Counter BS combo's - WWYD?

blackchamoisJune 17, 2012

After seeing Michelle16's inspiration photo I am considering gray cabs, however, still want to vet out options for white shaker cabs as well since that WAS my original plan. I'd like to get feedback on the following counter/BS combo's. They are all Caesarstone counters with Calacatta Gold 2x4 brick backsplash. I think they all look pretty good, although I do have my fave's :)

Also, while I like the dimension the "pillowed" brick (vs. flat face) will add, I am wondering if this will be a dust/dirt catcher.


Caesarstone Mocha

Caesarstone Linen

Caesarstone Shitake

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The combinations all look so deliciously beautiful it is hard to pick.

For your eyes, does the scale of movement in the Shitake
work well with the marble. It is hard to tell in the small photo.

Do you want higher or lower contrast in your kitchen?

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beautiful combos. I'm groovin on the shitake but find the linen very soothing

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Definitely the shitake.

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Francoise47 - In terms of contrast, I do like lower so I think Mocha is out (it was my least favorite of the 3). Regarding the Shitake, I think before I decide on that one, someone suggested making a trip to the Caesarstone showroom to see a full slab. Based on the sample though, I think the movement is more subtle than the marble so I thought it would be a good combo. But I really think the Linen is lovely as well.

remodelfla and caminnc - You nailed my "top 2"

Now regarding my other question ... Do you think the "pillowed" brick (vs. flat face) will be a dust/dirt catcher and hard to clean? The bevel is definitely more defined than say a beveled subway. I guess I could have them set with less spacing. Any advice?

Thanks all!

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At least in the small pic and sample, I'm not fond of what seems to be lots of pattern in the shitake with the pattern of the tile. I like the Linen combo better.

No idea about the dust catching properties of the pillowed brick, but would be questioning it just like you. Good luck!

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I like the Linen too. My guess is that the BS will catch dust, but not any worse than the handles on your cabinets.

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natebear zone 10B


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From the photos, I like the Linen best too. I think the Mocha is too dark. In the photo the Shitake looks like it may have too much pattern, but since it is closer up than the other photos, it may not look that way in real life. Seeing a bigger piece would be a good idea. When we were looking for our quartz countertop, some of the colors that we liked in the small samples we didn't like when we saw bigger pieces.

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I like the linen best as well. I also like the Shitake and think it might work better if you decide to go with the grey cabinets. The pillowing effect is gorgeous and adds such depth. If it catches dust; I'd say it's still worth it. Good Luck, it looks like you're on your way to a stunning kitchen.

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Odd, I like the contrast of the Mocha...but I'm the dissenting opinion
as to the tiles, they are fantastic. The depth is well worth the posible clean up issues. Where did you source them from? I might be able to get the DW to agree to those tiles.

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With those BS tiles, I think the Linen looks best. I saw the Shitake this weekend and it is gorgeous. It looks very close to limestone. I personally would go with the Shitake and pick a different BS, but that's just me, as I don't care for most quartz patterns and Shitake is one of the very few I really like.

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Thanks all. The jury is still out. Probably need to make the trip to the Caesarstone showroom hopefully this week.

sanjuangirl - I hadn't considered the shitake with the gray cabinets. Hmmm I'll take a look at my samples and give some thought to that! Thanks for the idea. Saw the gray that Michelle16 is going to use (BM Stone Harbor) and really liked that.

kaysd - Did you see a full slab of the shitake? What it in someone's kitchen? If so, what did they pair it with?

caspian- I found it at Tile Matters in Fountain Valley, CA. I think they said they have someone local cut it into "bricks". If you call there, ask for Kathleen :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Tile Matters

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I vote linen. It is soft and just let the backsplash stand out. I like the texture of pillowed brick.

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I like the Shitake best with the backsplash. I prefer the texture of the Shitake to the blandness of the other two counter tops. That combination would make me happier to be around. The Linen comes off as more elegant and formal to me.

That being said, I think either choice would work. How do they make you feel? And what look are you going for?

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I think this decision is premature until you bring samples of your white or gray cabinet into the mix. I don't think I'd like gray with any of the combinations you've shown.

I have Caesarstone myself and like its look and feel and easy care. I like the Shitake better than your other choices. I'm not a fan of beveled tile, so I'll be a dissenter on that feature alone. Otherwise, I love marble tile backsplashes, but the sample you show has too much movement to pair with Shitake.

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