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threepinktreesMay 13, 2014

So we're thinking about buying a baby farm, which comes with a classic 70s shoebox house. My DH is up for me to redo the kitchen (we're talking ikea, not custom), and I can change the layout up as much as possible with the existing parameters (ie, no moving walls, but we can change as much as we want about the cabinet layout). I need ideas. It's such a bad setup with no real counter space. I need ideas on how to make it function!

I don't have measurements yet, though I'll get them when we go back for visit two.

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Another angle

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One more

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Also, I can't lose the dining space shown in the last photo, but it would be fine to bump the peninsula a bit farther into the dining area. Or get rid of the peninsula as well, whatever works!

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You know it really isn't that bad if you lose those wall ovens. You real obstacle will ne that super short wall where the fridge is currently.

It is really hard to say without dimensions, but I can envision a counter depth fridge, moving the peninsula down 18 or 24 inches and putting a 30 inch range approximately where the wall ovens are now. Losing the soffit would be awesome but you will have to see if it hiding stuff.

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I don't think the soffit is hiding anything, but I'll have to confirm. Good call on the wall ovens. I was pleased to think of two oven so I didn't think of getting rid of them, but it makes way more sense not to have them. Maybe do just a slide in range?

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What is the door that opens behind the fridge.. a closet or pantry? Could you push the fridge back into that area which would open up the floor space within the kitchen proper. And what about a shallow full wall pantry on the blank wall across from your kitchen to make up for losing the other one?

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Fori is not pleased

That's weird. But a good space. Is there ductwork for a hood in the soffit over the cooktop?

Don't let this kitchen space hold you back if you like the property. It's totally salvageable!

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The cooktop is a major issue - you need to move it in farther on the peninsula or, better, move it off the peninsula - for both emergency landing space as well as overall safety of use. However, I'm not sure what can be done without measurements...

Without measurements, we're just guessing what can be done...

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Sweeby Test

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What's on the wall opposite the sink/windows? Can you move the fridge and/or wall ovens over there?

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It didn't appear that they vented the cooktop at all :/. I think there was some diy funny business going on. I agree that the cooktop needs to move. I hope to go back to the house today or tomorrow and will take lots of Measurments, but it's nice to hear that there's at least some hope! I need to come up with a very rough estimate for a kitchen redo so we can add that to the total renovation costs to see if the house is worth it.

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Ha! I read "baby farm" and thought: baby what's?!

The space looks flooded with light. That is a great start.

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When you get a chance, are these the dimensions?

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Thanks all for the input. I went dark because the day we looked at it the sellers accepted an offer (after 200 days on the market!) so the point was moot.

However, today my husband got an email that the sellers are annoyed with the original offer because it's a usda loan and it becoming complicated. They've asked that we submit a backup offer because they'd like something less complicated. So...I'm trying not to get my hopes up but I may be back in a day or so with measurments and a budget!

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Oh my, that would have me so stressed out! If you've not been able to find anything else, this could be great, however :)

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Is is super stressful-- we have to wait until Tuesday to hear because of the long weekend-- ack!

But there is absolutely nothing else on the market like what we're looking for, so it's either this or a rental while we wait, so I'm just so excited there's at least a chance, even if it's a long shot!

I'll fill the time by getting ideas for the kitchen redo ;).

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Ok, so I got some measurements today. You were really close buehl!

Along the wall with the window where you have 153" it's actually 161. I did not measure the window but we plan to widen it anyway.

The fridge wall actually is only 78"' not 87". That is measuring to the end of the fridge, which extends a bit past the cabinet above it.

The peninsula is 81" from wall to the end of the counter.

The room is 118" from the window to the wall. That wall is shared with the stairwell and can't move.

The walkway opening between dining and kitchen is 40".

The peninsula is 35" wide.

The dining area is 11'5" from the wall with the exit door to the peninsula.

I didn't measure the area where the tiny door (to a pantry is). We can just use your guesses for now. I would be okay with getting rid of that tiny pantry and the coat closet behind it (access from the living room). There is a lot of storage in the house. Of course, if we can make the kitchen work without that, also great.

I don't know yet if the soffit hides much wiring, but it does not hide hvac, so I think we could get rid of it completely and just recess the wiring.

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Also, I should add that I'd love to use a big old drainboard sink, if we can fit that in.

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