Paint for kitchen

lili06612May 1, 2013

We have a small kitchen with cherry cabinets and floor, dark grey green granite and a light grey backsplash. There are four large windows in the room...The kitchen opens directly into a very large room painted in Hawthorne yellow; on the other side of the room and through a standard size door is the dining room painted in Buxton Blue.

The kitchen used to be a warm terra cotta- I just painted it Wyeth Blue. It feels too cold and clinical. Any ideas for an alternate color?????

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Can you post a photo?

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Holly- Kay

Did you like the terra cota? How about BM Terra Bella or Casa Bella? They are both colors I am considering in my own kitcen though I will have a better handle on it once cabinets and counter tops are in place.

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I really like Ellen Kennon's Gustavian Grey. I am a warm toned kinda girl and almost everything in my house is cream, tan or brown. However, I like her Gustavian Grey so much that I have used it in this home and the last. It is very chameleon like and can read grey, green or blue all depending on the time of day and lighting.

Hope that helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Ellen Kennon paint

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metersdvm--thanks for the link to the Ellen Kennon paint! I wasn't familiar with her paint, but love what I read about it!

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Holly- Kay

The Gustavian Grey is just lovely. I am loving the honeysuckle too. I am not sure at all what I will do in my kitchen color wise!

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I went with EK's Enhanced Classic Cream. She recommended it after I sent her photos of my space. Her Classic Cream wasn't quite right, but the Enhanced is perfect. She has lovely colors and was very helpful!

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