Funny happenings during your kitchen remodel

rockybirdMay 3, 2014

I thought it might be fun to post about funny things that happened during your kitchen remodel.

Here's mine: I ordered 2 different models of miele ovens from an online store. I received two miele ovens of the same model, one of which was very badly damaged. I called the co. and they sent two additional ovens out...and then they sent two more! I had SIX miele ovens sitting in my unfinished house! I called a couple times to let them know, but they did not pick them up. After a few weeks I called again. You would think they would notice the ovens missing in their inventory. Anyway, they eventually did send a truck out to get them. Part of me was hoping they would never show so I could sell them on craigslist.

While the electrician was at the house, I noticed a HUGE king snake in the old drained diving pool. It couldnt get out. I couldnt leave it there to suffer and die in the 100+ degree heat. So, I went down into the deep dry pool with a broom to get it out. I swear it knew I was trying to help it, because it wrapped around the broom. During all this, the big burly electrician kept his distance screaming like a little girl, refusing to help. "Are you crazy???" he was yelling over and over. My goodness! It was clearly a nonpoisonous king snake!

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Haha, the snake story is so funny. My DH would have been screaming too!

I haven't had too many funny stories yet, but the other day my mom and I were at the house looking around and our GC stopped working and was telling us different things and I noticed his fly was down and open, so I told him. He looked so embarrassed and said sorry, I said no worries, I thought you'd rather know now than later. The problem was as I started telling him (quietly off to the side) a compressor went on so I had to repeat it very loudly twice and the compressor went off so I was yelling it. Yikes. Poor guy. My mom and I laughed later.

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The part of the range hood that was supposed to hold it onto the ceiling went missing. I have a sneaking suspicion that someone in my family mistook its box for trash and put it out in the alley for collection. I don't think that's funny right now, because it resulted in an unplanned soffit which is going to lead to an ugly tile situation later (not that I care all that much about appearance). But I hope that this time next year, I'll be laughing about it.

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During bathroom remodel, I left to run errands. When I came back the contractor asked me, "What is that bird I hear? Every time it sings I run out onto the porch quick to see but it's gone!"

He was hearing the clock in the pantry which has a different bird song on the hour. LOL

Oops, this was suppose to be during a kitchen remodel. Sorry.

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These are very funny! LOL@the zipper open. Byzantine, hopefully, the tile situation will work out! That is hilarious about the clock! Very funny!

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I left the wall sconces to be installed in the guest bedroom (with a sign that said "guest bedroom" - left message for contractor that the lights were there for the bedroom. I came into the house the next day and found them installed on the ceiling above the sink. I've attached a photo -

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We took down the sheetrock behind our cooktop to work on the electrical and discovered some nice, um, "messages" scrawled across the framing by the original builders of the house.

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I don't happen to find this funny at all, but everyone I know does.

I've hung my kitchen cabinets 3 different times, each time maybe a year later taking them down and giving them away. I did it again in November, and my SIL is ecstatic. Even the paint on them goes beautifully in her kitchen.

My friends roll their eyes and say, "Only you!" But I guess living without a kitchen AT ALL for about 5 years has left me without fear.

Now, I'm almost done acquiring my beloved beaded inset cabinets. Even the ones I got from reuse centers, I stroke and pet, and say, "Soooo pretty..." I'm going to exemplify "eclectic," "unfitted," and, "Ummm very interesting, Christine."

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