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LocrianMay 26, 2013

We've just bought an early 1960s brick "cottage bungalow" with a serious need for a Kitchen. There are no appliances, the countertops are Formica brand, and the's a sink...

Kitchen opens into the Gathering Room. Open floor plan concept...POs took down the partial walls with spindles.

Any suggestions for how to reorganize & rearrange things would be appreciated. I do want to keep the cabinetry. It was custom made by the local Mennonites & is original to the house. I'd also prefer keeping the costs right at 10.000-USD.

We're doing all of the demo ourselves. Grunt work is us *grin*. We'll hire the pros for plumbing & electrical. Especially since I do want gas oven & cooktop.

TIA =).

Edited to remove bad links. Naughty little things ...similar to Garden Gnomes HaHa. See photos in message below, please & thank you!

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from what I saw the cabinets are in L configuration on 2 walls with a small island or peninsula coming off mud room wall.Is the idea to centrally locate the island/and clear the walls? but keep the L?The space looks as tho the one small window is not enough light and view. I'd spend the budget on at least a 2nd similar window to the leftand down from the existing. Do you have ventilation intact for a hood for a cooktop? This is why initially, upon taking a new residence it's better to get in the space and judge all the needs /not just moving cabinets around. Wall cabinets can be taken down and used with added feet for islands and peninsulas. What i would absolutely do is start looking for the window vendor or match that window fairly closely-or if that one needs replacing it means two or maybe 3 new windows across that wall which would be the best thing for the space. Start working on appliance package because you'll need those regardless.....first purchase -fridge and mwave-it's summer-live with that and your outdoor grill for a bit.

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Post your layouts/photos directly in this thread. You should then get more responses.

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Second the advice to get the diagrams right here on the thread. It makes a big difference.

I already highly agree, though, with Herbflavor's excellent advice to look to adding a window or windows. That investment would transform this room as nothing else could.

With a $10K budget, however, and quality almost-new used appliances available in large numbers in any city for a tiny fraction of cost new, I'd suggest going that way. (If you had three times the budget, I'd still suggest going that way and spending the rest touring SE Asia. :)

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I tried to add the pictures to the thread for you but both your links are broken.

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Thanks for the advice and suggestions. The garden gnomes have kept me from logging in until today. *Grin*

Let me try again, using actual photos. Maybe that would be more helpful.

Looking into Kitchen from Gathering Room

Looking into Kitchen from Pantry

Back of house along Kitchen wall. Solid brick down to MBR...

Great minds! Once our household goods get here we'll have a microwave oven, small cooking appliances & a charcoal grill. Plus a mini frige. :-)

I don't mind living with things "as is" as long as necessary. I'm more concerned with DH getting too angsty in his new found retirement daze...

ETA the Gathering Room has floor-to-ceiling windows minus a few inches windows. It really is quite bright & cheery in the Kitchen :-)

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I would paint the cabinets, change the flooring, change countertops and sink, remove bar area and soffit over it. Leave soffit above wall cabinets but paint them same color as cabinets and add trim to mirror the doors below, update hardware, add island with prep sink if budget allows. Remove wallpaper and paint walls a color.

It does seem to be a spacious and well organized space. What's behind the short door over the air return? Perfect spice storage, maybe?

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Hm, I would pretty much change everything BUT the cabinets.
Is there anything inside that big soffit above the bar?
Where do you eat?
Perhaps a large island, like this, or a table.

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Oh, and I'd paint the island/bar/work table.

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Wow, so much potential! I can't wait to see what you create!

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Thank you everyone for the ideas & suggestions.

The door above the air return is the gas furnace. Yes, it is an odd place for it LOL. The OOs had the refrigerator next to the furnace and an electric oven in the other open slot.

There is a lot of potential here. The area is 18'x11'. Plenty of cupboard space in the kitchen and a full 11'x7' pantry with built-ins.

All of the cupboards were site-built and solid wood. Not sure what species; several "woody" people have said maple. That might be very pretty stript & hand-rubbed with oil. Thinking out loud here.

Those are cupboards over the peninsula with a fluorescent tube light; they'll come down. Too high for me to use without a step stool. Looking for possibly a bar style light fixture with five lights.

I'm thinking of removing the peninsula and putting in a combo book case, base cabinets with drawers for a prep area. Also considering refrigerator drawers & under-cab freezer there. That way the "cold" would be away from the "heat".

The Formicaî countertops are crumbling & peeling away. I "think" there is butcher block counters underneath. Fingers crossed for a yes on that front.

All of the walls are papered, peeling & grubby. Slowly but surely getting that taken down. Looking at Valsparî Colours 2013 Summer, "Polar White" and "Tranquility" (a soft green-blue).

Where do we eat? Excellent question! Right now at the hotel ;-) Our personal goods just arrived today & I'm contemplating where to set up both the "breakfast table" and the "dining table".

We'll be doing a lot of outdoor grilling & eating until we can get things organised. It is going to take some time. Luckily this is what I'm calling "our forever home". We're both retired.

Sorry for the delayed and wall-of-text post. =>. Oh, there's so much delayed cleaning it's taking three or so washings of everything...

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Momto3Kiddos, you mentioned painting the cupboards. The only time I've done that is with old metal ones.

Never thought of painting wood; just stripping/sanding/oiling. Something to consider.

The pulls are a bit "dated" and filthy. Wonder if it is worth it to strip & refinish them. They're heavy and sturdily made. I've already taken them off to make cleaning easier.

And, the whole house is going to be cork flooring. It's a concrete slab construction. Not user friendly for aging bodies, especially in the kitchen. Originally there was carpet in the kitchen...wall-to-wall. The old linoleum is a tad better by a hairs breadth.

Now the gears are turning again!

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