looking for cabinets like this--but not as pricey!

suz1023May 13, 2014

I have been searching for shallow depth base cabinets and finally found these at pottery barn. I need four or five and don't want to spend a ton.
here's the link, I'm looking specifically at the one on the bottom left.

thanks if you have any leads for ones like them.

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Your link

Here is a link that might be useful: Your link

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Found this plan for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wine Grid base

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thanks, that's very helpful. I don't have the skills or tools or place to even attempt such a project, so will have to buy them premade. I'm just trying to balance being thrifty with getting that precious storage space!

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I haven't been to your link yet, but I have several different depth cabinets.
My kitchen & MB are normal 24" deep.
My window cabinets (sent to me in error) are 21".
My kitchen credenza are 21" and
My MBR wall of cabinets are 18" deep.

I either collected bathroom cabinets for the 21" depth, (made, which doesn't count for you) or ordered them from THe Cabinet Joint.com when I had the money. Slow going for me, but you don't need that many.

Just some ideas.
Sometimes you gotta pay for what you want.

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The PB ones are pretty darn reasonable priced actually, because they're import. In my cheapest cabinet line in oak that can do what you're asking about, a 6"W wine cubby that is reduced in depth to 18" is $460. For a 6"W cabinet. Not kidding. If you were to be OK with the standard 24" depth, you could save the $120 charge to reduce the depth, and that 6" cabinet would only be $340. And then you'd still have to screw a series of them together to be wider than 6", and apply the toekick.

Now, the 18"x18"x18" X shaped "wine cube" that we show on the end of our island here is only $260 in oak, but you'd still have to join them together, create a toekick platform, and apply toekick.

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I'd suggest you buy a few tools and learn how to use them. Really. It will save you a lot of money in the long run. It's not as hard as you think to be able to do the plan linked above.

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we live full time in our rv, so I'm being honest when i say we have no place to stash tools, nor a place to use them. I've been calling around for a week trying to get a carpenter out here to get this project done, but so far no one will come this far out for such a small job,
a trip to a home depot type place is an all day event, so i really do require premade cabs like the pottery barn ones.
i have a call into a cabinets to go place, and am still looking for ones like the pottery barn ones at a better price. if i cant find them in another week i'll bite the bullet and order a pair and finally get some items out of boxes and out away--YAY!!!

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