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musicteacherJune 12, 2014

I think I settled on soapstone countertops so I really quickly need to pick a sink and faucet. A couple of comments made me worry about bowl depth. An undermount sink (vs. the drop in sink I am replacing) will be 1-1 1/2 inches lower, plus I am considering a sink that is deeper. So at least 2 inches lower, is this going to cause back strain washing dishes? Mean I have to hire a plumber vs. DIY to reconnect everything lower? I also like the antique looking bridge faucets. Will this be so high (over a deep sink) that it splashes a lot?
Do you have and recommend a built in soap dispenser?
This, with the sprayer would mean 4 holes in the stone. Will that create a weak spot?
I am getting a single sink to replace my twin sinks. A 31 inch wide sink sounds awfully big. My largest cookie sheet is 15-18 Is there a reason to have such a large sink? Will I need a new disposal since I used to have two drain pipes leading in?
Anything else I should be thinking of? Thanks in advance for sharing your expertise and experience with me.

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This is my 32" Krauss sink, and at 5'5" I don't find it to be too deep for comfort. I love my faucet with the sprayer right on the end. It's not too high for form or function.

You'll probably want a plumber to come and reconfigure your drains and connections and well as connect your DW. Depending on how old your sink connections are, you'd want a plumber anyway to install the newer connections that are so much better than the old ones we had from 1971.

I don't hear you saying you want an air switch for the garbage disposal (that little button on the right). You really, really want one of these - one of my favorite things. Just imagine being able to turn the GD on and off without dripping your wet hand/arm over several feet of counter! Our GD switch used to be over there near where the toaster oven is now.

Although a 32" sink sounds huge, and it is big, it isn't so big as to be silly. I find it the perfect size for soaking dirty pans before I wash them and for all kinds of prep.

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Thanks Suzanne for your advice, and especially for the pictures of your beautiful kitchen. I have never heard of an air switch, but it does sound convenient. Do you like having the soap dispenser there? I like your backsplash too. Do you have more blue in your kitchen? I love having this board to share ideas with. I would make so many bad decisions without it!

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It's so funny how, depending on what stage we're in, we notice different details. I've 'studied' your kitchen because I'm getting InnerMost cabinets (due 7/7-7/11). But I never noticed how lovely your granite and backsplash are. :) I'm looking at edges and corners these days. I'd love to hear about yours.

I'm also going through the sink/accessories/holes questions, so I'll look forward to your answer (and others'). GC already suggested the air switch, but I've undecided on soap dispenser. I'm also scared not to have an air gap, since it's saved me in the past (kinked hose).

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With respect to the sink depth: We have the Blanco Diamond equal double bowl. It is 9 ý'' deep and with the undermount, an inch or so more. When we remodeled 4 years ago I was thrilled with the size and depth. But a year and a half ago I sustained a back injury (fracture) from skiing and I can't be working at the sink for very long before it starts to bother me. It is not just the depth, but also how far back it is. So you are right to think about thses things in advance.

That said, with what I knew at the time I was/am very pleased with this sink:

Aside-I know my sink isn't what is usually embraced on this forum, but I like having a double bowl sink. It's what works for me.

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We also went from a double drop in sink to this Blanco model. Love it! We can now put a full size cookie sheet in the left side, yet still retain the very few features of the things I did like about the double sink. Hand washed items can drain in the basket that comes with the sink. My colander fits nicely in there so I can drain pasta off to the side. The bottle of hand soap is covering up the hole drilled for the soap dispenser on order from Moen. Once we decided on sink and faucet, we had our plumber come out and scope out the new vs the old so there would be no surprise when he came back after the granite was installed. Good thing because our 14 year old shut off valves didn't work that well, so we had those replaced before the kitchen renovation. Also going from one drain to two opened up more space under the sink which was a good thing. I am 5'1" and I have no issues with the depth of the sink, but I also don't spend a ton of time in front of it. Also zero splashing with the sink and pulldown faucet combo. With my old drop in sink and pullout faucet, I was constantly wiping up water all over the place.

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Forgot to mention we were able to reuse our fairly new garbage disposal. Just be sure to keep the GD flange from the old sink if you plan to reuse it in the new sink.

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I've had no problem with my Blanco Stellar 28" wide, 9" deep undermounted. I have been having back issues this week but didn't seem to be aggravated by washing at this sink.

I looked at 33" sinks but they seemed huge to me. The 28" size has been perfect (smaller kitchen). I have added a little Ikea colander that fits across one end too.

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Fori is not pleased

Leela, get a new faucet! A longer spout will bring the working area closer to you and be more comfortable.

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You asked about the soap dispenser, I love mine. I hated in my old kitchen the plastic bottle of dish soap was always on the counter, it drove me nuts!

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I just remodeled my kitchen and chose a 33" Krause single bowl apron front stainless steel sink and absolutely LOVE it. It is undermount, and I am 5'7" and have no problems even though it is lower and with a 10" deep bowl. You can hide pots, etc., until later for clean-up and they're virtually out of sight. My faucet is a high-arcing and even though there is a slight spray, I find it to be minimal and with hand drips when shutting off the faucet you always have need to wipe up anyway. I also installed the air switch for my garbage disposal and LOVE it too. I would highly recommend that. I opted for only 3 holes; faucet, instant hot water, and air switch and chose to not include a 4th hole for the soap dispenser.

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