HATE my new backsplash!!!

MamaCasseyMay 15, 2012


I'm a newbie here desperately seeking advice. We are weeks away from moving into our newly built home and I hate our backsplash. I've had doubts about it through the whole process but our contractor and my hubby both kept saying "wait for the counters..." "wait for the appliances..." "look in a different light..."

Well I've done all that and hate it more. It competes with my bianco antico (which I wanted to be the star), it picks up blue/grey from the appliances. It's a disaster IMO. How did we go so wrong?!?

I got hubby to ask what our options are for ripping it out and our contractor was not too happy. Hubs is mad because we have to move by the 1st and thinks this will push it back, which we can't have happen. I have agreed to move in, live with itfor a month or so and if I still hate it hubs says we can redo it.�

I will admit I feel very childish, but it's like this has taken the thunder out of our new house. We had such high hopes, and now I can't get past our mistake.�

I desperately need advice! Anyone hated their new bs? What did you do? Is mine as bad as I think? ( I am �actually embarrassed posting these!!) Please be gentle :)

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Men are color blind. If it was me, I would try my hardest to have it at least removed before move-in. If you can't, just start bringing home samples of tile so your husband gets the hint. Don't let this ruin the excitement of moving into your new home! Your kitchen is gorgeous, love cabinets.

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You are right... You listened to them..and your gut instinct was telling you it isn't right.

But we have all done this in life so don't beat yourself up. Change it... I know it's a pain to do. But you have a contractor. Which means if their is a will their is a way. Stick to what you want. Find out how much if you change it and see if you can add that into your budget and you will be so much happier. The back splash will drive you crazy if you dont.

Tell dh if momma ain't happy ain't no one gonna be happy.

Sending you a big hug

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Fori is not pleased

Love the backsplash but it's terrible in your kitchen. Move in anyway, prop some framed prints against it, and pick out something that MATCHES. It's not too tough to live through a BS tearout. The rest looks good though, doesn't it!?

DO make sure the hood won't interfere with the removal and installation. You really do need to change it.

Wow. It's bad! Sorry!

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I understand completely how you feel - your disappointment and feeling childish. I don't think that there are many men who understand how much planning and effort we put into our kitchens only to be blindsided by one of our choices.

I agree that it isn't the right backsplash, but I wouldn't not move in because of it and I certainly wouldn't let it ruin the joy of your new house - your cabinets are gorgeous - and the Bianco Antico is absolutely beautiful!! You're correct that the BA is the star of the kitchen. Be thankful that it was only the backsplash and not the cabinets or granite that you're unhappy with :)

Even if you could have the backsplash removed today, think about how long it might take you to figure out what your really want for your backsplash. I wonder if there's a way to paint over the current backsplash, simply to tone it down until you figure out what you want to do. I know they make a paint to go over ceramic tiles, so maybe that's an option until you figure out something.

Your new house must be lovely. Please keep it all in perspective - you're really lucky to have such a home!

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I like it...don't worry about it...it's fine...kind of interesting....not the typical, but it works somehow. The star of the kitchen is you cooking that first meal anyway,and everyone together with no disasters.....

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You have such a beautiful kitchen. Intriguing design, great compliment and contrast between counter and cabs.

Yes, the beautiful backsplash, from the pic anyway, appears to be a mismatch. Lots of other choices you could make with the beautiful bones you have there. I like the idea of getting it ripped out before you move in, and perhaps taking your time contemplating what will go well. .?

Lots of people here speak to how common it is to be in the new space a bit before deciding on the best BS. Takes the pressure off to 'know' something before you really see it.

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Gosh, I'm sorry! A month isn't going to change your opinion. I wish I could say you were wrong and it looked great but . . .. Don't let it delay moving into your new home. Take some time to find the right tile and your kitchen will look amazing. In the meantime just look at it and know it is temporary.

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Wow. Really beautiful, beautiful cabinets!

My monitor doesn't resolve color realistically, so I can't speak to your BS.

HOWEVER if you hate it, you hate it. Get it ripped out and wait until you move in. I mean, come on! Life isn't dictated by a back splash. It's something that can be done later, after you bring home a lot of samples that actually speak to you.

and frankly, who gives a hoo-ha if the GC is unhappy? He's probably counting on DH to help you "see reason".

If you hate it, you hate it.
You know.
Trust your gut and don't settle.

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Oh dear. Yes it's as bad as you think (sorry!). You are right to change it. Just tell your dh that a happy wife = happy life and that's all there is to it. :)

Lots of people have ripped out backsplashes, it's not that big a deal. You can wait to choose your tile after you move in though if you want ... in fact that might even be the better option. If you get the existing backsplash removed and just have the wall painted before moving in, then you can take your time shopping for tile after you've settled and you can try different tiles at your leisure in your true lighting.

You are definitely right to want the granite to be the star. It is a gorgeous stone and those cabs are really beautiful. Your kitchen is going to be fantastic!

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Gigi said:
> Men are color blind.

Hey, *I'm* color-blind, and I don't like that backsplash either. :-) Actually, I do like it, but it just doesn't go with that granite. They're both a bit "busy", but in different enough ways that I find it jarring. I think the backsplash would look nice with a different countertop, though, maybe a darker one that's a lot more uniform.

But still, I'd probably do what hubby suggests and live with it for a little while. Not because I think you'll grow to like it but because the 1st is only 2 weeks away and moving is going to be stressful enough already. And as Poohpup says, that way you'll have all the time you need to find one that will coordinate perfectly.

CEFreeman wrote:
> Life isn't dictated by a back splash.

Amen. One of my best friends, who's a fanatical cook, lived without one for months while he visited every tile shop around. He ended up ordering custom tile from a place 50 miles away up in Oakland, then waiting yet another month while they made it for him. But it looks great!


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Scale - too small and therefore busy
Color - competing with the stone

Glass sheet backsplash in white will pull it all together.

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Laura, sorry! Your friend must be in the same area as me. I've been without a backsplash for 7 months and am not even close. I may have to have some handmade. Do you know the place your friend ordered his from?
I second looking into glass sheet backsplash in white. It would put a contemporary spin on the look.

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Gotta agree, it's not a great match for your counters. What a shame as it's a beautiful tile, just not in that particular application.

You can still move in while the backsplash is in progress. You'd just have the contractor knocking around the kitchen for a day or two.

I have the same granite for my counters with a white tumbled marble backsplash. Let me know if you'd like to see a pick (if you haven't decided on a new direction). I was thinking the same as you when I picked the tumbled marble - I didn't want anything to stand out or compete with other elements in the kitchen. Although tbh it feels a bit boring to me now, but that's probably just from living with it for the past 5 years.

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Your kitchen is beautiful and your granite is absolutely stunning! But, I'm sorry to agree with you that the backsplash does not quite work. I'm seeing blue and maybe yellow tones. I agree that the color differential and the complexity from the small size tiles and multiple colors seem to compete with the granite. I think a backsplash in a cool white/cream color that picks up the light colors in the granite would be perfect.

Please don't feel childish. We put our hearts into our homes and it can be so frustrating when things don't turn out as we hope. But, the good news is that it is just a backsplash. Removing and replacing backsplash tile is certainly not the most complicated change to an almost finished kitchen. It's not like you're asking to replace floor tile running under cabinets or change your layout! And as they say "the devil is in the details". This is obviously important to you, and I bet almost everyone on this site can sympathize with your desire to make your kitchen as perfect as you possibly can.

Your husband has different priorities and motivations. That's ok! But I think it's reasonable to talk with him and explain how important this is to you. As to your GC, of course he does not want to re-do the tile. It means more work for him! But this is not his home and it does not matter how he feels about the situation. He is being paid to build a kitchen for you. Perhaps he can take down the tile and while you're selecting a new tile, he can continue finishing everything else. I see no reason why you couldn't live in a house with an unfinished backsplash. Many people here have lived in homes for long periods while their kitchens were completely non-functional. For that matter, you could remove the tile, paint the wall and move in without a backsplash at all if you need a lot more time to choose a tile that will make you happy.

Trust your instincts. Don't settle. In the end, maybe spending a little more time and/or money will really make you happy with a kitchen that has all the details you truly envision.

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I like both the counters and the backsplash, but not together. Change it out now. That way it won't be a disaster in your home after the rest of the home is all finished up. And, your husband won't be able to talk you out of it by then (saying it's too much of a hassle.)
Good luck!

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Thank you all! It helps to hear I'm not crazy and being dramatic. It is really awful! Lol! (because that's all I can do at this point) I think I may talk to my hubby again and see if we can at least get it ripped out before we move in. You're right, I don't think I will like it in a month either. I guess I was just trying to compromise with him.
Thanks for all of the suggestions as well! I had white tile in mind too. I would love to see pics of any suggestions as I really need to get this right this time. It seems everyone here has beautiful kitchens and great taste so I'm open to input.

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you are not crazy, the backsplash has to go. put in a neutral color tile backsplash so the granite can then be the star. you can still move in, this is minor and can be fixed while you are in the house.

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I'll ask my friend about that tile place next time I see him, though it probably won't be for a few days.

If you're in the southern SF bay area like me, there are a ton of tile places near the San Jose airport, near the intersection of Brokaw and Zanker. You probably knew that already, but just in case....


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'Men are color blind. If it was me, I would try my hardest to have it at least removed before move-in.'

yep. you're not crazy or being dramatic etc. color is wrong, it's small tiles= busy! beautiful granite tho!

many here have used that granite. search for it on here and look at their BSs. the plainer ones will look better - your granite is already busy.

better to change the BS than lose your eyesight!

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I agree I'd want to change it. Move in and then worry about it!

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I don't like it, because of the color, scale, and material. I think you should remove it before you move in and at the least fix the walls and paint. Otherwise, install it as well, before you move in.

But I installed our backsplash after moving back in to my remodel and it wasn't bad.

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BRING HIM HERE AND LET HIM READ ALL THE COMMENTS. All 20 of us can't be wrong and this is just the start of the day.
It happens. It happened to me. Luckily we tore it out right away. It meant living with a ripped up looking backsplash for another six months until I decided. But when people came in they looked at all that WAS done and realized that the backsplash was going to GET done. Only a few saw my original and they agreed that although it went with the cabinet it did not go with the counter.
I would rather live in a work in progress than have to explain a mismatched backsplash. And, be unhappy every time I entered the kitchen.
A favorite quote here is "One star in the kitchen." Yours is what looks like Bianco Antico granite.
Because even people who are not TKO will notice how the two are competing for attention.
Good luck, know that you are in good company here.

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Love your cabs, love your granite, like the tile... but like everyone else; not with your other choices.

So it's a goof. Not the end of the world. Fix it before, fix it after; it really doesn't matter. Just don't beat yourself or your hubby up over this. Unless of course... he gives you grief for wanting to change it.

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If you don't tear it out now, a month will go by. Well, guess what? No more GC.
Another month while you wait for ... what handy person?
Another month while you wait for DH to get used to the idea of a mess.
Another month (or 3) while he tells you to PICK A D@MNED TILE

If your GC does it now, have him smooth and prep the wall for the new tile.

Look. I'm lucky to have cabinets, let alone counter tops. I'm here to tell you cardboard works just fine keeping splashes off the back. You're going to tile eventually, so what are a few splashes to YOU!?

That tile is beautiful. But it needs to be its own star. Somewhere else. I'm wondering if the installation is so new that they might be able to take it off without ruining it? Perhaps it'd make a good powder room wall?

In 6 months you're still going to be upset and sick. Take it out now while you have someone to do it.

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Counters and cabinets look great. The back splash and the cabinets look great. All three together - really not great.

I can see how it happened, especially if you were working with a granite sample when you picked. The big movement of the granite and the busy tile clash and the colors don't work.

Don't let the design challenged men try to make it seem like a bigger deal than it actually is. The hardest part is admitting that it doesn't work. Tearing it out is really not difficult at all.

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I really like you backsplash, but I agree it doesn't go with your counters at all. And I'm a guy but passionate about getting it right.

When you do change it make sure the workers are meticulous about protecting your countertops and cabinets BEFORE they begin demo and tiling. In fact, I would require some type of inspection by you and DH after they put the protection in place and before they begin work.


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P.S. The sooner they rip the tiles out the easier it will be. Thinset continues to cure and get harder for 30 or more days so it will never be easier than now.

The GC can proceed with other punchlist work while the tile guys do their thing.


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Don't let this ruin the excitement of the new house. I have just had some very hideous carpet installed upstairs. I'm going to try and believe that by changing the bedroom colors after we move in, it will all be ok.

To me it seems you have a couple of options.

Rip it out now, replace it now.

Rip it out now, paint it a neutral color that works in that area.

Rip it out after you move in and take your time deciding on the right tile.

Rip it out after you move in and replace it right away.

These are obvious things, I know. I would certainly be leaning towards the rip it out now. In my opinion, it doesn't work and it never will. I think it would make your move in much happier for you if it wasn't there on that first day. It would just be a reminder of something you need to take care of soon.

BA is a gorgeous stone. It is not easy to find the right tile to go with it. This small tile is just too busy for this counter.


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Personally, I'd be in there with a putty knife right now scraping it off. This is not a job that requires a specialist.

The rest of the kitchen, though: WOW! It's going to be gorgeous! The tile is great, too, just not with the granite. Worse things have happend, this is not a difficult fix. Congrats on the new house. :)

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Annie Deighnaugh

Yes, it's not good.
Yes it needs replacing which is such a shame as I'm sure it was very expensive tile.

Get it ripped out if you can. But if you can't, then why not paint it....I mean you're going to destroy it and the wall behind it anyway. You can even out the color that way, still have the texture on the wall. It will buy you time to get past the moving in and all that goes with that. Then once you're living there, you can have more time to decide what you really want and get it replaced once you're sure. Just be sure to hang onto a sample of the granite to take with you to the tile store. Once there, work with the tile salespeople. You will have to shop around for one who "gets" your style. I've dealt with several in several different stores, but Marsha has become my go-to gal as she "gets" my style and knows colors and tile really well.

We lived without a backsplash for a year as it took me that long to figure out what I want. I'm glad I took my time and did my research. I love what I got...even though I ended up repainting the kitchen afterward because I didn't like the kitchen color then.

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I'm sneaking a peak at a couple of posts while at work. I agree with everyone that white is the answer. Do a search for beekeeperswife's kitchen. Here's what I got on Google real fast: http://www.houzz.com/photos/59395/White-Kitchen--Stained-Island-with-Bianco-Antico-Granite--Cork-Floors-contemporary-kitchen-philadelphia

The white beveled arabesque is perfect with that counter!

I agree that the sooner you get the other tiles down, the easier it will be before they fully cure.

Your kitchen is otherwise fantastic - love it!

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Your cabinets and counters are gorgeous. I agree with most other posters that the sooner the backsplash goes, the better. I'd rather see an unfinished b/s space than those tiles. Just bite the bullet and get them out of there. You'll then be forced to find something else. If you leave them, they will bug you and throw everything out of whack but you'll live with them and wonder why you aren't loving your kitchen. My b/s was installed after I was all moved back into my kitchen and the mess/disruption was insignificant.

Good luck. Your kitchen will look fantastic with new tile.

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Yes. Have the GC remove the back splash now, before you start putting your kitchen back together.

As a temporary measure,
1. Paint the walls -- as some have already suggested.
2. Then, if you want some sort of interim back splash, have the GC cut 3" or 4" high strips of wood; he could even route the top edge. Paint them dark brown/black or stain them to match your cabinets. Just a couple of finishing nails will hold each board against the wall. Now you have a temporary back splash to keep flour and other kitchen detritus from falling into any spaces between the countertop and the wall.

Take a look at your middle two pictures and you'll get an idea of how it might look with a dark strip between the counter and the wall.

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Rip it out. You won't be the first one to pull down a new backsplash. Hold off on a replacement until you have more time to devote to it. Do not feel rushed by a move in date. That is never going to work with your counters no matter how you accessorize it.

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I love your hardware. What is it?

Not lovin the backsplash with the granite either and agree with the rest of the folks.

Please tell us the hardware.

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I agree - I would go ahead and rip it out. Can you get a CO without a backsplash behind your stove? I think you can if you are using electric - maybe not with gas. If so, I would rip it out before you move in and just paint the backsplash area. It will be fine like that for a while and you will have some time to get something that matches better.


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You don't need one more opinion but I also vote to rip off the bandaid quick and do it now. If you live with it for a month, you won't like it any better but by then you will be used to looking at it and probably tired of dealing with anything related to construction. I also think it will be simpler to deal with before the range hood goes in.

It is a pretty backsplash, but I agree with everyone else (and you), it's just not right with your granite. I can also see how you would have chosen it, especially next to a smaller sample of the granite. But I really came here to say that I just realized what your granite reminds me of: a cookies and cream milkshake. :) Your cabinets are like chocolate sauce, and I think a vanilla ice cream backsplash would look great with it. (Now I'm getting hungry...)

You have a beautiful kitchen! Good luck with your move and I hope they don't give you too hard a time about changing the tile.

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Ditto here, rip it out now, paint it and take your time choosing the right backsplash you will love. Your kitchen is too beautiful to leave it even temporarily, it will just continue to be a sore point for you. You have our support and will all be here to help along the way with your choices. Good luck!!!

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Don't let this back splash ruin the excitement of moving in your new home. Everyone has made some mistakes. And yours is not that hard to redo. And you can laugh about it later on. And who cares if your contractor, is not happy about tearing it down. He should want you happy. Good Luck!

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Don't rush to pick a new backsplash. It is not true that the "right" answer is always to default to the most bland, neutral choice. In fact, the overwhelming majority of "I hate my new backsplash posts" come from people who chose neutrals and bland choices at every turn. Take your time, and try out multiple options.

And enough with the "guy" stuff. Many of America's most sought-after designers are male.

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The contractor might be able to tile over most of the offending tile. The tile would have to be removed on the walls that flank the countertop since you can see the edges of it, but tiling over the offending tile on the back wall will only shorten your countertop by a fraction of an inch.

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Pretty much what everyone else has said....it's too busy with the granite and color isn't right. If you want granite to be the star...a simple creamy color tile (matched to the background in your granite) I think would work best and look beautiful against your cabinets. Love the circular island! Start hitting the tile shops immediately and try to get it done before you move in.

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Backsplash is the hardest component of the kitchen, especially when we have access to such gorgeous choices for the counters. So you made a mistake. As my mom wold say-"that should be the worse thing that ever happens to you." Rip it out asap. Move in. Have fun messing around with tiles.

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I agree with all the others. All you see is the backsplash as if it is the star but it doesn't flow nor work with the granite. Someone suggested looking at the arabesque tile and with the curve in your island it may be a really nice match both colour and shape-wise. Do tear it out now.

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here's another post for DH to read.


I love your cabinets...and your stone is lovely.

whites subways would be stunner.

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Marcolo, the majority of men involved in design are not designers. They're partners and spouses where things are good enough, leave well enough alone, we already did it, live with it, it's too much $$, I don't like change, blah blah.

As a matter of fact, I'd be interested in the ratio of male designers : male population as a point of curiosity. The males on this board are here because they get it. And some of them are partnered with those who ... don't.

Bottom line and not to hijack, I think the op has received some valid opinions. LOL "some"! Now I'm awaiting the result!

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Awwwwww, so sorry you got talked into this. Sounds like your instincts were right on target. I also have Bianco Antico granite so of course I love it. It looks beautiful with your cabinets. But it needs/wants/and IS the star. The backsplash makes everything too busy. Tell hubby is has to go or you won't be happy. Remind him he really wants you to be happy :)

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I agree that the two don't go together, but I have to say that I really like the backsplash with your beautiful cabinets. I think the small sections of countertop that abut the backsplash would look great with a solid colour quartz. That would leave your BA island to shine.

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I agree with Marcolo on a couple of points.

And enough with the "guy" stuff. Many of America's most sought-after designers are male. A good reminder. Those of us females wouldn't like someone coming to the site and saying "Women are (insert stereotype here)." either. There is often one partner in a relationship that either doesn't care or doesn't see the detail we TKO fuss over. Sometimes it's a male and sometimes it's a female. In my household it's not a matter of my male being blind, but rather apathetic. If I ask him directly for a single opinion, he often has phenomenal taste and instincts, he just isn't going to volunteer to spend hours perusing the web or shopping at tile stores. And he certainly isn't going to stress over backsplash tile like I would. (Or like I did with floor tile grout.)

Don't rush to pick a new backsplash. Another good point. I suppose my instincts say a fairly bland backsplash would be great. But I think something not quite so bland could work too. There's a huge amount of variation in tiles available somewhere between plain single color ceramic tile and intricate multiple material mosaics. I probably wouldn't pick something as busy as you have up now, but that's not to say that something in between wouldn't be fantastic. Perhaps an interesting shape or gradation would be lovely. I've seen iridescent mosaics and crackle finishes and all manner of shapes, sizes and materials out there. There's no reason you need a backsplash this instant. Take your time and find something that makes your heart skip a beat.

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I don't like the backsplash either. :-( That granite is gorgeous though! Wow! Don't let a backsplash ruin the joy of your new house. Your kitchen is fantastic otherwise.

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As a I hate my backsplash previous poster- my heart goes out to you! Mine was sadly my own issue so I am living with my choice and actually starting to really like it. I am sad that is not the case with yours:( Hang in there! And remove as soon as you can- it will be easier now rather than later.

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One of these things is not like the other, one of these things doesn't belong.

I don't dislike the backsplash--it could look phenomenal in a kitchen with a more modern spin, paired with a counter in a uniform-color quartz. But with your granite it really doesn't work. As practically everyone else has noted, both the color and busy-ness are not a great match for the counters.

I agree with Marcolo that you don't have to default to bland. Although the ubiquitous creamy subways would probably be pretty here, you could use an interesting shaped tile in a uniform color (someone mentioned Bee's white arabesque tiles). And I don't think white/creamy is the only option--I could see a muted green tile in your space playing well with the taupes in the counter.

It will be a very pretty kitchen when all is said and done. Good luck!

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It's not often that everyone here agrees that some particular kitchen element, especially one already installed, is a mistake. This is as unanimous as it gets, that backsplash was a wrong turn. I hemmed and hawed over the first photo, but when I got to the one showing the whole kitchen, oh my goodness. So yes, you'll need to redo the backsplash sooner rather than later. It may be a bit of a pain and cost you some extra money, but the alternative is to leave it and let it overwhelm the whole feel of the kitchen. It's just not a little thing that can be overlooked.

I actually like the backsplash, but just not there - really not there.

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Yeh, I agree with you. Not good together. I'd rip it out now as it may be easier to take care of it now then later. Good luck and so sorry!

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Agree with all.
Your cabinets are very similar to ours in style and color. Your CT is similar -a tad more brown than ours. We are almost ABBS (all but BS).
Take a look at GW suggestions on our post. I will be watching yours for ideas!

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I like the backsplash and I like the countertops but I don't like them together. They are both a busy pattern and compete with one another.

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Beautiful kitchen-cabinets and granite are really lovely, don't let this upset you. ALL OF US HERE have bought things that did not match. The BS is nice w/ a different counter.
I agree you should take it out now, that way you can forget it faster. AND BURN THE RECEIPT. It would bother me more to live with it for a month or two, I can forget a mistake if it's not in my face every morning. If you need to keep it so you can move in then cover it. :)

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first of all, your counters and kitchen cabinets are beautiful! you did a wonderful job and i know you'll enjoy it once it's finished.

but yes, the backsplash has to go. tiles are too small (busy) and the color is competing with the granite. rip it down and don't think about it again. give yourself some time and find something else ...maybe post a pic here before committing!

i'm so sorry this happened. but it can be fixed so don't despair!

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Beautiful kitchen! I agree with you that the backsplash doesn't "go" with it. I am building a house now and understand the stress of it all. My advice is to fix it now before you move in. If you are like me, you want to be able to relax once you are moved in, not feel like you are still dealing with construction. Good luck!

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Here is what you do...
1. Show your dh this thread.
2. Have him read it again.
3. Start ripping out the backsplash
4. Tell him you need to be happy and the backsplash is a very minor thing in all of this.

The worst would be if you hated your granite or your cabs and they are STUNNING! The backsplash is the easiest to deal with vs. hating your cabs or counters. I think some hue of white (be it natural stone or man made etc.) would look fabulous!

Take a deep breath and know that you will get this fixed... no problem!

LOVE your kitchen!!!!!


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Sorry. I have been there and know how frustrating it is and how you are beating yourself up. Try not to let it rain on your beautiful kitchen. Tell them you are tearing it out and choosing something different. I would not think that it should affect your move.

    Bookmark   May 16, 2012 at 7:30PM
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Here is a quick and dirty mockup for you. I hope this helps!!

    Bookmark   May 16, 2012 at 8:01PM
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In the scheme of things, a backsplash is not that expensive and not that difficult to change.

So do not suffer with it.

If someone gives you grief, remind them it was their idea to wait until this, that and the other. You did as they requested. You waited until and until, and now you KNOW you do not like it.

I personally like very few backsplashes. I think they are too often overdone, especially now that so many people use stone counters that have their own patterns and colors to them. People often try too hard with their b/s.

I would highly recommend ripping it out, painting it, and then taking your sweet time to decide what if anything you want there (i vote shiplap).

Sorry for the bump in the road!

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I will chime in with everyone else. Both are beautiful on their own but NOT together. Sometimes busy can go with busy, but not in this case.

Love the cabinets!

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Hmmmm, honestly I'd rip it out and just repair and paint the wall.

    Bookmark   May 16, 2012 at 10:04PM
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I feel so bad typing this but I really don't like it. As previous posters have said your granite is gorgeous but that tile does not match at all! When I posted my pics of our new kitchen I was not happy with my backsplash at all but I received overwhelming support to keep it. That's what I like about this site - people are very honest. Good luck!!

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I'm so sorry to tell you I don't like it either. Just chalk it up to a bad decision, rip it out and move on. Love your cabinets and hardware though.

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My granite is not AB but the colors are very similar, at least in some parts of my kitchen. If you like glass, you might want to consider something similar to mine . . .glass 3x6 subway that won't be as busy as the smaller size in a taupe or gray color. I tried white glass, but there was always too much green tint in the white glass tiles. Good luck and don 't feel bad. I actually ordered the white glass tile and realized it wasn't going to work when it came in. I lost quite a bit of money on shipping costs, but you're going to have to live with this a while so you want to get it right. Your new home will be beautiful!

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If I were you I would rip it out. I am in the process of picking out my backsplash, and I am being very careful with the tile or what I get to not go overboard. I do not want to take away from my granite nor do I want it to clash. I kind of like plain tile with very little color and nothing else. maybe a border, but not sure. My neighbor installed a backsplash and did not like it and riped it out right away. she had a lot of sq. feet to remove, but she did not care. It looked horrible with her Granite. Her countertops look beautiful now. She did not even care that she lost all that $$$ and time. She said she sleeps better at night now. You will feel better after you re do it, and your husband and contractor will get over it. Good Luck!

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namarie, that glass tile BS is gorgeous with that stone. This is what the OP should aim at.

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Mama, usually I open a post titled like yours fully expecting that the OP is just paranoid and everything will be "fine."
Not this time.

These do not belong together.

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One more vote against that tile. I agree with above posters: have the gc at least take the tile off the wall while the thinset is still fresh(er) and prep the wall for a future backsplash.

In our new build, I am going without a tile backsplash (just drywall with satin paint) until I find just the right tile and just the right tile guy. It was way better, IMO, to do that than cringe every time I entered my brand new kitchen.

So again, to summarize: tear it out, prep the wall, move into your new house (!) and take your time figuring out the right tile.

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I just noticed that it looks like you have a nice wall color with your cabs and counter.

    Bookmark   May 17, 2012 at 7:19PM
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What you need to do as well as taking it out is

Step Back And Analyze How You Came To Pick Such a Bad Combination The First Time Around.

The tile is attractive
The Stone is Great
The Cabinets are very Nice

What was the design process here? Think about what you responded to with regards to both the stone and the tile that essentially blinded you to the fact that they fought each other.

You don't want to make the same mistake again, or make an opposite reactionary mistake and go supersafesuperboring.

This is probably a bossy piece of advice but I try to get clients to analyze their mistakes all the time so that they don't come home with something they hate over and over again (for whatever reason).

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Hello again, thank you all for the responses and advice. And aktillery, thank you for the mock up. It helped me see how great it could be.
We have been pushing our contractor to rip it out before we move in, but he seems to be stalling. We keep pushig though.
We have been looking at new backsplash tile and are leaning towards a cream colored marble subway tile. I think someone on here has the one I want - maybe kitchenaid? A crema marfil tumbled marble. But we aren't jumping. Just looking and learning from our mistakes.

Thanks again!

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I don't have time to read through all the responses. Did anyone like it?

I'd take it down pronto before the backsplash police come to arrest you.

Your cabinets and granite are gorgeous, and I usually don't like busier granites. I really love the curved island.

Take your time deciding on a new backsplash. I'm building a house too and I understand why you don't want to cause any delay. If I were you I'd remove it myself (it's not hard to do) and ask the contractor to repair the drywall and paint over it. Then you can wait a good while before having to make another decision. If you're like me you have enough to do right now with the last minute decisions and moving.

Good luck!!!

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I forgot to tell you that I think it's kitchenaddict's kitchen you admire. I've linked it below, and I love it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchenaddict's beautiful kitchen

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Wow I know you don't need another "rip it out" vote - but if DH does...here's one. It doesn't go well - way to busy with your gorgeous BA and cabinets! Don't beat yourself up - just take it out.

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Oops! Darn autocorrect! Sorry Kitchenaddict! I want to give credit where it's due. You have a beautiful kitchen!

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I would take it out, you will be upset everyday you are in the kitchen....Beautiful but not together. I would do white bs with gorgeous counter.

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