DIY-ers, Let's Finish This Thing!

greenhavenMay 17, 2014

Yup, you know who you are: road weary, ears full of sawdust and a mind so overtaken by our remodels that the last leg seems like it will never get finished.

This is the place to post your accomplishments no matter how small, and to encourage others on their journey. I know I need it, and others have expressed a need for it too.

There are no deadlines except those ( as CEFreeman so aptly put it) we impose on ourselves. For me I would like to be done with my kitchen before company comes the end of May but if it isn't, it isn't and everyone will get over it.

Consider your motivations for getting it finished, and think about it every time you approach a task. Is it reasonable? Is it realistic?

For me a major motivator is needing and wanting more time to spend outside and spend organizing my home still in turmoil after a move.

So my Big Picture tasks that will get me the finish line are:

Install backsplash
Install tile rug
Finish trim work
Paint and reattach lazy susan doors
Finish electrical work (hook up hood, energize island outlet, add one more outlet to counter run)
Repair wonky drawer on new stove
Four cabinet doors' insides got forgotten during painting. Finish those.
Paint trim and walls
Finish trimming and painting island

It is still a biggish list, but I will prioritize and allow myself to take the time I need to get through it all.

My weekend goal is to finish the electrical work while DH is home.

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Well, we managed to finish. It was a huge project. We diy'd a full house remodel on a 1500sqf ranch with a finished basement. What we did:

Ripped out the finished basement (found mold)
Replaced the whole kitchen
Refinished 2 bathrooms (new tile, vanities, toilets, fixtures)
Replaced all windows
Replaced all interior and exterior doors
Replaced all trim
Lots of plumbing fixes
New heating, hot water, and central ac
Installed wood stove
Created semi finished basement space for kids
Tons of drywall repair and new paint everywhere ( I hated the 14 foot ceilings when I was trying to paint them!)

Basically we took the house down to floors and walls. The only thing we didn't do ourselves was to refinish the wood floors, and install the counters. We though initially it would take us 4-5 months. Maybe 6 at the worst. We closed on the house April 7 2013, and moved in April 20 2014. So just over a year. There were days when it felt like it was never going to end! There was blood, sweat, tears, cranky children, and maybe a little too much wine ha ha.

Now it's done, it's fantastic. But I would never do it again! Now we are concentrating on fixing up the old place to sell it. Sigh, never ends!

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You're awesome for starting this thread Greenhaven! A great idea to encourage one another.

"For me a major motivator is needing and wanting more time to spend outside and spend organizing my home still in turmoil after a move."

Great motivators! Me too. I want to be outside and organize my small home. The reno has put the entire household into some chaos to some extent. So I am eager to get to the finish line.

We have stalled out. Renos started Mar 3. First it was stalling on DIY electrical stuff that dh is great at but not necessarily loving doing when exhausted from work. I had stuff that I could have done, but as usual I was researching stuff to death instead of actually doing something. Then, the children's grandmother became extremely ill (ALS) and died this week. She was a wonderful woman...a very sad time.

The goal for the next 2 days is quite ambitious, with my husband doing the most complicated stuff:

- fishing the microwave circuit wiring from the wall, over the ceiling, down a pole and through the island
- installing panels on either side of the dishwasher
- installing the above-fridge cabinet, which probably needs hacking to fit
- installing the fridge gable

Some of the above is the trickiest cabinet installation that we'll be doing - especially that fridge gable that has to be fit to the wall and ceiling. That all has to be done before countertop installation - the fabrication is done and they are chomping at the bit to install now - install may be within the week!! I'm really stressed that I might not have given some instructions in enough detail.

For cabinet fronts (mostly drawers) we are probably getting solid oak front fabricated and DIYing the finish. The next big push will be for me to finalize the measurements of all drawers and panels to give to the fabricator. That means that I have to make up my mind where each drawer is going to fit (what holes the drawer glides are attached to) and figuring out exactly where every thing is going to be stored. I kind of have a storage plan but it's not completely measured out. I know, stuff I should have done *first*! We kind of rushed into this reno. Once exact measurements are figured out, I can order the fronts!

I'll get my Rubio Monocoat samples in a week...hopefully. I'll feel better once I have a plan for how to finish the fronts.

So after this long weekend, tasks are:
- finalize kitchen storage plan
- test finish effects
- measure all panels and fronts to submit order to fabricator
- figure out durable cabinet pull refinish option
- buy toekick material
- finish toekick material
- install toekick drawer fronts and other toekicks
- order trash bins
- design trash pullout
- buy in-drawer knife block
- put liners in drawers
- sort through pantry supplies
- buy additional drawer organizers
- get baking tray organizer
- order track lighting
- order accent lighting
- install track lighting
- buy hood
- redo ducting
- install hood
- drywall
- painting
- cladding columns
- island back design
- channel in floor for sliding closet doors

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Chrissy, what incredible accomplishments! You must have a very solid family and good taste in wine :)

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I'm in! Today was a pleasant day. Just putzed with whatever I felt like while listening to favorite music. I fine tuned my pull-out pantry and moved and added additional drawers to optimize storage. I also installed a couple of drawers in another cab and converted a difficult to access high cab over the pantry to a pull-out. I cleaned yet again since I decided to make dinner on the new stove. Felt so good. Here's our to finish list:

Order window coverings
Choose/order/install island pendants, chandelier, hall light, ceiling fan
Choose/order island seating, dining table and chairs
Choose/purchase rugs
Purchase FR furniture (gave previous seating to daughter so LR furniture could be stored in FR during reno)
Paint and Install cab crown
Finish installing knobs and pulls
Paint all entry doors
Build/paint new staircases
Build and finish walnut island
Install sink, disposal, faucet, etc. and finish plumbing
Install pull-outs under sink
Clean and move food and furniture back in
Figure out where to put puppy kennel

Reading this, it seems like a long list but really it's not compared to what's been done to date. The walnut is due to be delivered at the end of the week so we have time for many of the other tasks. The orders will definitely hold me up as I'd prefer to wait until I can see the island in the space before choosing. I only have one weekend task left aside from endless browsing for lighting and furniture, plugging excess shelf holes in my uppers. Tedious but really disguises them. Then off for a bike ride.

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One of the best things about sharing our lists is that it reminds us of what we've forgotten. Feisty, I also need to order the drawer fittings and organizers you mentioned. We did have to hack our fridge cab. I ended up ordering new doors as we had to cut down the cab. The fridge hinges were too tall.

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I'd really like to get the following done by the 3rd week of July. We'll be having family over for my youngest daughter's birthday.

-Install crown, toe kick, and island end panels in kitchen.
-Finish painting trim in dining and kitchen.
-Fill screw holes and paint the new breakfast center. (That's fancy talk for the cabinet I built to put the toaster and coffee maker on.)
-Decide on backsplash, return current tile if it's not "the one".
-Buy 3 lights for kitchen. Don't return them after three days of staring at the box.
-Reupholster the last dining room chair.
-Make up mind on plate rack. Install plate rack or find it a new location.
-Start researching panel-ready refrigerators.
-Scrape off the drip on the outside of the kitchen window. Why is that still there?!

If we are including more than just kitchen things.
-Reupholster the last dining room chair.
-Nail down a floor plan for the addition. I'd really like to get the addition on the same permit as the septic to save the money.
-Plant 4 more rows of green beans for the rabbits to eat.
-Power wash the deck and back porch.
-Paint the block shed and repair the window.
-Clean up the chicken coop/run.
-Stain the front porch.
-Get the house more organized. This long winter took a toll.

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Wow. And I thought I was crazy-building my kitchen. You did the whole house! That's awesome.

I lost steam at the undercabinet pull outs. The whole outside is done. But I can't seem to manage to get to improving the storage with the pullouts. Got busy doing other things . . . now that my son's baseball seasons are done, it may be time to break out the tools again and get them done.

Curious though - I did try to search for my reveal the other day from the search box on this site. My reveal does not show up on a search - whether I search by the reveal title or my user id. The thread is still there as I found it in a link I added to some responses to other gardenweb questions. Is there some time limit/aging of threads related to searches?

Here is a link that might be useful: My Kitchen

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Our project started on July 4th. There was a thread where I was going through it, but it was unpopular. The short version is, joists were rotten, the electrical system had to be removed and redesigned from scratch, ceilings raised, and the floorplan was completely redone. Only one wall remained unchanged between all the rooms I've been working on.

I'm an Industrial Engineer so I tend to think in terms of what needs to happen before all these other things, so the list for the kitchen / family room / formal living / entry hall rebuild is more or less organized that way. These are things that still need to happen...

- Resolve the floor stain issue and get on the flooring person's schedule
- Run the water line that will go to the wall and steam oven
- Cabinets can go in.
- Put in appliances.
- Decide on pulls
- Run ducting and put in vent hood
- Toe kick and undercabinet lighting go in
- Figure out who sells + buy stainless for the toe kick
- Pick out a sink (silegranite?)
- Pick out a faucet (Grohe?), instant hot water tap, garbage disposal
- Choose a quartz supplier + place order
- Figure out what the backsplash should look like + install it
- Meet with someone who can provide pantry doors and place an order
- Finish building, sanding, staining, and finishing pantry shelves
- LED lighting for the pantry shelves
- Pick out pendant lights and appropriate switch
- Strip and refinish the two original door + doorframes. Put in new door hardware
- Baseboards...
- Faceplates

Entry hall
- Front door + sidelight order and install
- Order front door hardware (Schlage Orbit / brushed brass finish)
- Buy and install slate for the entry hall
- Figure out grasscloth wallpaper for the entry hall and make a decision about light switch colors
- Baseboards

Formal Living
- Get flooring person to redo the original hardwood
- Wallpaper (see above)
- Baseboards and faceplates (see above)

Family Room
- Figure out stools and buy them
- Flooring (above)
- Pick out a light for the breakfast table area, put in an appropriate switch
- Buy paneling for the ceiling, pick out a stain/paint and install it
- Buy doors, hardware, and install it
- Find someone to bring the entertainment center idea to life
- Baseboards, new outlets and faceplates
- Decide on and install a fan
- Cove lighting install
- Buy, then veneer the center support beam

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Great to have you all on board! Man, you guys have way more ambitious lists than I do, but I will allow myself to be okay with that. :). Personally I am not including all the reat of my crap at this time because it is overwhelming and discouraging. I am keeping my focus narrow out of necessity.

For those of you with multi-room renos how do you tend to work? One room at a time? Or all electrical, all floors, etc.? I imagine to a certain extent it is dictated for you out of necessity.

Already some amazing accomplishments in difficult circumstances; feiaty remind yourself how much more you have accomplished simply by nature of having to work around certain parameters!

And mrsmortarmixer said:

"-Buy 3 lights for kitchen. Don't return them after three days of staring at the box. "

That just tickled me to no end, lol!

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I'm SO in here! I LOVE DIY, but do get burn out at times. Started re-facing the kitchen the moment Christmas 2013 company left.

*Cut up my counter-top (L shaped) for removal
*Removed counter
*Removed base cabinets, installed levelers, re-installed leveled perfectly - this included adding some support cleats and beam structure in places as well
*Installed new sink and faucet with some improved plumbing below
*Made my own from spare parts and installed "endless" soap dispensers one for dish soap one for hand soap
*Installed pull out sink tilt trays
*Using a dorm desk found at a re-store, and some leftover door panels, made a trash pull out and installed it
*Installed water alarm under dishwasher space
*Removed wall cabinet, re-routed ducting,re-installed wall cabinet, installed new range hood
*Tiled in back-splash
*Updated trim and toe-kick, began whole house interior re-paint (so far just kitchen)
*Hubby Installed breaker circuit; and I installed wiring for above cabinet LED runs, installed runs and wired to timed circuit with manual switch on back-splash wall.
*Installed new strip outlets under-cabinet.

==Had the pros template and install the granite (67 square feet).
==Had a local Amish wood shop make a new bar top from reclaimed barn beam American Chestnut after I templated for it and designed it.

COST FOR EVERYTHING ABOVE, SO FAR, including labor and materials: under $3500. Yes, this ALSO includes the granite and bar top.

I'm still debating whether I'll post a thread on my kitchen, 'cause it pretty much breaks all the design rules and will give some folks seizures, I suspect.


Build fridge enclosure with sliding side barn door and finish it. (I need the instant access of the sliding side door to vacuum dog hair easily behind the fridge. The trick here is to create a slide at the bottom of the door panel that does not get in the way of the floor being cleaned and does not get gummed up with dog hair. This is rather tricky as the panel will also be weight bearing the structure above it.)

Overstain kitchen cabinets to add green and grey aspect to their stain. This will involve dissolving a mixture of oil based stain mixed with gel stain to penetrate existing finish and re-tint just a hair. Waiting for nights above 55 F to do this.

Refresh 900 square feet of commercial grade acrylic impregnated hardwood flooring with new sealer/resin/spray buff job - floor that I installed in 1997 myself. Some great GW folks are helping me think through options how to DIY this.

Shop for and install commercial grade aluminum porch railing for raised concrete deck - will involve LOTS of hammer drill work with carbide concrete bit to drill the concrete - getting psyched up for that job! Concrete drilling I am very versed at, but do not enjoy!

Need to start thinking about re-doing the mud room floor in a commercial rated flooring, but this won't happen this year.

AND, eventually, finish painting the interior, throughout.

And totally unrelated to my kitchen, but a kickin' DIY hobby project, see picture! ; )

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In the past (other houses) I did one room at a time except for when I went from carpet to hardwood, and it worked great. The mess was only in one area and was easy to escape. With this place it was out of necessity because the kitchen layout has part of it sitting on both sides of a center beam and to repair only areas the kitchen sits on top of would leave adjacent areas obviously bad. Sometimes repairs in one area gave me a unique chance to easily take care of something like wiring now while it's all exposed instead of having a hard time fishing things through walls after they are closed.

I spent a lot of time planning for the future - I ran wiring to places where I know we'll want lighting later, but don't know what type exactly quite yet. Plumbing is the same way - I ran the return line for a hot water recirculating system that will happen sometime next year. Same thing for running wires from the server closet to the entertainment center. Do it now while the wall is open.

I did tend to clump work by type and try to get as far as I could in one room before tearing up the next. Demo then underfloor structural first, then electrical, plumbing, and anything else underneath the house, subfloor goes in next, then changes to floorplan and ceilings and you're on to the next area. Altogether about 1,400 sq ft are in work.

I think in the long run it will pay off because doing the side projects now will keep me from reopening anything when I do other rooms. They should go a lot faster because of this, and because I can go back to one room at a time, and because house-wide systems (electrical/HVAC/plumbing/insulation/crawlspace) are already complete.

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NO time this am to come up with my List-To-Finish list!
I'm taking a well deserved day off from our DIY new house build. I get to go tour a decorators Showhouse (no not Bee's:( that's next weekend)
We are still working on our house and hope to be in by summers end. I am encouraged by all of you who are doing similar projects, Let's keep plugging away!

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Man, this thread might have backfired...I am tired just reading about y'alls projects! hammer drilling into concrete? NOT! That takes cahones.

beautybutdebtfree, what IS it? At first glance I thought it was a board for under-floor heating, but is still too complicated for that....?

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greenhaven- we had originally intended on doing one room at a time, but electrical issues and flooding forced us to open up the living, dining, bathroom, and original kitchen immediately.

Of course, we knew before buying the place we would be in for years of work. The previous owner had been using the place as an illegal dump for years in an attempt to pay the mortgage. 83 tires, 4 ovens, 3 dryers, twelve 50 gallon drums of unknown material (thank you tox-away day for dealing with that!), and assorted debris in the pole barn alone. There was 5 acres of this!

The house had sat empty for at least 6 months without power. There was 4-5 ft of standing water in the basement. Amazingly, the water heater and water softener still worked after all was pumped out.

We were still living in our perfectly fine house in a town about 20 miles away for the first month or so, but driving daily was getting expensive and was eating into the amount of time we had to work on the house daily. So we did what every rational human being would do. We put our perfectly fine house on the market. It sold a lot faster than we expected, so we moved into the tear-down and lived without electricity for a couple months while we sorted out the obvious issues and without water for 5 months!

I guess I should start remembering how bad those first few months were and how minor current renovations are in comparison. Life is pretty luxurious now. I should probably appreciate it more, because it really could be a lot worse.

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My list seems like nothing compared to above, still, I meet the definition:

1) now that the last bit of trim repair is done, sand, prime and paint that

2) repaint the kitchen trim and door (I'm not happy with the color)

3) finish stripping wallpaper off basement stairway

4) remove carpet, fix bottom step, and put down some kind of new flooring on the stairs (likely vinyl)

5) prime and paint back door entrance and basement stairwell walls, door and trim

6) replace vinyl flooring on step and landing at back door with tile

7) fix (maybe move) the phone jack that is placed so as to be either unusable or glaringly obvious

8) choose and install window treatment

9) install my last 2 pullout trays into upper shelves of pantry and over frig cabinet

10) install a narrow interior ledge on upper utensil drawer so I can have a double tier organizer that slides back & forth (Ikea copycat hack!)

11) reinstall wall hangers for broom and dustpan, and install grocery bag holder

12) install inside of cabinet wall slideout baskets under sink (from Ikea)

13) install sponge/scrubby basket on inside of sink cab door

14) finish returning items that I bought but decided not to use -- hopefully it is not too late -- stainless backsplash piece, colored glass tiles, 2 boxes of vinyl flooring squares

Obviously some of these are more important than others, but I have found that I can live with most of it undone, unfortunately

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Beautybutdebtfree- If I never see another hammer drill in my life, it will be too soon!! Ugh, I HATE concrete work!

Of course I say that as my husband is a few feet away...using the hammer drill.

I am intrigued, we both looked at your picture but neither of us could tell what you are doing. So...what is it?

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gmatx zone 6

I see at least 3 injectors (Dosatron or Dosamatic) and it appears that there may be fish tanks on the metal shelves.

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This is not a contest! It's sharing the joy of mastery and creativity, in my mind! I love to see what folks can do when they set their mind to doing things for themselves and mastering projects!

I think we should tweak this thread into "what I got done today" because "what I have yet to do" is an ENDLESS list!

To those of you who asked (including our illustrious Greenhaven the thread starter, so I can answer without feeling like a hijack, here) what that picture above is:

It is one half of what I call my "water factory."

Basically, it takes water from my well twice a day, takes dang near everything out of it with a high capacity reverse osmosis system (150 gallons per day).

Then, starting with "empty water" it makes any sort of custom water. It custom injects calcium, magnesium, phosphates, carbonates, nitrates, potassium, and trace minerals. It adjusts for pH, TDS, dissolved CO2, and solutes to make lovely, perfect water.

I run banks of aquaria housing VERY sensitive fresh water dwarf shrimp. They are incredibly sensitive animals, each specie needing slightly different water.

The water factory custom makes different water for each of my tanks and changes out water.

It's all completely automated: turns on by itself, runs itself, cleans itself, turns off by itself, twice a day.

Really, really fun.

DIY is such a wild, wicked world in these internet days where information and products are endless!

Below is the other half of the "water factory" setup.

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Holy cow, ok I would have guessed aquariums because you can see them to the left and right in the pic. But nowhere near that complicated.

The thread was motivational at least. After working for 8 hours... I stained and have finish coat #1 on the pantry shelves except for the last one to be put together (glue is drying). The plumbing is also done for the new wall oven / still have to make the connection under the floor. Wish I could do strikethrough on my earlier post to line stuff out as it's finished.

I'm getting ready to write Loba to see if they can help tell me which of their products are needed to match the color of our model floor pic on Houzz, then I need to write the flooring guy and let him know we need to hurry up and schedule us since our cabinet company has gone out of business.

It feels like we're moving again and that's nice.

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I filled in the screw holes on the cabinet, deep-cleaned the bathroom, and stuck some backsplash tile on the counter again to see if I could live with the decision for eternity. Three cheers for some progress...

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Hip-hip-hooray! x3!!! For you all!!! I did nothing in the kitchen but did get laundry done and DH's work clothes ready to go for tomorrow. Washed dishes, laid on the lawn...tomorrow it is back to business.

beautybutdebtfree, thank for the explanation, I am more curious than ever, now, lol! So why the freshwater dwrf shrimp?

I am ALL about making it "what I got done today."

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I did nothing but relax today. Put several hundred miles on the bike and am totally ok with that! I'm refreshed and ready for a new reno week.

beautybutdebtfree, thanks for sharing the product of your engenuity. Love to see creativity in action. The bottom line is that we trust ourselves to create what we need. That is a good thing.

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By "let's finish this thing," may I assume you'll be showing up tomorrow with your tools? If so, great. If not, I have suggestions for better placement of your exclamation point.

By which of course I mean,
DIYers! Let's finish this thing?

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Ugh, our list is shorter than almost everyones and yet the finishing it seems waayyyy far away. Just in the kitchen:

Paint one skinny pantry door and install glass.

Get second pantry door from cabinet dude next week and install.

Nail up one trim board at the pass-through window.

Put drawer dividers into drawers and finally organize the stinkin' drawers.

Tile one little cabinet top.

Install the telephone on the wall.

I could then call the kitchen done and post our reveal. Not too bad of a list is it?


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deedles-I didn't know you had started on your kitchen, so I guess I've been away longer than I realized. I think you were in the planning stages when I THOUGHT we were almost done. Ugh is right.

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Greenhaven (please can we see your horse shelter project too?),

There is a sophisticated hobby called aquascaping. If you are familiar with the anal perfection of bonsai trees it sort of helps explain it. There are hobbyists out there who spend thousands, or tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars developing GORGEOUS underwater landscapes of various themes.

When they get their landscapes (actually, "aquascapes") developed, then they accessorize them with colorful livestock. Yes, fish are one, but not as favored because fish create a good deal of waste and waste alters the very finely tuned water chemistry.

So the favored livestock is dwarf shrimp. They come in all colors and they are what's called "low bioload" meaning they produce relatively little waste, so don't alter the water much. Also, many of them are scavengers and algae eaters. Algae is the bane of aquascapers because it makes a clean scene dirty.

Here is a picture of only ONE beautiful type of dwarf shrimp, a red tiger shrimp. These shrimp species are mostly full size at about an inch long.

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And here is an aquascape contest winner (there are international contests).

Image credit:

Yes this is underwater in an aquarium!

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Wow that's wild! I was thinking people made it look like something underwater instead of with trees and flying fish.

No worries about not getting things built - breaks make it all possible too.

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We did a DIY kitchen remodel (actually have been working on the entire house since we bought it 3 years ago). Our latest big project was the kitchen, which is 98% done. Finish list on the kitchen:

Seal BS
Caulk between granite and BS

Simple enough, huh? But I've sort of run out of steam on the kitchen, and have been drawn to other areas. Now that the kitchen looks so great, I've been making changes to the attached living, dining, and game rooms to bring them up to par. Not to mention being drawn outside with Spring planting.

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Gardens are going to suck a LOT of us away!

Beauty, I will, although it does not look like much right now. Thanks for sharing about the aquascaping, so fascinating!

In addition to powering the island today I will be getting a cat door installed in the basement door so litter and food can go downstairs. Simple but much needed!

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I'm also in the camp of needing to get it finished.

Things I have left include - installing three windowsills and doing a major patch on one of them.

Patching the window surrounds.

Painting the window trim over the sink.

Caulking baseboard (hate caulk).

Calking shiplap backsplash area (hate caulk).

Painting shiplap backsplash area after all patches.

Retaping electrical outlets and adding extenders.

Tightening down walnut countertop.

Calking and painting pantry.

Order and install window pulls and locks.

Choose tile and tile small backsplash area.

All this needs to get done so I can work on repairing and painting the exteriors of the windows and doors.

Other items on the list include painting windows and mantle and retiling hearth surround.

Installing mirror and sconces in master bath and repairing drywall that will be damaged from installing electrical.

Paint and possibly board and batten den.

Eventually built in book cases for den.

Once these items are done I will have painted the entire interior of the house (maybe save for the ceilings...).

Was hoping to get this all done before the end of June but we'll see. After that I just want to do maintenance for a while and also get our exterior figured out...

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It's nice to know I'm not alone with my list!

Deedles, I think you should put posting your reveal higher up on the list ;)

So yesterday, dh did lots of wiring. Wiring has taken up more than a month now. It's actually miserable work, and unrewarding because you don't see the results. It was really hard to figure out the circuits and dh accidentally permanently removed power to our range. Oops. But that turned out to be a blessing in disguise because he realized that that circuit was overloaded to begin with and that putting the range on a different circuit would be an improvement. So confusing. He has probably spent three times more time on electrical than on cabinet installation, and he is not done yet.

He also precision cut the panels that will go on either side of the dishwasher (structural for countertop support). I had the project of spraypainting the front edges "stainless" which turned out to take most of the day - with priming and many coats. Spraypainting is harder than I thought. The primer was very hard to work with, and the stainless paint was oddly powdery. Hope it will look OK. We decided that since those panels will be flanking the dishwasher, "stainless" would stand out the least.

We also discussed lighting. Again. Decided against low voltage track because it's such a PITA to find a place to hide the transformers. We could do it for the kitchen but I'd like to have matching lighting in the living/hall area so we'd be dealing with the transformer issue again. It's a relief to have that decided. There won't be any wow factor in our lighting but at least I'll know WHY it is what it is.

We haven't even started measuring/cutting the floor to ceiling fridge gable, or installing the (needing to be hacked) cabinet above the fridge.

The stress is taking its toll on the family and we there was some family conflict last night that certainly was evidence of that :/ .

I really like Greenhaven's idea to identify motivations. My list:

1. family peace
2. getting OUT of the house
3. welcoming people into my home

Hang in there DIYers...we can do this :)

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I primed the cabinet while waiting on the washer to finish. I'm hoping to get it painted tonight before bed. Dh will have to move it, because it weighs more than I do. Had I known how heavy it was going to end up, I would have assembled it in the kitchen.

I think I might hang the plate rack tonight after dinner and see if dh can handle it being right in his face at the sink. He doesn't spend a lot of time there, so I probably shouldn't let his opinion count, but I know how annoying it is to deal with all of the things he's installed at heights convenient for him. I spend way too much time on a ladder in this house :/

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Oh yeah, that garden stuff. Mowed and did some weeding today (feels like I removed ten thousand violet seedlings, worst year ever!). Finish building a raised herb/strawberry bed out of an old papas an chair. Planted a few things that I got at the plant swap on Saturday. Praising the Lord for a few days of dry and sunny weather!

It may be a few months before I work in the kitchen again at this rate.

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Well, it wasn't much but I DID do SOMEthing in the kitchen today! Installed the outlet in the island although it is not powered yet. And fixed the wonky stove drawer and loaded my things into it so at least my island is clear again!

Wish I had pulled off more, but it feels good to have done any little bit again.

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raee- I couldn't help but laugh at how where we live has a huge impact on our perspective.

You are happy about some dry and sunny weather, meanwhile where I live we have been under such extreme drought conditions for the past 3 years, I can't have a garden.

Wanna send some of that moisture my way and I will gladly send the hot and sunny towards you!

Edited to add: I just checked and apparently there is a level above extreme drought called exceptional drought, that's what I am in right now. Ugh...

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I'm still a very long way from anything being completed, but today [drum roll] I'd saved enough money for my drywall man to come for 4 hours and put the drywall up in my master bedroom.

No more insulation, studs, and stepping through the wall to get to another room. hmm Come to think of it, I think those are the only studs that have been in my MBR in longer than I care to admit. Note to self: Gotta do something about that.

The cats will have to use a doorway. I'll have to use a door.

It's incredible how even unfinished drywall changes the entire feel of the room -- and me. Who knew all that was dreaded visual clutter! It's clean, smooth, (gray) and looks like a room.

Ok. Pennies back into the jar for the next step: finishing it. (I already have the paint picked out!)

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Phase 1, complete. Turned out so well, we moved to phase 2. I'm sure we'll end up redoing the rest of the house. Last Fall, things were almost back to normal, so we planted a couple thousand bulbs. Love to see them coming but boy does the grass need work.... It's never ending:). Good luck all!

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Feisty: I'm with you on the stress factor. Hang in there and try to keep it as happy as you can. It does get hard, though, I know that all too well. We're now trying to empty our old house and garage from 30 years of stuff and trying to get it on the market asap. Cannot wait for this part of it to end and it's going sooo slowwwly that I fear I'm going to go crazy.

So, today we put in our tomato garden and DH moved some more stuff when I went to bed (work night shift).

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One more flower shot...

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Yeah for everyone's progress today! Or at least THOUGHTS toward progress!

My score:

Kitchen DIY - 0

Central vacuum corrective surgery - 1, saved me having to buy a new $500 power head and accessory kit (they no longer make the one I have for parts, so I'd have to get the new one, which none of my accessories would dock to, then). It involved cutting a patch of PVC from a leftover piece of drain pipe, fusing the patch over the broken fitting as a chemical weld strengthener, and finishing off the bad, weak design with a supporting band. Success is fun!

I did make progress in my research toward a commercial rail for the deck, and the hardwood floor reconditioning.

The new glass doors for the shower have arrived, so I pick them up tomorrow. Did a bunch of reverse engineering on silicon removal products, too. Plan is in place, and I ordered a buffer and supplies to re-polish my acrylic tub and my countertops.

Not sure which I'm sorta dreading more: hammer drilling the concrete, or doing the silicone removal. Tedious, both.

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Wow. Looking at these beautiful garden pictures, I have to give my own bad self a little credit. I root pruned and repotted 42 Japanese Maples and other plants that were in their pots. Never plant anything with a maple. OMG. Heuchera, Hosta, etc.

Yesterday I used a vine killing chemical death spray to start to try to eliminate the chocolate vine taking over my 3 acres. That, and the ever-trying-to-grow poison ivy.

Today I took my Round-up and sprayed other items that are killed via foliage. Poke weed, brambles, stupid ornamental grasses that are taking over my life.

Maybe tomorrow I'll take my sawsall out and cut down a gudzillion choke cherries that are also choking out my lovely plants. Ok, some are 4 years old, but I have no fear. I. Have. A. Sawsall (and some vine and root killer to spray on the stump).

And the day before that, I mowed 3 acres and got poison ivy all over my back and butt. It must be spring.

Here's the garden closest to my front door. Oh - a rabbit built a warren in this garden, 10' from my door. Of course, my newest cat killed a baby, so I can't let them out. The irony is the nest is lined with (wait for it) cat fur. And I did mow shortly after this picture! The blue are iris that are actually spreading. I know, shouldn't happen but...

My front garden:

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I try to mark something off the list every night after the kids are in bed. Tonight I touched up the wall paint that got marked up when my wife hung some antique plates on the wall. Unfortunately I'm running out of small jobs!

Our punch list
1. Paint and caulk baseboards and shoe molding
2. Install backsplash
3. Fill nail holes in wood floor with wood putty
4. DW has a good bit of sewing (banquette cushions and pillows, curtains)
5. Build pull outs for pantry
6. Reorganize cabinets

Plus some other odds and ends. Our original goal was to finish by our son's 3rd birthday in April. Obviously that didn't happen! I'm a teacher, and we only have 4 more days till Summer break. So we'll hit it hard. Hoping to finish in early June.

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Got my window coverings ordered, but added another item to the list - shades for the rest of the house. Got a big discount offer extended so I'm going back with measurements tomorrow. I've needed to do this for years so may as well while my head is there. Also working on finding all the coordinating items: lighting, rugs, and stools.

Greenhaven, you asked about how we handle multiple rooms. We took down all the walls between LR, DR, and Kitchen, so essentially work on all at the same time. And because we have a split-level, we also must do the entry, stairways, and adjoining rooms at the top and bottom of the stairs. Since we're replacing trim in those spaces it necessitates replacing doors now rather than later. Reminds me of the children's book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie". We've basically completed according to need and have not finished all like tasks at the same time. We're focusing on the main floor area so paint and trim in the adjoining space will wait. Those are the jobs we do as filler when we're stalled waiting like we are now waiting for wood to arrive. We do what makes sense to keep things moving in the proper order.

Main motivators for me:
- to get out of my dungeon (that's what I've been calling my family room which feels so dark and isolated compared to my new bright and airy space)
- to get outside (garden, pontoon, kayaks)
- move on to other projects

Sounds like everyone is off to a good start this week!

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So a while back there was a thread about "broken teeth." I did a quick search, but nothing but Mexican Plates came up. What that has to do with teeth is beyond me.

Anyway, "broken teeth" were those small projects we put off due to all the reasons we've been discussing. The ironic part is that when one fixes a broken tooth, it seems to be SO easy, and make such a difference that we wonder why we didn't do it before. This thread caused a big spurt in accomplishments. :)

So... what we're dealing with are those same broken teeth. Sometimes just detailing what they are helps us focus and take those baby steps we all just don't wanna [wahhh] take.

I like this thread.

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Oh so good to see people rocking it out! I am jealous and a little sad for the gardens. I left behind gardens finally in their "leap years" twice now and haven't the heart to get started again here, yet. Soon enough I won't be able to stand the weeds any longer and will restart again.

Bbtrix, thanks for sharing about how you approached your reno. Makes good sense!

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oldbat2be- do you remember the names of those flowers? So pretty! I'm working on filling in the holes in my bulb beds out front, and those colors would work perfectly!

I've noticed since I posted in here, I've been much more on the ball about the things I've been putting off. I weeded the garden, cursed the bunnies, planted more green beans while cursing the bunnies, did all of the laundry, and cleaned the dining room. Cabinet painting and plate rack installation is on hold. Trim this weekend if dh doesn't have any jobs planned.

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Oldbat: a couple THOUSAND BULBS? Wow. I'm impressed with myself when I plant 50 or so and that seems like a lot of work. Beautiful garden for all the work, though.

Christine. Round-up the worst poison from Monsanto the most evil corporation in the world? Come on, girl. Can't you make some wine from those chokecherries? And then send some to me, k?

MrsMortermixer: Haha, I didn't see your post until now but yes, I was planning for about 2 years. Hoping that I have my stuff finished before someone that is now planning to build is posting their reveal.

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Gardens. How lovely the photos are!!

Edb2n, that is great - something off the list when the kids go to bed. My only question is: how do you get your kids to go to bed at 6 PM? ;) I'm not very productive on reno stuff after 9:30 when the kids are finally settled in after stories, etc. But maybe I just tackle 15 minutes of something. That would nudge things forward!

Beautybutdebtfree - I am interested in your acrylic tub polishing efforts! Mine needs shining up. We will probably do a reno but I don't know if I want to deal with replacing the tub. I have bought, but haven't used a silicone removing product by dab. I found a very good post in this thread:
( 03-29-2009, 11:58 PM ) that I will follow when I get to the hated but urgent tub recaulking project.

Deedles - getting rid of stuff is so exhausting! This book is helping me so much:
Clutter Busting: Letting Go of What's Holding You Back by Brooks Palmer
I like listening to it while I am decluttering. Some of his stories and examples are a bit extreme, but he really helps me understand how draining it is to have too many possessions. In our small home we just cannot afford to be holding onto things that are not truly loved or needed. I've read a lot of decluttering books and his is the best, IMHO.

CEFreeman - visual clutter is so draining - our home has tools everywhere, and boxes, and Ramboard. I am so happy for you that you have drywall in your bedroom :) . Have you ever checked out the paint store mistints for a budget paint option? Maybe "just for now"? New drywall will suck up paint as you know.

Today was a big day. We didn't accomplish the weekend goals and we are not ready for counter installation :( . Dh restored power to the range - so frustrated for him that it took until 1 PM with requiring undoing of some of his work from yesterday. But...the dreaded fridge gable was measured and cut. Much consternation that it was required to be a trapezoid due to out of whack ceiling and floor. Dh was not impressed with that, as expected. The panels on either side of the dishwasher were installed and the dishwasher was temporarily squeeeeezed in. Those Germans like a *tight* fit! (Miele). And my freshly "stainless" painted panels? Immediately chipped severely. Sigh. THAT won't work. The paint is a great match for the Miele stainless though - can't tell unless close up- , so I'll file that away for future reference. So much for my work all day yesterday. Need some stainless edgebanding or thin cladding product that is more sturdy than paint. Lots of "two steps forward one step back" this weekend.

Courage to everyone including those I haven't responded to directly. Most of you are much more accomplished DIYers than me and I am inspired and impressed by you!

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Yesterday was not great... all that was accomplished was staining the underside of the pantry shelves and buying some more plumbing supplies. We're getting a sample of Loba Transparent on Wednesday though so I'm pumped up about that. If it doesn't look good I don't know what we'll end up doing.

The Roundup is finally working on the Virginia Creeper that it looks like people have been battling here for 35+ years. I've tried cutting and pulling but the junk keeps coming back.

Today I'm going to put the final finish coat on the pantry shelves that are made. I'm also swinging by the glass place nearby on my way home from work about the sliding pantry doors. They were going to be wood to match the kitchen cabinets but the cabinet company went out of business after making the cabinets / before making the doors. It may end up being a blessing in disguise because it would make the pantry really dark without turning on the lights before going in. Opaque glass in white is the new idea. This is the concept but with three doors (7'wide) and a pantry that is not as deep.

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I really need to finish up the last of my DIY projects because our poor yard was totally ignored last year with everything going on inside! This weekend we have 27 coming over for lunch after church--my grandson is being baptized and we (DH, DD DS-in-law) are joining the church. Can't wait for all the family to be here. With that said, my finish list will have to wait until afterwards. Still waiting on my cabinet man to finish up the built-in bookshelves in our catwalk above the family room/kitchen. Once all that is done I'll start on:

-re-sanding lightly the stair treads and finishing
-finish refinishing (ha ha) the cove detail under the stairs and reinstall
-poly the new end caps on the newel posts
-paint all exterior doors including glass door. Still have the 4 paint choice finalists on the front door!
-decide on rugs for the 2 seating spaces in the open concept
-run electrical into new bookcases (brother-in-law to do that)
-organize garage after 18 mos of chaos/staging area
-touch-up all interior paint where dinged when moving back into spaces
-breathe and enjoy!

Love the water system, beautybutdebtfree! Our next project is to build a little cabin on property we just bought in the mountains. Will not drill a well but will use cistern rainwater collection with a filtration system. Yours is an inspiration!

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I feel so much better about my list now! Mine is long, but I know I'm not totally alone. And for those of you that have much smaller lists - at least I know it can be done, lol

After a great start with my demolition and cabinet installation, I have been on a bit of a slide the last few weeks. We had a family graduation to attend out of town, and a rabbit hole of side projects that got me off track.
It happened like this:

I need a place to use the miter saw for my toekicks and crown molding. The shed/workshop was a very scary dark place, full of junk and droppings, and who know what icky stuff. It was too full of stuff to even walk through it, much less access tools. My sister offered to help me clean it (I really, really love my sister - she is the best!).

One weekend was spent pulling everything thing out into sort of organized piles, cleaning it (thank goodness for a good Shop Vac!!) and then putting back in what I was keeping (there's still a big pile waiting to go to the burn pile and to the curb for scavengers to pick up).

While pulling stuff out, we decided that the horse tack and random craft project junk shouldn't live in the workshop shed. So we cleaned out a second smaller shed full of more random craft project junk for tack and the *really good* project stuff.
While separating stuff, I found the parts for the chicken waterers I planned to make (2 years ago?) and realized that I *really* needed to make those, because we're going on vacation for a week in June, and it will make the pet sitters job easier if he doesn't have to water everyday. But the hose to hook up the waterer needed mending. Fortunately I found all the hose mending bits in the big shed cleanout.

Umm, notice that I didn't get back to the kitchen yet? There was even more sidetracking, but I think you get the idea.

I still needed a place to use the miter saw for the kitchen, so I bought materials to make a work bench. Another weekend was spent building 2 workbenches and putting up pegboard and trying to semi-organize the assortment of tools and tool related stuff.

So now the miter saw has a good place to live and work and I have a much better workshop and storage, but less progress on the kitchen :-) The definite silver lining is that all that other stuff was very necessary for the long term, and I think will make future diy jobs easier. No more running to HD or Lowe's to buy screws because I have 10 boxes of them in the shed, and I know where they are :-)

The kitchen list:

- Countertops - new soapstone being installed tomorrow
- Connect dishwasher, sink, and faucet
- Install drawer pulls and door knobs (umm ... decide which ones and buy them first - at least I've narrowed it down to two options)
- Fill nail/screw holes in walls and finish painting: walls, trim, ceiling touchup
- Build shelves on end of island
- Finish butcher block for island counter top and install
- Paint the island and pantry to match new cabinets
- Install crown molding and toe kick
- Build pullouts for pantry cabinet
- Decide on backsplash - tile samples are ordered
- Decide on lighting and window covering - honestly, these may never get done, but I keep putting them on lists so maybe they will percolate up to the top

I hope to post pictures tomorrow of the new soapstone installed ...


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OMG Patty! Could you have wished for more productive side tracking!?! I'll bet way in the back of your noggin, those sheds and their mystery contents were a nagging, tiny voice.

My DH used to clean out his truck by putting everything in Hefty bags and setting them inside the garage. The garage was pretty empty, but you couldn't get to it over the Hefty bags.

When he bailed on me, one of my many, many tasks I assigned myself was to sort through that crap. See, I knew that if he couldn't find something, he'd just buy another.

Ultimately, I found enough plumbing, electrical and hardware pieces to return to Home Depot and Lowe's, that I probably saved myself $2500 in materials I actually needed for my burned out house.

I discovered that not only did I have most tools known to man, I had several. I also had his father's and grandfather's tools. When I took a woodworking class (to learn how to use some of them) I discovered what many of the crazy looking things I didn't throw out were. I had almost everything the woodworking shop had.

When I could afford someone to come do electric or plumbing, they'd want to run to the store all the time. NO. I'm not paying for that time. Tell me what you want and I probably have it. After initial poo-pooing, they always became my admirers, because YES, I had 142 electrical outlet boxes, all the outlets and switches. Many, many different gauges of wire. Cat litter buckets of screws, nuts, bolts, crimpers, cutters, fasteners, screwers, hammer-ers, tapes, drywall and painting equipment, the drywall, buckets of the mud, the paint, (OK, stop me) you get the picture.

So, in that long story, I know how you feel and it is wonderful that everything has a place, you know what that place is, you know what's in it, and you don't have to buy it again! The bonuses (boni?) are that you have new workbenches and the room for them, and a miter saw place. Mine is my front porch. LOL!

Congrats on a huge bunch of ancillary projects accomplished. BIG congrats!

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psbjmb, I know exactly where you were! Sometimes tings just don't get done in an orderly fashion when they is SO much to do and only one YOU or you and a partner.

Looks like I am going to have to sideline my kitchen at least for oday. There is severe weather rolling in, along with the possibility of golfball-sized hail so I reallyreallyreally need to get the horse a roof under which to stand. Rain and wind she can tolerate at this time of year, but hail is another ball game altogether.

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Me too Patty! Just scheduled granite install for tomorrow! Yikes. Quite a bit to do to prep.

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I worked on it pretty much from noon-ish to 8:30, but I got enough of it done just in time. We are still expecting some pretty severe weather tonight, possibly large hail.

So I started with this:

At this point both batteries had crapped out:

But by the end I had this, which is enough for her to get under and not get pummeled.:

And I am here to tell you, this kind of project is NOT easy with one person. :o( You have to get pretty darn creative and resourceful. It isn't pretty, not a square or plumb or level nearly anywhere, but it will do the job it needs to do.

feisty, your granite comes tomorrow???? That is sooo exciting! Are you going to get any sleep tonight?

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CEFreeman - wow, I think you earned every bit of those tools and supplies if you had to go through all the bags. Its kind of sad that he left family tools behind, but better for the tools that they found an owner to use and appreciate them :-)

greenhaven - nice work, I'm very impressed! I'm in central Texas, and I'd be happy to take that severe weather off your hands, even if it meant hail. We *so* need the rain, sigh. We had a pretty big storm last fall, and my doofus horses just stood out in it. I guess they were sort of under one of my live oak trees. Do yours mind the sound of the hail on the metal roof? If you lived close by, I'd offer a hand (if I got one in return, lol)

feisty68 - Yay, that's exciting! I hope it goes smoothly for both of us!


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I've been having a little trouble with having energy to do much after work so I decided to give Monster a try and bought a 18 pack on my way home. So today I...

Ran the weed eater, cut the grass, hauled out a bunch of drywall and the last of our old cabinets for trash day tomorrow, watered the new gardenias, sanded the pantry shelves and put the second coat of poly on. I think the stuff works.


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Under the encouragement of everyone on here, I am taking May off of the reno due to my other family obligations.

That said, today I managed to get a 5 year old, 3 year old and 1 year old fed, dressed presentably, and out the door in less than an hour first thing in the morning to attend my 6 year olds awards ceremony at school. Say what you will but that is normally a 1.5-2 hr process in our house.

I also created a new cookie recipe. Her end of year field trip is Thursday and I volunteered to bake cookies for the entire grade. Yummy peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. They turned out great! Soft and chewy, very peanuty, but still firm enough to not crumble.

So that's an accomplishment right?

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Schicksal, lolol! I might have to go down that road if things don't pick up for me. I watched my kids drink it all these years....your shelves look great!

Psbjmb, sometimes she chooses the weather over the sound of the rain or hail on the roof. I am just hapy she has the option, lol! If I ever get aroind to building an actual horse barn I will put insulation beneath the roof to reduce condensation and dampen sound.

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I unloaded the dishwasher...'s been a terrible day.

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mrsmortarmixer- better than me. I didn't even get the dishes done today. :( tomorrow will be better...for both of us.

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Bad day for me too. I calculated how much new window coverings for the entire house would cost. After many hours working on it decided that money needs to go toward the remodel essentials and changed my mind. Waste of time! I did clean the half of the wood floor that isn't covered by tools and the piano, and move some furniture.

greenhaven, great accomplishment today! Hopefully the storms aren't too severe tonight.

feisty, positive thoughts sent your way for a good install! Exciting day tomorrow!

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Texas Gem and mrsmortarmixer, I have had more days like that than I care to admit. Just do what ya gotta do to get by. Texas Gem I know that could not have been a decision made lightly, so it must have been an important one. Hang in there!

I don't think our storms were too bad, lots of rain, thunder and lightning but no hail that I know of. Tuesday is still gratefully standing under her roof, lol! Not sure what is on the docket today, might drive some boxes to DIL and hug a grandbaby.

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George Takei posted this on his FB wall, and I had to laugh, thinking of this thread!

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Patty, I'm reviewing this thread this morning:

Yes, we had to schedule the granite install this morning because it turned out that it would cause massive delays if we waited. Poor dh was exhausted from the weekend but continued last night - uninstalling the sink/dishwasher/faucet, finishing the notching of the cabinets for the oversize sink. And fixing a wiring problem that arose. I had a busy day removing *everything* off the temporary counters, setting up all the tools on the dining room table, and removing the stuff from the tops of the cabinets as requested by the fabricator.

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I moved all of the furniture and grill off of the back porch and deck to the pole barn and pinned down anything that might blow away. They are calling for some severe storms and we will not be home to keep an eye on the weather.

I packed up clothes for the girls. They are staying with an aunt tonight so dh and I can attend a visitation this evening after their t-ball game. I'm washing dh's dry-clean only clothes so he can look presentable. I still need to find something for myself to wear. Apparently I do all of my shopping at Hobos 'R' Us...

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Those of you with wee ones: if you get to the end of the day and no trips to the ER or no deaths then it was a SUCCESSFUL day!

Today I finished testing my reversed engineered silicone remover. It's compatible with corian and cultured marble and acrylic tub, so now I'm ready to melt the stuff off when my buffing supplies arrive.

I also combed the second coat out of my GSD #2 who is blowing coat. The birds in our > 200 trees have plenty of nesting fluff, now. ; )

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schicksal - wow! I've never tried an energy drink, but I'll keep that in mind when I'm feeling a little low on energy.

feisty68 - I saw your other thread on the issues of your counter install, I'm so sorry it was such a stressful one. I hope you are satisfied with the results.

Throughout this whole remodel, I'm reminded a little of child birth - so painful during the process, but hopefully worth it after it's all over. The difference for me is that labor and delivery only lasted 23 hours, whereas the kitchen is taking months, lol

My soapstone install went pretty smoothly. There are 2 seams (left and right side of the sink) that look and feel pretty good to me. I think they did a pretty nice job of making the stone design flow across the seams. They offered to oil it for me, but I like it so much unoiled, I decided to live with it like that for a while. The stone has a definite deep green to it (especially around the veins), I just love it. I'll post pictures tomorrow - photobucket seems to be undergoing maintenance at the moment.

I worked outside while the guys were installing, so I actually accomplished quite a bit - mowed and weed-eated around the house.

I totally agree with beautybutdebtfree on the definition of a successful day when you have little ones ... survival is success :-)

mrsmortarmixer - I hope your storms aren't too bad, and I shop the same store, lol. Sorry you had an awful day, I hope things are alright

Off to bed for me now .. I can sleep well because my Spurs won :-)


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Not sure which thread to use...

I'm at the point where I'm RE-shopping a flooring finisher. I was supposed to get samples in yesterday for the color, after having a hard time getting in touch with the co. because they were in Columbia and I'm fed up with it now. If there are no samples by my door today when I get home that's it. Flooring is holding up the show completely at this point. I feel like I could have learned how to do it on my own and been done with it by now.

The first two pantry shelves are now in, and the wall oven plumbing is ready to be hooked up underneath the house. I can pick up the rest of the things I need to hang the lower two pantry shelves on my way home from work today and get started on that.

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I am a hammer today....BE the ONE with the hammer.....

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I spent this evening and will be spending all day tomorrow saving dh's tail on a job he forgot to tell me about. Needless to say, it didn't get put in his schedule, and it has to be done by Saturday. He's working all day tomorrow at another site an hour away. In the 4+ hours we worked on it tonight, we only got half of shingles torn off the house. I have to get the other half of the house and the garage ready for metal before he gets there around 5-6 pm. My fingers are already covered in blisters, so I imagine I'll be in for a weekend of bandages and pain relievers. I doubt much gets done on the house in the next few days.

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I get to add to the list, find someone to finish the floors. The one I've been talking to is to much of a spaz to deal with. One day he says he's bringing by a few pieces of wood with a particular finish, but then he's actually in a city 90 miles away instead.

If I wasn't skeptical of my DIY floor finishing abilities this would have been done already if I did it on my own.

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Mrsmortarmixer I can't even imagine! I have always thought that would be my worst nightmare, having to tear off shingles. Ugh!

Schocksal, seems like you made some important decisions. How about you come tile my backsplash and I will refinish your floors?

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I've put in all kinds of backsplashes; that's something I would actually consider :-p

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greenhaven- After 6 hours of tearing off shingles today, I can honestly say it's the worst job I've ever done. It's dirty, dusty, hot, and tiring. I've done manual labor before, but tearing off shingles is beyond that. We got home a little after 10 pm and the first thing I did was pour a big bowl of ice water in a bucket and stuck my hands in it. They feel a bit better after the ice bath, ibuprofen, and new bandages, but they are definitely going to be sore for several days.

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mrsmortarmixer - I can't imagine how your poor hands must feel :-( I hope the rest of your weekend goes better.


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that is such a big word!!! what does it mean???????????

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mrsmortarmixer- please tell me you are wearing protective gloves while pulling shingles!. It is thankless grunt work but I will say, after I spent 8 hours on our roof with no gloves, I never made that mistake again!

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Hi Weekend warriors!

Sending jumbo aspirin, margaritas (or your chillin' libation of choice), and lots of encouragement to you all this extra-day-to-make-progress weekend!

Greenhaven, thanks for the horse house pics, I missed them last time I stopped by. I assure you your horse doesn't care about level or plumb NEARLY as much as carrot pieces or a can of sweet feed! Here's a pic of my horse years ago.

Y'all, I TRIED to make progress, this week. I TRIED to order my commercial porch rail, but the guy quoted me 8 foot sections and I need/want 6 foot sections, so I have to get a re-quote. I have narrowed down the product and fasteners for the project, though. (Marine grade, I'm into buy it good enough to last.)

I also TRIED to order supplies to renovate my hardwood floor and then was called by the vendor. Turns out they won't ship gallons of the stuff to my state, only quarts and I didn't want this. Cancelled that order and will re-think the plan.

Sometimes, DIY is full of potholes and obstacles! But we trudge through with full determination.

And in the end, we have much more respect for ourselves, because we prevailed!

Enjoy your long weekend, everyone!

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"Sometimes, DIY is full of potholes and obstacles! But we trudge through with full determination.

And in the end, we have much more respect for ourselves, because we prevailed!"

That is so very true....and how pretty is your pony?!

Had a couple surprises this week but not a lot of progress unless you count the arrival of my pendants and stools. Haven't even opened the boxes yet! Hope to get some things done this weekend but I am done setting goals that don't get met and feeling guilty about it.

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I would be doing more pantry shelves and LED lighting but someone at work flaked out and since I'm in charge I'm the one who goes in.

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Texas_Gem- I wasn't wearing gloves when I started until I noticed I was getting ONE blister. Unfortunately, by that time, there were about 12. I threw on some paper towel and black tape under gloves to hold me over until I could get some proper bandages, but the gloves didn't stop pressure and friction much. My fingers are feeling better today, and some are even mostly gone, but the one on each thumb pad are driving me crazy. If I wasn't doing yardwork today, I'd drain them, but I really hate to get a bunch of dirt in blisters this size.

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