Zephyr, Faber, Sirius--know anything about these hoods?

needinfo1June 26, 2013

We've now spent months looking for and deciding about a wall mount, chimney-style, flattish hood. With our quirky needs and layout, these are the manufacturers of the models we've finally narrowed it down to. We're deciding between these three manufacturers (also possibly one hood made by Storch and one by Hafele). Do you own a hood by any of these manufacturers. Or, do you know anything about any of them? I'd really appreciate any comments or thoughts you have on these brands, or any comparisons between the brands.

Thanks much. I am also going to post this over on the Appliances forum since there are probably different posters there..

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You might want to add your 2or3 front runners with model #s and at least one link to your favorite. All are so different, even among same brand. My zephyr is extremely loud but fine on low and just about all i use 95%.

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With the Faber we are considering the Diamante and Stilo because they have baffles. Or, for a Faber with mesh, the Dama.


With Zephyr we are looking at the Anzio and the Roma, both with mesh filters.


Now I've discovered that the Sirius hoods are out of stock for three months, so that eliminates them. The brand seemed good though because they were super quiet.

So, and or all assistance is welcomed. Thanks much.

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