor, it's a great blueberry. and underneath the paint, it's a really nice door! 36"?

MGM mum, I'm so sorry you had to deal with that. Thank goodness for the soccer parents. :)

My subsequent day was uneventful. I did sand and paint the chewed-upon wall, but it still needs more work. But, I have paint. Paint, I say! :)

Have a great night. Hang in there, my accomplished friends!

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The BM store in SF was no help. It was a new guy who couldn't help the gal before me with a glaze and made it sound like custom mixing a color was some kind of voodoo. I got it mixed this morning. It looks pretty similar to one of the SW colors we have, but we'll see when it dries (just tested it a bit ago).

DH really likes the overstock tile with Caramel. I think it'd be nice, but dark, and I think it'll be too much of the same tone with the cherry, eventually. If nothing else, it seems to be solidifying that I like the Frost (which I wasn't really sold on at first), so that's good, I suppose. We'll still wait until everything is in and be ABB for a bit.

Ordered the last two appliances today: speed oven and dw. Last day for the 5yr warranty. Woo! Initially the dw showed as backordered, but when they called, it was avail. So the installation is set for 7/21. I'm cautiously optimistic.

The cabinets are coming! I stopped at HD on the way home and talked to our KD. The cabinets have shown as set for delivery 7/7-7/11 the whole time. She called and they're on a truck heading for CA. Yay! We think we'll hear from them to set up delivery Thurs or Mon.

So now...we need to get crackin' packing up the kitchen. Also, she asked about where we're going to be putting these 20-some cabinets. Hmmm. I guess the LR/FR will become storage and we'll hang out in a couple back rooms while they're working. I'm glad he said it and I didn't have to suggest it.

We also started talking about getting the old appliances over to the inlaws. I think we'll set up to have the guy do it on Monday. That will make room too.

I was thinking we'd have the old fridge until we get the new one, but it doesn't really make sense to do them at different times. So I guess the beer fridge in the garage gets emptied. There's freezer space free, so that's good. And I'm thinking condiments and such can go in the fridge in the garage. I'm suggesting DH bring home the 'dorm fridge' he's got in his classroom. It would give us a fridge in our temp kitchen without having to traipse out to the garage.

Another story about the AC repair the other day potentially going bad, or maybe just the condensation pump happening to die at the same time. Whatever the cause, we came home from our 4 day trip to water squishing out from under the LVT in the hall and soaking things in the hall closet, etc. Bless DH, he handled the flood. He's not a work-around-the-house kind of guy, but he stepped up. There was about an inch of water under the inside unit, he took off the grates, sopped up the water, etc. Thank goodness we went with LVT and some of it may just have to be re-glued. I think it should be totally fine otherwise, as will the box of extra planks that were sitting in a pool of water in the hall closet. Two steps forward, one step back.

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Well he said..."That IS quite purple"...
I said, I love it..."well if your happy, I'm happy"....that has been his mantra lately...not sure if he believes it or just says it..lol

Here's a shot from a few minutes ago in the night sun..

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Mine's been saying that lately too. :)

LOVE the door. My post was so long, I didn't comment on others. I really do love it.

Funny that I never really even thought about the fact that the outside of the door to our patio is often 'in' our dining room, like your door is in your house. I've never thought of the color being in the house. Now I'm excited for the new door and new paint to (eventually) show up in the house. :)

MGMum, hope it's as painless as possible and super glad the other folks took the kids for you.

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The door placement isn't something I'd have thought about much either..other than sitting in my favorite spot...that camera shot is my "visual" when I'm sitting here.

The "open" door is blocking the side of the giant white fridge that came with the house.."including the dent" that was put in it because the door stop was never adjusted a touch and the lock tab on the door handle was hitting the fridge.

We tested and from the outside in the bright sun..the door looks black behind the storm/screen door. So really only I get the full purple affect in my spot. :)

Couple more coats tomorrow morning...

I have been contemplating painting all the interior doors black for a while...this dark door is really helping that cause!

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I haven't done much improving lately. Humidity makes me feel lazy (sounded good when the excuse came to mind). Everyone is just moving along with their projects. Terri I love the door color! Did u paint in place? I've got two doors still waiting...

I did finish up the refresh at top of basement steps for brooms, Swiffers, etc. Not impressed with my faux paint work but time to move on.

My stove hood arrives today! Will take care of a couple of things before it's arrival and then try to wait patiently. Next visit from contractor should be the last, so I better recheck my punch list!

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Mags, yes I did..in place...just opened it up from the night...and there are a few small spots that "stuck".

I will start on it after breakfast...and that'll give over 10 hours to dry before closing it again. Got a late start yesterday...

Also going to throw a sample on the wall in my sitting room.

Might go remove some plants from my mom's and plant them here. ;)

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cal_quail - are you installing 6000 series appliances on the 21st, or the existing ones?

I've been doing lots of work with little to show for it. For anyone considering a vent hood that's completely hidden and flush with the upper cabinets, it is HARD to pull off! The cabinet people haven't done one before and nobody really took into account the enormous weight of this thing so I've been doing a lot of reengineering behind what you can see. The trouble is there's very little room for error since the space is tight. Today I'm hoping to wrap it all up and get the thing installed (finally).

I'm actually at home waiting for the ceiling planking to be delivered today, then off to Lowes/HD to pick up the screws I need to attach the vent to the structure I've been building and after that giant thing is in I plan on priming as much of the ceiling as possible. The final paint color will probably be the same shade of white that the walls are.

edit: Its 2:15 and the lumber is here now. I get to bring it all indoors and the heat index is 108. What fun...

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schicksal - H6700BM. They say it's okay to install then, but I haven't gotten the call from Miele direct today yet, as they said I would. I have an email in to the GC to ask if that date is even realistic on his end. Fingers crossed. (On the screen at one point when they were working on my order it said the 4000 series is no longer available, period.)

I LOVE my MIL. She's awesome. I'm pretty sure it's been driving her crazy that we haven't done any packing up the kitchen yet. She came over this morning and we got a lot packed up. We have a call in to see about moving the appliances Monday. The plan was to pull down the cabinet between the windows that won't be replaced (open shelves) but they puttied over the screws. I chipped away at it for a while, but finally gave up.

Anyone have any suggestions for removing the putty another way?

schicksal - I'm horrible at visualizing things. I can't picture what you're talking about for your hood. I'm somewhat worried about mine. My cabinets are Innermost/frameless and 13" deep uppers. The venthood is 12" deep. It's being installed under a cabinet. They're going to have to put some kind of a plate behind it to pull it forward so the top edge is flush with the cabinet doors. Yeah, I'm worried.

Is yours something similar? Or is it wood in the front that matches your cabinets?

MIL was SO funny. She MADE me pick a paint color. :) I've been saying I think I'll do the whole kitchen SW Snowbound, but I'm worried about it being too white. She said that it being unresolved was a problem and I'll just keep waffling. I needed to pick something and go with it. So I painted some more Snowbound around different places in the room and held various elements up to it. I do think it's too white. I'd still use Snowbound on door, trim, and ceiling. When she was here, I definitively picked Pearly White, but now that the light has shifted, it looks too beigey and I'm thinking more of Frosty White or Moderne White. So much for definitive.

Waiting for call from appliance moving guy. Waiting for email from GC.

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Thank goodness for 4.99 samples.. I usually just jump in with a gallon...

The color is to cool/pale for the sitting room, but works perfectly in the backwards L hallway... I think just a quart of it will finish the hall..since there are 5 doors in it..not a lot of wall surface.

Now to find a yellow with some depth and golden hue to it..

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My sunporch ceiling is patched and textured
The sunporch floor is level and crack-free

The MBR has 3/4 of a "scratch coat" of plaster on it.

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cal_quail - awesome news about the oven! The in laws are apparently coming in around the 23rd so maybe ours will be here by the too.

So here's the thing with vent hoods. I had to do a lot of cabinet mods to get to the point where the vent could even be installed. To their credit, they have never done anything where that part of the cabinets is flush with everything to its left and right. It's an unusual thing for someone to do. Anyway when they installed that section of the cabinets they made a "U" shape at the bottom for the vent to screw into. This is problem #1 - I could only screw in the front of the hood and not the back because there is nothing for it to attach to.

I used some leftover plywood and my table saw to make a piece that fits in the space behind the hood for the back three screws to attach to.The vent needs to go way up in this hole.

Problem #2 - it weighs 70lbs. There's no way the skinny little piece of veneered plywood running along the front of the vent hood cabinet will support that kind of weight. I had to make a second piece that will strengthen the cabinet and serve as a much better piece for me to try and install this thing into.

Lifting the thing up into the hole and screwing it in was loads of fun because of its size and weight. Cardboard taped to the cabinets to the left and right was absolutely critical or they would have been damaged badly. I had to get it exactly into position to have the screws catch the holes, but after a half hour of wrestling with it I won. Then a quick trip into the attic to make the vent connection and back down before heat stroke took over. It's in now at least, and I can sit back and have a bottle of Vapeur en Folie (Belgian beer). I may or may not decide to prime some of the ceiling paneling later, depending on how good the beer is.

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Everyone has been busy! Love the toe kick lighting and the blueberry door. I'm still plugging along with all my boring projects. Front door painting is on my list. I finished cutting down the yews that were overtaking the front sidewalk. I am trying to talk my sons into digging out the stumps. Now how to get rid of the volcano's worth of lava rock that's left behind so I can plant some roses or something pretty.
We had a break in the humidity so I got my cherry trim stained and clearcoated and also the window i stained got a coat of clear. I also repainted one front light fixture (out of three). And of course with all the rain we've been having means the weeds are growing like crazy.
Keep up the great work everyone.!

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Very impressive schicksal! And pretty.

I got a sample of Moderne White. That could work for the kitchen. I got a sample of (almost) Svelte Sage and it's SO light compared to the swatch...and we actually tried to darken it up by putting less white in it. I'm thoroughly confused re: outdoor paint color. Still.

I corresponded with GC and went to HD and agreed to the rest of the stuff the GC will do for us. The KD is on vacation 7/2-7/6 so it made a nice little deadline for us to get things worked out by. I am still waiting to hear back again from the GC with a few more answers, plus a potential date for demo.

If GC can't do demo and get started in a timely manner, I'll just see if the guy who's supposed to move the appliances will do it. But since I haven't heard from him all day, I fear he's on vacation! Oh no!

I also got word the sink and faucet will be delivered Thursday. I said no hurry, but I know sometimes Silgranit has issues, so better to get it here and make sure it's ok.

I guess this thing is really happening!

Tomorrow should be a yard-heavy day. At least until it gets hot.

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Schicksal - it looks great installed! I can see why you needed the cardboard sides to protect the panels.

Lazygardens - sounds like you are rolling along with progress, now!

Terri - I like the purple! Can we see a shot from the outside with the purple door on the green house? That is a neat color combination.

Cal quail - good luck with the appliance installs!

MGMum - sorry to hear about your pricey tow job! But at least you got towed and weren't stranded alone somewhere.


My bathtub door is finished. Now all that is left in my minor rehab is to take the buffing compound to the corian walls and acrylic surfaces in that room. Unfortunately my new non-ferrous saw blade did such a great job of cutting the extrusions in the door install that when I was finger-tooling my caulking I ran my finger along a sharp edge and totally sliced my finger open, so I'm having to wait a few days for it to heal shut before I do much with that hand.

Railing parts supposedly shipped out today, so should be arriving in a few days, so I can finish that install.

The items for stripping and reconditioning my hardwood floors are collected and awaiting their turn in the queue.

And once I get the floors done then I can finally build my fridge enclosure and finish up the kitchen face-lift.

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People say Silgranit sometimes gets damaged during shipping but we had no problems. The box it came in was pretty beat up and the styrofoam used along the corners was in pieces but the sink was ok.

I decided painting would be a good idea this evening, in the interest of getting done and all. I was at it for about 2 1/2 hours and have 2 stacks out of 7 primed. The goal is to paint 2 and prime 2 per day from here on out. That way everything will be painted by the weekend and ready to install. If I'm lucky we'll have a ceiling by the end of the weekend, and that + countertops are the biggest signs of construction remaining.

The hardest part is finding places to hide the half-dry wood. They're all about 16 feet long.

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Since the clouds have come in...why yes I can...well just did...

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OH! I like the purple and green! And it seems to suggest some lavender undertones in the greys of your bricks, too!

Look at this page's wallpaper, it's like that. The morning glory and leaf.

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Well the bricks were originally red and yellow...but someone along the way decided painting white over them would be better..they did it to the fireplace surround and the cedar wall around that..

First thing I did was paint the cedar wall chocolate brown.(literally the first Friday we lived in the house.) The brick is still white at the moment....

My plan is to plant purple and green things in the rock "garden" to the left of the door. I already have two large buckets of various violas in the front flower bed under the window. There are roses planted there..that were in sad shape when I moved in...buried to deep, hardly watered and sharing the bark with the neighborhood cats!
I can not believe how a little pruning, unburying the tops and water have got these babies sprouting new branches and flower buds.. I know one of them is lavender, another pale pink and a third white..there are 3 others that haven't shared their color yet..but soon...

The red is begonias in a pot that was a gift..I will take the purple plants out of it and plant them to cascade over the rock wall...and leave the begonias and pink impatient and add some grass in the middle and put it on my deck coffee table.

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I made the silly assumption I was not employed in June and so decided to paint our kitchen cabinets. I took them all off, set up the basement for all 20 some odd doors, sanded all of them twice with my mom, included the interior of several old cabinet boxes and then got an email saying I was employed in June. Go figure.

So, my month long June project just became a weekend project. But, progress is being made! I've primed, sanded, painted back side lemony cream, painted front side lemony cream and sanded both sides post 1st coat of paint. I've put the first coat of navy on the interior of the boxes tonight. Next up is the 2nd coat of paint on cabinets. Then I get to tackle the kitchen frames. I'm hoping to power through this 3-day weekend and getter done. We'll see.

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Oh wow! I can't wait to see your finished project!

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terri_pacnw I finally put two and two together with a few of your posts. Congrats on the new house and you're doing awesome stuff.

WOW, I can hardly breathe. Eventful day. Didn't get a lot physically done, but it was eventful.

Fridge/DW/W/D are all leaving tomorrow morning so DH got beer fridge mostly emptied and we got stuff moved out there. Still need to clean the fridge, run a load in the DW and do some laundry. Maybe.

Realized that, while the plan was to wait until cabinets were in to get new W/D, we might as well have them delivered ASAP since there's a spot for them. Also, I'm not 100% comfortable on the design of the cabinets around them so I think it'll be good for them to be here. They'll be delivered next Thursday. I delayed the sink and faucet until then since they're coming from the same place.

Miele called and confirmed install on 7/21. Don't know if that's a good date or not, but I confirmed and will have to delay if not as we move forward.

And...wait for it...
we got the call a few minutes ago that the cabinets will be delivered next Wednesday noon-4. Woo! It's happening!

There was a freak out today about the side panels after reading the thread posted earlier, but after talking to appliance guy and looking at the cabinet catalog, we're good. Whew.

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I am busy doing mundane stuff... After work I brought out the ceiling planking I primed yesterday and put the final paint on it. All while picking up a wonderful sunburn. Long story short, between this and priming more of the wood I am exactly 3/8 of the way done and will finish early Friday. 500 square feet of tongue and groove paneling takes forever to paint. It also has to be done outdoors so that means a lot of lugging stuff in and out.

I also sent off for grasscloth samples today. Picking this out will be fun because we have different ideas in mind. I want something neutral and easy to decorate around instead of committing to a color.

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Cal_q, that is a lot of things "figured" out in a day! Congrats!

I was at mom's today, washed down the next room to ready for painting, after emptying it..that is two bedrooms emptied and one painted. Also washed down the "hairspray" wall in the bathroom...I'm going to at least freshen up that wall with paint..probably don't have to repaint the whole thing, should be enough in the can to do that one wall.

Tomorrow, I will go pick out a few more samples to put on the sitting room walls...

I changed my turquoise and violet ribbon on my front door wreath to red, white and blue ribbons and puffy yarn for the weekend...Come Monday, back they go though.

In a moment I will be opening up seams in $store pillow cases I'm using as fabric for my patio furniture covers. That'll be my weekend project..sewing those up.

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cleaned like a madwoman last night, mowed the back acreage the day before yesterday and it was so flooded my bush hog blades slapped water! Today I finish spreading pea gravel in the horse's drylot with the help of a generous neighbor and his tractor bucket.

Like an eejit I agreed to have people over for food and shenanigans this Saturday. I am completely unprepared. Oh well, all my kids will be here, and some of DH's family. We will have fun, dangit!

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I didn't accomplish it, but AJ Madison sent a note this morning letting me know the appliances shipped. Normal delivery time is under a week and I plan on installing them the same day they arrive. Excited is a huge understatement :D

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First, Shicksal, great news. You're coming along really fast.

Today is an odd day.
At 6:30 this morning I went to Wal-Mart to put money on my debit card and buy a little hotdog roller for this job.
My friend who is an electrician is here. I've got my two pendants over the peninsula hung, but learned somehow, the switch to them isn't powered, but the outlets next to them is.

He's replaced two dimmers with regular switches. One of the benefits of doing this alone is the onus being off changing my mind. These dimmers just kinda made me crazy, so regular switches they're becoming. I gotta tell you. I'm a walking posterboard for Lutron. Now 15 dimmers, 12 motion sensors, and other fun stuff. Love 'em.

He's also going to put in some outlets. Sad. I'll have to find other places to hang my laundry.

He and another friend put a kitchen cabinet on the wall for me. I can hang 'em, but lifting these two onto cleats is way beyond my balance. Remember, I have to stand on the counter, press my head against the ceiling and screw things in. Lifting over a cleat and not falling off the counter backwards is something I don't want to attempt. But, getting this on the wall frees up a bunch of space. I can load it full of crap, then make doors. While he's working, I've put 4 handles on cabinets in my MBR. Got about 30 to go.
I primed the two shelves for the cleat cabinets. They're an odd shape, W3624s. Custom, of course, from H4H and S.O.L.I.D. 3/4" maple. Minus shelves, so I cut those out of 3/4" MDF and will probably paint them a coral BM color I love.
I've remudded the chewed up MBR wall. I've sanded and mudded yet again.
I've gotten rid of 4 medium sized boxes of lighting materials, and a box of thrift store drawers I bought for their hardware and Blum release switches still attached. $2.00 a drawer box. Yeah man!
I emptied the DW. Like to load it, hate to unload it. This was probably the greatest accomplishment of the day.
Did a load of laundry/uniforms and got them into the dryer.
Changed the cat litter. They're all happy with me.
Arranged the MBR furniture and will bring the cabinets still in the kitchen back, since to paint I took a bunch down.
I'm making room all over the place.

I'll tell you. Lethargy, thy name is Christine. I hate this heat and incessant sun. This is more than I've accomplished all darned week, and it's only to kill time while someone else is working!

Keep up the great work, all! You encourage me.
Greenhaven, have a FUN time!
Happy 4th, all!

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Thanks! I am now 4 stacks out of 7 through painting the ceiling paneling. I won't lie, it's absolutely miserable work. Aurthur brought a little rain and wind to the area but the humidity is somewhere in the "lethal" range. If I'm lucky I finish painting tomorrow and it won't matter.

Tomorrow I start installing the stuff that's ready to go. Can't wait to see how it looks!

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So last night the end result was:
My electrician friend John put in MB outlets + light switches/fan in the shower. Someday I'll have that vented out of the roof instead of in the attic. Don't worry. I never use the fan.
In the MBR, a row of dimmers became a regular two-pole switch. Don't need dimmers there, either. Also installed 2 outlets and capped where a switch once was.
Got a coat of the most gorgeous, tomato/coral color on the two shelves. It's actually a matched, old Martha Stewart color, the chip of which I've been carrying around since 2003. I. Love. It. Might make a bedroom this color. The saturation is gorgeous -- to me! "...and Whom must we PlEASE!!!????" she screamed. "MEMEMEMEMEME!!!" she cheered.

My Iron-a-way ironing center also arrived. It's been planned for my laundry room since I was born. Ok, maybe since I saw them online once 5 or 6 years ago. I got a fabulous "Make me an offer" on eBay from a great seller. My $500 center I got for $247 including shipping. Even beat Direct Buy. Oh, John...

So my week ended far more productively than it began. :)
On we go.

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