Will oiling darken soapstone veins?

shellyfitzJune 21, 2014

So, I am loving my new soapstone counters and am oiling them daily as instructed. My question is for you soapstone veterans out there. Will the oil cause a darkening of the beautiful white veins that I chose my stone for?
There is a corner that is much darker, where there is no white at all, all the variation in this area is green. The installer says this is where the stone has been oiled over and over while at the yard...

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The veins are almost definitely quartz. Oil shouldn't stain them, but if you build up layer after layer of oil, the oil itself can yellow or darken even if it started out clear. It's not a common occurrence, but it can, especially if there's a lot of sun on it. If it becomes unattractive, just give it a gentle scrub with Dawn or any grease cutter. You can do the same with your dark corner. Scrub off the old oil, and reapply, though it would be easier to do that whole stretch of counter than just a spot, where you could get a line between old and new.

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Omg, I LOVE your counter. Does that soapstone have a name? Where did you get it? (I'm counter obsessed right now.)

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Thank you, the soapstone is from Sierra Soapstone Sacramento, Ca.. They call it "cinza verde". I really love the dramatic veins : )

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What Casey says. Some soapstone has a green color. There is no association with oil and the lack of white in the section of your counter.

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Your soapstone is beautiful. I love the large veins and large quartz spots too. I have a very similar looking soapstone (anastacia) and I was attracted to the large veins too. When oiled, they really pop!

I'm wondering the opposite as you. During recent install, one coat of mineral oil was applied to countertops. I was liking them dry so I've been refraining from oiling in hopes of getting the original blue-gray back without sanding. Anyone know if that's possible?

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First I think the white veins are pure talc as that is what comprises soapstone.
Karin could answer that better however.
The oil wont darken the white veining.It will deepen the color of the stones surface.
Keep in mind the oil is sitting on the surface.
Thinking of the surface as a microscopic English muffin will help you picture it.
The oil is living in the nooks and crannies.
You need to keep oiling because mineral oil evaporates.

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The white veins are quartz.

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Mags-Try what plllog suggested above-use Dawn or any other grease cutter (I've also used Lysol Kitchen cleaner). We haven't oiled ever in almost four years.

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There are a few threads on keeping soapstone un-oiled. It comes down to stripping the natural oils, etc., that collect through daily use. I've linked one of the threads.

The approach seems to be to start with something mild and use something stronger (all the way to acetone) if the milder stuff doesn't work. This matches what one of the vendors told me (the one I'm most inclined to trust.)

I can't speak from first hand experience. I'm just short of the order stage so install is a ways away. But I do want to keep mine gray.

Here is a link that might be useful: Could I Keep the Soapstone Grey?

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Thanks leela and aptos. Thought I had read everything here on ss, missed that one.

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