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mommyto4boysJune 19, 2009

Hi, I was drooling over your amazing kitchen (again). The design and details are just breathtaking. We are working on new home plans (again) and the kitchen will have a very long wall, with lots of windows, like yours. I looked at your album and couldn't read the plan details. Do you know the length of that long wall with windows, the length of the window run? Also, if not too much trouble, the island length and the lenth from the end of your island until the end of where the window wall ends.

I believe you posted your stunning dinin room on my post about building a home around the kitchen. I talked about downsizing, getting rid of the breakfast nook and formal dining room. We want to have a seperate, yet family/casual dining area off the kitchen. We are on about our 10th drawing and very close. I wanted to check a few measurements before putting my plans out there for the world to see.

Thanks so much! Again, your home is spectacular!

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Hi! Thanks so much for your extremely kind compliments. How exciting to be building a new house!

We left 140 inches for the windows. That enabled us to have 10 feet of windows with a 10 inches of wall space on each side. The island is 12 feet long. The right end of the island lines up almost exactly with end of the wall space to the right of the windows where the hutch begins. (Hope that makes sense...)

The measurement from the end of the tall pantry on the left to the end of the fridge on the right is about 25 feet. There is 25 inches of dead space to the left of the pantry into the corner.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. =)


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Thank you so much & your response helps so much. I was hoping for 10ft of windows too. Our wall there looks like we're looking at working with 18ft. I'm envisioing the 10 ft of windows bumped out, sink in center, dishwasher to the right. On each end I want cabinets all the way to the counter for dishes. Each one would be 36-40 wide. I found another inspiration for this too & don't know how to include the picture. I believe it was in the post as inspiration from the poster who was concerned her oak wood floors wouldn't be dark enough.

I was actually concerned that the run of cabinets on this wall would be too long. Crazy me, after seeing your dimensions. I thought of putting in a french door, leading to the outside, even though we don't need it there. The extra cabinet space would be appreciated too.

Thanks for you help & I'll be posting the floorplan soon. I would love your opinion/advice:)

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Glad to be of help! I definitely had to make some compromises in order to get that 10-feet of windows. Because the space is so skinny and has so many doorways, it made my kitchen a lot longer than many might deem ideal. You can see what a hike it is from my fridge to the stove. I compensated by putting in a large fridge drawer in my prep area and it has really worked out well.

The photo you were referring to, is it this one posted by boxerpups? Beautiful!

I can't wait to see your layout! =)


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Dang' you are good:) That would be the one. I think that window wall would be great for us. I love the idea of so much dishes storage lower, for the kids to reach (and me) and yet plenty of counter space. I'll get that floorplan out next week (busy weekend). Thanks Again!

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Ooh...I never saw that inspiration photo before! I wish I had thought of having a hutch on both ends...Like this photo or like you, Erika. I wonder, though, in this one, what's going on in the corner where the uppers meet the hutch... But I know I'm off topic...Best wishes on your plans and your window area, Mommyto4boys. :-)

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rhome, no problemo:)

Do you think that is just sort of wasted space back in the corner to keep things more symmetrical? Would it look better with just wall space? a corner cabinet? ??? I don't think I would miss the space, what do you think looks best?

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Sorry for attempted hijack- but if anyone knows details on backsplash (is it white, or off white?) for that inspiration photo...please tell! :) thanks!

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Looking again, I think that lefthand hutch might be out from the corner about 3-4 ft, so there is a foot or two of counter toward the sink before the hutch, so then the uppers on the back wall would wrap around the corner and come up to the side of the hutch...Does that make sense? I'd think that might look a little odd, but without seeing it from straight on, it's only a guess.

Another look: I think maybe both upper hutches are only over the drawer and door cab underneath with a drawer bank to the they're symmetrical. The first couple times looking at the photo, I thought the hutch closest to us spanned over the drawer bank, too, and all the way to the little wall section we can see at the edge.

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rhome, it's hard to be sure because of the camera angle, but I think you're right. I think that kitchen is actually a lot longer than I thought at first glance. I wonder how long the island is. I wonder what the countertops are.

I wish I could see what's on each side of the cooktop ... little framed pieces of art or trays? I love the open bookshelf on the end, but if I had that it would be full of dog hair all the time. Cabinets look like they're inset. The prep sink looks like it faces toward the fridge, and I think it's centered on the island? I bet there's a huge walk-in pantry through that top doorway and maybe a butler's pantry somewhere too.

Gorgeous, enormous kitchen. I wonder if the HOs cook? ;)

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Erikanh, I've tried looking for pics of your kitchen and can't seem to get the GW search to cooperate and show them to me. When I followed one link to a photobucket site, it was private. Can you put a link on here? Thanks!!!

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Here you go:

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen photo album

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