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laranita2May 11, 2010

For the prep sink, we've picked out an Elkay Harmony sink, ELUH2118. The dimensions are L: 23 9/16" W: 21 1/8". The depth can be either 7.5" or 10". Initially, I'd picked out 10" thinking deeper is better, right? But now I'm second guessing.... should I go with 7.5" instead? My primary reason for second guessing is that the sink will be on the island, and our island has two levels... the part where the sink will be located is going to be lower, about 32 inches (because the rest of the counter is my baking center area, and I am short, 5'3").

I'm also wondering if maybe I was over ambitious and the sink is too big... 21 inches wide seems like a lot, but I do anticipate using the prep sink a ton for meal preparation stuff.

LOVE to hear some advice on this!!

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Depth...Maybe, maybe not... The problem is that you're putting the sink in a lower counter. You need to be sure you not only have room under the sink for the plumbing in general, but you also need to be sure you have the height to properly install that plumbing. I'm not a plumber, but I do remember a post one time talking about how you had to have certain things "taller" than others. No, I don't remember the details.

I suggest you ask this on the Plumbing Forum...they'll be able to give you a better answer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Plumbing Forum

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Try the link below which suggests sink depth based on the user's height:

User Height Bowl Depth
Under 5'0" 6.75"
5'0" to 5'3" 7.00"
5'4" to 5'5" 7.75"
5'5" to 5'9" 8.00"
5'9" to 5'11" 8.00"
6'0 to 6'2" 7.50"
Over 6'2" 7.00"

Here is a link that might be useful: Sink Ergonomics

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good info on the sink depth, thanks!! I think we'll go with the 7"....

Buehl, that's interesting. The cabinets are already built, and the plumbing is mostly in place, obviously the sink hasn't been connected yet though..... builder hasn't said anything about it being an issue, so hopefully it won't be.

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A deep sink with a garbage disposal may put the disposal output too low with respect to where the plumbing is established, particularly if the plumbing was installed in the past for some shallower configuration. This should be thought of during the design phase (you may guess why I know this) before the plumbing is installed in the wall. (In my case, I could just squeak by with a standard trap height, but a different garbage disposal might have been impossible to fit.)

Ergonometric sink depth depends on whether or not a grid is used in the sink.


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"Ideal" sink depth is not just a matter of's a combination of other things as arm length & presence of a grid (kaseki above). A grid, btw, eliminates most of the comments in the discussion linked above. Much of what's discussed in that link is either inaccurate or is deliberately worded to make you think this manufacturer's sink is the only "intelligently" designed be wary of's a sales pitch. For example:

"You can not put the pot, pan, platter, etc. inside the sink to wash it or it will cover up the drain"

This is an issue no matter where the drain is...front, back, middle, corner. A grid eliminates this problem as it raises everything off the floor of the sink. Not only do dishes not block the drain, but it is also very easy to rinse out your sink b/c nothing is sitting on the floor to block the water or stuff being rinsed away. (If you think about it, with a drain in the back corner and no grid, it will be even more difficult to rinse the sink than if the drain is in the middle have farther to "push" the stuff and even more dishes in the way b/c of that distance!)

"Most sinks are undermounted under granite, which effectively makes a 9" deep sink 10 1/4" deep"

Minor, but 3cm granite is really only 1.18", not 1.25". (1.181102362204724" actually.) Something that normally I would brush off as imprecise but close enough...but given the tone & content of the rest of the blurb, it irritated me!

"Try writing a letter while standing and using the surface height you have just made. One more thing, make sure you are standing several inches back from your work surface (just like you would at a sink). Go ahead, write a long letter. "

There are very different motor needs/actions when writing a letter than when washing dishes...this is one that make no sense! (This statement is like comparing apples to bananas...a common sales pitch tactic)

My 2-cents worth!

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I currently have a sink that is 28 inches wide and 8.5 inches deep from the counter top. It is mounted 3 1/4 inches from the front of the counter. If I am at the sink for a long time, it is too deep for me. I noticed it when I first got the sink... My back never hurt with a shallow sink (6 inches or so) that I had. I am 5'2" and my arms are not long enough to reach the bottom of the sink easily. I do not like grids. I hate looking at things that do not look good, get dirty with use, and I see no value in it... and grids fall in that category for me. So grid is not an acceptable solution to me.

For my new sink, I am not getting a 10 inch sink. I am actively seaking a 7 or 8 inch sink that is not too expensive. My deepest pot is 6.5 inches, more than adequate for the 8 inch sink to hide. It maybe that I have to bite the bullet and buy an expensive sink so my back does not hurt when I am at the sink for a long time.

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Im 5'4" and my sink is 10 inches deep (with the extra depth of an undermount and granite) and I have no issues whatsoever. And I even have lower back issues! I LOVE my 10" deep/30" wide sink. I can leave pots, platters, etc. in there and no one can see them if I don't wash them right away. Wouldnt trade it for the world.

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Another factor in whether a sink will be an issue for you is how far back it is from the counter edge. Even with a shallow sink if the sink is too far back you may still have back problems. It's b/c the farther back it's installed, the more you have to lean forward to get to it.

Drop-in sinks are usually 2 inches or so closer to the edge than undermount, so if you're used to a drop-in sink, it will take some adjustment to working at an undermount. Speaking from experience here! The one thing I don't like about under mounted sinks is how far back they have to be. But, I'll still take an undermount over a drop-in!

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I always assumed that people chose a deeper sink to avoid water splashing out onto the counter when rinsing an item. Is that true?

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I selected a 10" sink to hide dirty dishes like cawfeegirl. I'll be able to clear the table and stack the dishes in the sink and not be able to see it if I don't clean them right away. I also wanted it so I can fill a large stock pot without having to tilt it on its side. We haven't installed the sink yet, but I am hoping it will be so much better than my 8.5" deep double sink which I can't stand. Splashing never crossed mind. I thought that was more of an issue with the type of faucet you choose. My KD said high arc faucets tend to splash more.


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so many good points!! thanks guys... well I don't mind the idea of a grid, so if all else fails I can always add one. I have decided to go with the 8" depth though.... better safe than sorry there!!

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Rachiele, LLC

I have had a few comments on this link where Francesca (above) listed heights and bowl depths from my site. I want to clarify that the bowl depths listed are for single bowl sinks with offset drains only. Deeper bowls are necessary for some folks using other sink designs. The reason for the shallower depth in single bowl sinks with offset drains is that you can place large items, like cookie sheets, etc., on the bottom and scrub them without covering the drain. You will find yourself working at the bottom of the sink all the time. That is not the case with center drain sinks or double bowl sinks. Bending over all the time into a deep sink (if you are working on the bottom of the sink all the time) is going to be a backache for most folks. Thought I would clarify... Dino Rachiele

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