How important is a dishwasher cabinet?

steph2000June 16, 2013

I keep trying to chip away at the little details while avoiding the big picture, so...

I don't know if I've ever had a dishwasher cabinet in any of the kitchens I've ever operated in. Are they important? Do they serve some kind of purpose I am clueless about? Or, are they really unnecessary?

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If your DW is at the end of a run, you need something to finish off the side. I don't know that it has to be a full cabinet though. Otherwise, I can't think why you need a cabinet. Mine are in 24" wide openings between two other cabinets.

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I've always had a 24 in opening, no cabinet. Wasn't even discussed when I placed the order for my new cabinets. I can understand a panel if at the end of a run...maybe that's where it might be a reasonable option for stone counters? Not sure.

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Do you have a single dish drawer? You need a cabinet for that.

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I hope this isn't a threadjack, but it made me think. We are replacing cabinets and all appliances except the Kenmore dishwasher (it is only 3 years old and looks good, works well). I'll be happy if I get another 3 years, surprised if I get 5. Having 2 dish drawers will probably be better for our lifestyle in the future (fewer children at home). Is there something I can do now, in the design of our kitchen, that will make it easy to change later?

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I never heard of a dishwasher cabinet until the thread linked below, which has info of interest to you:

Here is a link that might be useful: Lucas_tx's install

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This thread also discusses the reasons we elected to use it, which again, might not apply to everyone.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread about fillers, DW cab. etc.

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It depends if you mean a double dish drawer, or two single drawers (usually flanking the sink). A double one is freestanding and goes in the same space as a regular dishwasher. The downside to this arrangement is that the lower drawer is VERY low. Single drawers need a cabinet with a built-in shelf. You can have a cabinet sized for this, and for now put in a regular drawer. When you want to switch it out, you just remove the drawer and install the dish drawer. I don't like the way the dish drawers work, so I did the opposite (took out the dish drawer and installed a regular drawer in its place).

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Thank you catbuilder. I'll just leave our design alone for now. Our children are growing up and out, the dw that used to run as often as10x per week is sometimes down to 5x, maybe it will last twice as long!

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