How to choose/where to buy cabinet hardware?

farmhouse_cookMay 4, 2009

Our kitchen is coming along...We are looking for simple "cup" bin pulls and knobs in ORB for the creamy white cabinets in our new kitchen. While searching online, we have noticed that the hardware is made of a variety of metals: some are made of zinc, some are cast iron, etc...And of course the price range is very extreme as well. Any pointers about what to consider when deciding on ORB bin pulls and knobs? Any advice about where to purchase? All together I need 20 bin pulls and 17 knobs, so this could get expensive! Thanks for your help!

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We have a couple of local hardware (meaning door hardware) places. Do you have any? I have really enjoyed being able to go and see things in person. Also, HD has a pretty good selection right now. They carry Amerock, which seems like a pretty good brand (not sure, though). I have about 60 knobs going in my kitchen, so I know how things add up! HD prices are pretty good. We have a lighting place that carries hardware too. It will give our builder a discount--be sure to ask about builder discounts.

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We just installed "cup" bin pulls and knobs. I looked at several in all the big box stores and at home shows. What was extremely important to us was that the cup pull NOT feel like plastic or be flimsy to the touch, as we had felt many that were like this.

I googled the style and finish I was looking for and it led me to Knobs4Less' website. I ordered one each to try out. A month or so later we placed a full order. I liked that my style came with free shipping :)

I just checked my order form and it just says the line is "House of Knobs Swedish Iron" but I don't know the type of material they are made from. They are pretty sturdy and just heavy enough for my tastes. I would suggest if you have the time and don't mind ordering online, to get a sample to try first. My knobs were 3.47/each and the pulls 4.32. HTH

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I am in the planning stage as well. Found this site on GW, of course. Their prices for Amerock pulls and knobs totally beats HD and Lowes: Bar pulls that are $10 at Lowes are less than $4.00 at this site. I'm going to need about 50, so the savings will add up. I plan on ordering several types of pulls and try them out. Luckily I want a 3" center pull and that's what my old cabinets have, so over the next year I'll be taking several on test rides. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: source for Amerock pulls/knobs

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Thank you for your suggestions! I checked out the websites and visited HD. The web prices did beat the prices from the cabinet maker and at HD by about $5 per bin pull. We placed an order to get some samples. As always, I am so grateful for the advice from this forum! Can't wait to finish this kitchen....

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Thanks for this info, I also have 3" centers. My appliances all have SS Bar Pulls, and I can't decide if I should match them, 40 bar pulls may overwhelm the appliances. I may choose 12 black cup pulls, and a simple door pull, it's time to focus on this decision and order some samples.

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I have noticed that D. Lawless has very competitive pricing online. The only catch is that if you order less than $50 worthof merch, they charge you a flat shipping fee of $10.75.

The other place I found to be very competitively priced for pulls (we are getting Hickory Hardware Studio pulls), is AH Turf or something like that. I got the 6" pulls for under 5 bucks each.


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farmhouse cook, did you check out the orb bin pulls at Your Home Supply for $2.99? I found the best prices on cabinet hardware there, by far. The prices were so low that I had to order a sample because I was so sure the quality would be cheap-o. I probably ordered one of about 4 or 5 knobs and 3 or 4 handles (not the bin pulls, though) and every single one was a really nice quality, heavy and smooth and very good looking. And they are really quick, too. I never did compare bin pull prices so don't know how they compare but I can really recommend this site if the price is good for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Your Home Supply website link

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I found this store on e-bay called "my home hardware" that has very good prices. The best I think so far for me. For example, ORB country hardware cabinet pull 5 3/4" long is $4.49 in Your home supply. The same pull is $3.59 in the e-bay store. Almost a dollar less. Every penny counts when you are remodeling....:)

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I used and it worked out fine. You can order samples.

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Farmhouse_cook, thanks for a good post. I am taking notes!

I'm curious, what brand cabinets are you getting and what color? I am planning to do creamy white cabinets too and am just getting started on the planning process. It helps so much to hear how other made their choices! I am also trying to decide if I want to go with ORB or stainless knobs and pulls. My sink and faucet choices will depend upon it, so I want to decide early in the process. I hope you will post pictures when your kitchen is done. Thanks!

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My cabmaker carried a few good lines, like Top Knobs. He gave me a catalog for Berenson. I liked what they said about their quality and finishes. I think they're made in Buffalo, NY. I found them online, but my cabmaker gave a good price, so I got them through him. Berenson has cup pulls in many finishes, including ORB. I got ORB pulls and knobs in the Adagio line, and it's a lovely finish.

Here is a link that might be useful: Berenson Hardware

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We found some Amerock handles and knobs that we liked by looking around at the big box stores. We purchased them from Amazon, sold by Cabinet Hardware 4 Less, since their price was substantially less expensive and they offered them in bulk packs. We got enough to outfit our kitchen (40 knobs and 20 handles) for a hair under $100, which includes shipping.

Here is a link that might be useful: Amerock Leaf Inspirations ORB

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Thank you everyone for postings links. Wish I could help but I am not yet at this stage of needing kitchen cabinet hardware but I will be In the next few months.

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DH has big hands, mine are much smaller than his. We do a lot of internet shopping, but cabinet pulls and knobs are one of the items we have to shop together and in person.

We like modern and cleanline. We both tried on pulls and knobs of the styles we like. Some looked good but felt flimsy. Some had sutble groves, were uncomfotable to hold. Some were OK with me but too snug for DH. We shopped at a few cabinet shops, interior design places and plumbing fixtures store but could not find anything we liked.

We finally found our pulls and knobs at IKEA. Unlike most stores using a display carousel, their pulls and knobs are mounted on cabinet door and drawers for customers to see and try. There are many selections. We made sure the style we liked have various sizes available.

We love our IKEA cabinet pulls. They are well made, the style, material, size fit our cabinet perfectly. The price is very very friendly, we noticed that they have generous return policy in case the size does not work for our cabinet.

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Azmom, do you have any pictures of the cabinet pulls you chose? I want hardware that is comfortable to use.

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This is the one we chose. It is made of stainless steel, but the Zinc, Nickel plate matches our brushed nickels plumbing fixtures. Very well made. See how friendly the price is!

We like one similar to this one, but the two small metal pieces are vertical instead of horizontal. We may use it in our upcoming MB remodel.

this one is comfortable as well, but the concern is its ends may catch clothes.

I don't think their website has all the selections as provided in the store. There is one has "Restoration Hardware" look, I like it a lot. May use it for our upcoming guest bathroom.

I can post more photos after I stop by at IKEA next time.

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psyohe had the best prices for our pulls.

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We got our Swedish iron pulls from They were on super clearance. We got all of our hardware (72 pieces) from there for under $50 including shipping. It was our one really good deal in the whole process, lol.

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ditto on azmom's post above. We are planning dark cabinets, light granite counters, SS appliances and brushed nickle plumbing fixtures and we chose the same ones azmom chose. We also have the same issue big vs. small hands.

You can't beat the IKEA price tag on the pulls.

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We used Stone Mill hardware from We paid under $3 for our 5" pulls. Very pleased. I will post a link to their bin pull selection.

Here is a link that might be useful: Overstock bin pulls

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I'm sure the OP has already made their decision, however in case someone else is looking for knobs now or in the future this info may help.

We chose handles by Top Knobs. They offer a free sample program (up to three styles, 7" or smaller) for $5 shipping per handle. With each sample you will receive a $5 coupon good toward your purchase from an authorized dealer.

They also offer a lifetime finish warranty for the original purchaser. Ours now are ORB as was our precious kitchen. This warranty was important to me as the finish on the knobs we had previously wore off in areas on the most used cabinets. Not a huge deal as some wouldn't mind that, however I wanted to avoid it if possible.

I've included a link to the sample program details.

Here is a link that might be useful: Top Knobs Samples

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It sounds like most of the people on this forum go to different websites for specific dealers and websites. I am "old school." I go to and they have everything I need. I make cabinets as a side job, so being able to buy in bulk and get free shipping is awesome. Plus, their prices can be beat. I haven't had a customer yet who couldn't find what they needed on their sight. Check em out if you still are trying to find the right knob.

Here is a link that might be useful: BC Hardware Supply

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