Deep Sinks - Does a disposal fit?

eve72May 5, 2012


Question for those with deep sinks, like 10 inch undermounts. Is it still possible to have clearance for a garbage disposal? I am noticing that the one I have in no way would have clearance unless I cut a hole in the cabinet base. Is there a special disposal that everyone uses?



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I have a 10 inch deep double bowl Blanco sink and it did not need a special disposal. My disposal is a Insinkerator Evolution Pro. I have a trash pull out on one side and the disposal on the other side. Not room for much else. Put it does fit. Here are a couple of photos.

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I have a double bowl, Kohler farm sink. My cabinet is 36" wide.

I'm making a drawer that is only 5" tall at the back, but rises up to almost full height in front.

There are 100s of people online who will make "special" stuff like that. The garbage disposer need only take up its own area.

Am exhausted and not sure if that made sense, but yes, I have a regular garbage disposer.

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I think the garbage disposals are smaller now than they used to be. The 3/4 hp Insinkerator I took out of my old kitchen was a lot bigger than the 1 hp Insinkerator I put in my new one. My sink is only 7" deep but I've got plenty of room under the sink. More than enough to if the sink was an extra 3" deep. Just looked and I have a good 8-10" of clearance between the disposal and the bottom of the cabinet.

Just make sure you're okay with a sink that deep and it won't cause your back to ache.

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The plumbing santee is usually set at 15" above the floor.
The center of the disposal discharge will be about 5-1/2" below the sink.
The rough height of the base cabinets will be about 35".
This leaves plenty of room for the trap arm.
The disposal discharge tub can be shorten, slightly.

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I had the same concern, since the garbage disposal was attached to the shallow side of a double sink before the kitchen update. As the pictures show, I needn't have worried.

We purchased an Insinkerator Evolution Compact. Not only did it fit just fine, but it is soooo much quieter than our other disposal (same brand, just about 20 years older)

As you can see, there's room for plenty of storage. On the left side we installed a two-tiered rack, 11" wide (at the bottom). On the right side we installed a 14" sliding rack. From GardenWeb Photos From GardenWeb Photos

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My sink is 10" deep and undermounted. We have an Insinkerator 1 HP under that sink, but if I were buying a new one, I'd get the Insinkerator Evolution (we have that compact model under our prep sink and they are a little smaller but much quieter). I planned every inch of space under my sink and threatened the guy who installed the disposal and DW connections, but I got it all in there. That's 2 DW connections, a large bottle of Dawn with a Never MT, the disposal, the instant hot tank, 2 baskets for cleaning supplies/bags and such, and 2 bins for trash and recylcing in front.

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Trap arm height can be an issue in older houses.

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What is important is that the discharge on the disposer be above the drain into the wall. If the disposer is lower than the drain, you will have water standing in your disposal. You need to check the height of the drain coming out of the wall, then do the math to see if the disposal will drain properly.

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Thanks so much for this information. My trap arm height is at 9 inches from the base and the cab height is 29 inches (not counting the base which isn't usable space really. Think that compact model should do the trick. But I'll have to map it out beforehand.

29 cab - 10 sink - 9 trap arm = leaves me 10 inches for the disposal arm so if standard is 5.5" then I THINK this is ok.

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Debbi Branka

I have the double silgranit bowls, 10" deep. I have tons of room under my sink still (but I think I have a huge sink base!) There is plenty of room for the garbage disposal and it doesn't hit the bottom of the cabinet.

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