HELP design input - french colonial 1950s

rbpdxMay 9, 2013

Hi All,
We are purchasing this house and really love the kitchen but it's from 1950s. Can anyone direct me to 'save' this kitchen or revamp it?
We are keeping the footprints.Upgrading appliances.
Should I save the cabinets or do an overhaul??

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That kitchen is so charming! Reminds me of the house I grew up in. Is that a pizza oven or something?

I really like the hardware on the cabinets. Maybe add some black knobs? I would remove the uppers that separate the kitchen from the dining room.

A good scrub with some Murphy's and just live with it for awhile. Buying a home is expensive, perhaps give yourself some time to save and plan if you choose to redo it.

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I like the big strap hinges, and the layout is good.

I would remove the uppers over the peninsula (reaching up and over a working stove is dangerous) and keep the rest if they are in good shape, or even re-stain them with the General Finishes Gel stain.

Put some money into roll-outs inside the cabinets, maybe add a black iron finish stove hood, paint the place and enjoy it.

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How about speaking with a local craftsman as part of considering all possibilities? It is a nice old kitchen, and also nice is that it's charmed another new owner. :)

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Depends on your budget and IF the cabinets are in good enough shape to keep. If cabs not good, I would wait until you have the $$ to redo everything...including appliances..assuming the ones in there are in working order or replace with used appliances until you can do gut renovation. The cabinets could look nice restained or painted, but if they really are 50-60 years old, chances are the exteriors and interiors have seen better days. I wouldnt want to look at sparkling new appliances next to worn out /dated cabinets, counters and floors.

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I just saw the responds! We have decided to keep it as is and replace the oven n microwave and sink. We will live with it for awhile and see if we can live with the functions. It is charming!,

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Great decision, it's a super cute kitchen. I love the hinges, and brick with them.

I've had great luck with Restor-a-finish products (at my Home Dep**) -- have used them on pieces of furniture I bought on Craigslist and the transformation was amazing -- might be worth a try on your cabinets to revive the finish on them.

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