why are kennedy latches so cheap??

michelle16June 17, 2012

I read a blog where they listed the best companies to duplicate Christopher peacock's look. One of the hardware companies was Kennedy, and the latch is the style I love where the knob sticks out further, but it was only 10.19!!! Why so cheap??? it said cast brass, does that mean it is not solid brass??

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I would assume they just found a cheaper place to make them (read China). Cast brass is the same as solid brass. They pour the brass into a casting mold to make the latches. $10.19 is still a pretty high price considering how small the parts are and how many you will need, though a good deal for sure. You might want to order one to see if the quality of the casting is as high as you want. The reason some places charge so much for latches and knobs is because they have a stricter quality control process which a lot of the somewhat defective ones get remelted down and recast, which adds to the price.

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thanks!! I am going to order one from kennedy and one from rejuvination. Do you have any idea what size most people get? there are 2 sizes, like 1 3/4 and then another alittle over 2?

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I think it is really up to personal preference on the size. You should order one of each size and then put them up to your cabinets and see which one you are happier with. Good luck!

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Maybe it's just the material to make the soild brass.

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