River White Granite or Quartz Mix?

mbtsJune 8, 2013

My head is spinning trying to figure out countertops. We will have a white/off white perimeter with a cherry island (stained either walnut or mahogany). Trying to decide if river white granite everywhere is the way to go or perhaps a bolder granite on the island and a very subtle quartz on the perimeter (beige or light faux marble).

River white is attached.(would probably do this everywhere)
Also considering bianco romano or alaska white island with a pental lattice quartz perimeter.

Plan on doing a nice backsplash too...probably more options for that if I choose a simple quartz rather than granite on perimeter.

Any input would be appreciate!

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Like you, my perimeter is soft white and the island is cherry. I went with River White granite over all cabinets. I love the way the lines flow in the river white and the little specks of garnet really pick up the cherry in the cabinets. While it is not a bold granite, I think that adding another granite to it would be too busy and detract from it. I get lots of positive comments on it.

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That's pretty granite. I also like River White with cherry - but your cherry is going to be stained dark, right? Nevertheless. I think any of the granites you're considering would look good. Aesthetically, it's just a matter of which you like best, which pattern best passes your Sweeby test. Functionally, you might want to test samples of the ones in the running to see whether they stain easily.

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I love River White; in fact I had ordered my quartz, but ever since I saw River White I am debating making a change.
I don't know anything about its durability compared to other granites.
In a layout like you describe, though, I would be inclined to use it throughout. It has just enough pattern but not too much IMO--but I really dislike very bold, busy granites.

Bacin0, I would love to see a picture of yours!

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