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zoey75July 29, 2012

I need more light in my small dining room and was thinking of this mirror. Shown is a set of two & that is what I will do also.

I have this chandelier already (do you think it will match the mirrors)

My question is do you think this would work to add more light? And they are currently $149 each - with tax & shipping are $318.15, is this reasonable? Do they usually have better sales than 10% off? I would love a free shipping too : )

Thanks so much!!

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Here is a picture of my Chandelier. I do not have shades on it curently.


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I have that very same mirror (only one) in my terra cotta den, and it's wonderful looking, and does add sparkle and reflected light. It's very heavy, so prepare to hang it securely.

If I weren't currently at war with flickr, I would show you a photo!

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Thank you! I would love to see a irl picture. I need to make a decision, I always have such a hard time committing.

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Flickr and I are reconciled.
So here is the picture of my mirror like yours - except it's hard to see because of the flash, but I hope you get the idea.

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My Southern Living had a 15% off coupon in it for Ballard Designs. The code is SL2AUG15. It is good through August 30th at 11:59 p.m.

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