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tinkersouthernbelleMay 16, 2013


We started our total kitchen makeover about 3 weeks ago. I have been on the forum seeking layout advice several months ago.

It took a little while to work through the layout. Many comments on GW pushed back on my island due to space issues. But having an island is important to me and my decorator affirmed my island it is!

I've received so much information from this site that I wanted to share my experience.

We have a contractor who is helping us work through the kitchen as well as another large expansion for a game room (which hasn't started yet!)

Here are some "before" photos:

After appliances removed, day before cabinets removed:

Today, most of cabinets set. Uppers on right side not in yet:

And here are the drawings of the kitchen design:

Today they began to template the countertops.
Because of the rounded island area is kind of free form they are going to cut a plywood piece to make sure its what I want. My counter tops are Ceasarstone London Grey so we want to make sure it is RIGHT. Counters are more $$ than I had thought I would spend but I'm really excited about this new product.

If anyone is interested in following my kitchen I can post more details as it comes along. Thanks for all the help I've gotten on here!

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Looks great! Keep posting pics so we can follow along... Mine starts in 12 days!

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Wow! Looks great! I love the layout and the island.

I just did an update so I'd love to follow yours.

I know what you mean about an island. We actually have one that rolls. comes in so handy. good luck!

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Here are a few of the details:
At then end of the long wall I have a broom closet, like this:

But there will be shelves on one side for keys/phones/etc

I don't have much backsplash space and I wanted it "clean" so we are doing outlets like this:

I'm totally splurging on my seems I'm splurging on all the details! Anyways, doing a 28 inch wide by 42 inch tall accent area behind cooktop with Artistic tile's Danse Lucido which is this:


Remaining backsplash is Little Satch Be Bop White

But its more "sparkly" than that photo looks. Here it is installed:

I got my sink on Overstock and it looks great & has good reviews: 32" Ruvati single basin stainless:

My faucet is Danze Opulence Polished chrome finish:

I haven't order my pulls yet but I'm looking at Top Knobs Somerset Weston. Bigger pulls on the drawers, 7"??? Simple round knobs on uppers

And as I mentioned earlier countertops are Ceasarstone London Gray:

My Island is a rustic, barnwood type finish and I have no idea what to do with the hardware for it. Ideas???

I am thinking of 2 chandelier type pendants over the island. Something along the lines of this:

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Omg... Beautiful! Wish we have your budget!

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I love your accent tile choice! I don't have any specific recommendations, but all the items you have posted have been so classic and elegant in my opinion, if your island is a bit rustic, make sure you incorporate the classic details on it or it will look out of place with the rest of your elegant space. Can't wait to see how it comes along.

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Debbi Branka

I love your plans and agree with meyer to be sure to incorporate classic and elegant on your island so it all fits in. Can't wait to see more!

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Your choices look great - I particularly like the accent tile, but I am biased, we have it in our bathroom! : )

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hobokenkitchen, can I see a photo of your bathroom? This tile looks so different installed! It has so much "depth"

Any thoughts on the pulls for the island? Perhaps glass?

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A bit of an update on my kitchen. We got behind because of figuring out the countertop on the island. As we taped it out we realized it was too cramped. So now the island seats 2 and possible a 3rd on the end.

So now my island is just straight across, no "bubble" on the end for seating. I actually like that it is a "cleaner" look.

So my floors are finally refinished. The finished island should be delivered tomorrow. And my London Grey Ceasarstone is installed on Friday!!! Whoohoo.
Monday, upper cabinets finish going in (several sit on the counters so we had to wait for countertops)

Hopefully even next week will bring some appliances.

My tile won't be ordered until Monday. It is so $$ that I decided to wait for the cabinets to be in & countertops to KNOW how much I want and where.

The "swirly" tile shown above in my original post is called Danse Lucido and it is $110/piece! They are 14x14 pieces. I'm wanting to do an accent behind my cooktop (which is 36"). The pieces "interlock" so however many I select then it will need to be squared off. Obviously I don't want much "waste". This is a big splurge! Right now my designer and I are thinking of doing 6 pieces. 2 across and 3 up so it will be 28x42 before being square off. Also want it flush with the bottom of cooktop instead of a "window". Here is a photo

I have a mantle style hood similar to the photo. The sides slide out for spices. I was going to do the other tile to surround it as shown in the photo. That tile (Little Satch Be Bop White) will go on the remainder of the backsplash which is just that one corner around from the cooktop. I don't have much backsplash at all.

But since my cooktop is 36 wide is the slightly less than 28 wide going to look right???

Love some feedback!!

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If your island is very rustic/ barn boardy, I'm wondering if that pretty crystal drop chandy will look at home with it.


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Yes, I've decided to wait for the cabinets & countertops to be instilled before I choose lighting.

They are doing another project in my house so the contractor and subs will be here for several more weeks in another area so I figured why rush.

Feedback on the backsplash shape/size?
Feedback on hardware for the rustic/barnwoodish island?

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Island base and my countertops just went in!

I have Ceasarstone London Grey counters. I love, love, love marble but just didn't want the stress of upkeep....I have 4 kids!

I love my countertops. I think the "greyness" softens the space. And will even more so when the stainless goes in and the white drawer/cabinet fronts. The veining is varied and not speckly at all!

My island is a distressed type of finish. They actually put sawdust in the stain and I love it! Here are some photos.

Upper cabinets in on Monday!

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Love your photos! This is very much the look we are going for, so I will be eagerly following along.

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And what manufacturer are the cabinets?

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Cabinets are custom by a local cabinet maker.

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I like the end of your island. I also like the patterned tile for your backsplash. Maybe you could do a "racing stripe" orientation from the counter to the ceiling, or some other point on the wall, and put field tile around the rest of the area.

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