Sample sample backsplash sample overload!

hyjenistMay 26, 2014

I'll admit I'm a backsplash sample flousie! I keep thinking the next one will be a better fit. We are at the end of our budget and would hate to make a costly mistake! So I just keep looking. What do I do with all these unwanted samples?? Ready for this project to be over.

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I keep going back to this.....

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The sample above looks good. What about white-glazed thin brick? I think that could connect with both your uppers and lowers. Your kitchen is looking great!

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Glazed thin brick would be beautiful, but it is not generally considered budget friendly.

What is your budget in $/sf?

I really like larger format non-traditional subway tile like the one you've chosen above. Another of my favorite looks is classic subway, of which you have many samples, laid out in a herringbone pattern. With a gorgeous layout, you may have already found your tile in there somewhere.

You could always paint the wall and catch your breath a bit.

I hope you find something you love.

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hygenist, I am taking my sample tiles and using them to tile my birdfeeder post. I like your sample #2 (from the left) for a little color in your backsplash.
Can you tell me what the samples in the photo are? I am particularly interested in 3, 4, and 5 from the left.

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Just ordered a sample of the white glazed brick! Thanks for the suggestions. Kind of hoping I do not like it.....due to the higher cost.
I know some types of backsplash materials have higher installation cost, would brick be one of them??

Localeater 3,4,5 all come from fireclay-awesome tree hugging company;) tile samples foggy morning, shiitake, silver haze.

Thanks for all the help. I've learned so much through this website!

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Installation costs should be comparable. Fireclay recommends Laticrete products, so specify that mortar, pointing, and caulk be Laticrete in your contract.

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hyjenist - we have all been there - I have about 100 tiles in the basement - Fortunately did not discover FireClay until my decision was made as we were over budget already.
If you are near A2, I am willing to share my collection.

Overall - I like the lighter versions with that beautiful soapstone and white cabinets.

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Thanks for the suggestion of glazed brick. I ordered some samples of Fireclay's cotton/snow thin brick and think I've found my match! I love it! Of course it's 3X the price of my original choice but I'm going to stay here in ABB world until I can afford it! Thanks Again GW.

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Love the glazed brick. It will be worth the wait. Two color samples in your pic?

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Yes two color samples. We will most likely use the majority of cotton with a few snow bricks. Similar to the photo fireclay sent me.

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