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vampiressrnMay 31, 2010

For some reason my best attempt at making a coffee station has been unsuccessful. I have all the latest and greatest coffee and tea appliances and about 50 clear glass Irish coffee mugs. Initially I had this set up in a small butlers pantry , but there is no sink in there and I found people didn't go in there. Secondly I have it set up in my kitchen desk area...but still not using it. I am now thinking about a third location (third is supposed to the the charm...right), so want to be sure to do it correctly.

In thinking more about this, I am leaning toward an open section on the end of one of my counters. There are no overhead cabinets which is good for brewing hot liquids. There is ample space to set the coffee maker up and plug it in and it will be close to the sink. I have a drawer below where I can keep paraphernalia. Then a cabinet below that where I can store my coffee makers (so they don't need to be out on the counter). The trash compactor is right there too and all I have to do is turn around and the mugs can be stored in the shallow cabinets on that side of my island.

Does anyone have a coffee station? Any pictures and suggestions for practicality would be greatly appreciated.

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I have a coffee station although I don't have the latest and greatest of gadgets, just a coffee maker, but I did just get a new stainless steel Bunn. Will take another picture after my countertops get here in a week or so, but this picture will give you an idea.

Having this coffee center replaced a corner pantry, so I have a small pantry there beside it and a larger utility/pantry closet in the laundry/mudroom just around the other corner, but so far my kithen houses everything I need.

Anyways, I have coffees and creamers, cups, caraffes, and travel cups up above. I also have enough room for bowls in the upper cabinets so I keep the cereals down below. Spoons are there also. We tend to have a number of cereal boxes so it works out nicely to have it all right there together.

The little frig is a wine cooler. My thinking was this would be for refrigerated creamers but that idea didnt work out as planned, but for the most part, everything for making and drinking coffee is all right there. It is in the kitchen but out of the main flow, so you can pop in and get your coffee and pop back out without getting in the way of any food preparation.

I love it. I adore my kitchen.

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Thanks for sharing and posting pictures gopintos...your kitchen is beautiful.

Now I am wondering if I should keep it where it is and just do something with the knee space in the desk. I should post pictures too. I did have a special roll out cart made to go under the desk but the guy did a horrible job, so I had it removed. Mostly I give cocktail parties so nobody really wants coffee. I don't really need a desk in my kitchen so this seems like a good place for it. (I turned my Butler's Pantry into a wine storage area.) I just keep thinking that this desk should work out as the coffee station, so I should stick with it.

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Ah, the coffee station. The most important part of a kitchen! With a small kitchen and not wanting to take up much counter space; only the burr grinder (KitchenAid) and espresso machine (Saeco) are out. When making coffee we use an electric kettle to heat the water and a French press, both are kept in a cabinet nearby with cups, beans, etc. We also keep a pitcher full of filtered water in the fridge.

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We call the hutch located in the back hallway our coffee station. It has a small sink, but DH prefers the kitchen island sink. Angel, our 15lb cat enjoys sitting in the coffee station sink though.

It's the black hutch, last photo in the link below. Mugs are in top drawer right. Travel mugs and coffee cans/grounds in the cabinet below. Center drawers hold various other goodies - for coffee, tea and extra small glass serving pieces. Faux drawer on left side, in front of sink. Pitcher for watering the veranda plants in the door below.

Here was the inspiration for my piece. I wasn't interested in mini-fridge:

Here is a link that might be useful: Coffee Station - Black Hutch

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DH makes cappuccino every morning. To eliminate unsightly cords for the espresso machine and grinder, we had an outlet installed below in the back cabinet wall and a hole cut in the soapstone counter so we could plug in the appliances below.

Here is our coffee bar adjacent to the dining area:

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GoPintos and Bireland, how long of a run is that with the sink in it? Dh thinks a sink will eat up too much valuable counter space.

Gorgeous kitchens!

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Here's my DH's coffee station with my collection of coffee grinders on top of an antique baker's cabinet. DH uses the prep sink in the island and the KitchenAid coffee grinder on top of the small cabinet (which holds meds/vitamins).

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Sorry if this posted twice.

I wanted to say, Nifty stations!!

My coffee counter is 60" and the sink is 15 x 15 x 4. Here is a link to a clearer picture of it, towards the bottom of the page.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our appliances

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Wonderful wonderful wonderful...thank you everyone. Love the hoosier, I have one in my garage stashed away, but no room in my kitchen or surely would have used it, they are so great.

OK this has really helped me a lot...I'm going to keep the coffee station in the desk area. I may try to find a small fridge to put below in the knee space for dairy products. I like that idea of a filtered pitcher of water (since I don't have sink there) that will be helpful. I need to do some more thinking on this so really appreciate everyone's ideas. :-)

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Mine is a hutch built into our breakfast room and just a few steps from the main sink (a DW and small drawer stack away). Since our espresso machine has a tank that only needs filling a couple of times a week, it's no big deal.

The base is 15" drawers on either side of 24" fridge drawers. The fridge drawers make this not just a coffee station but also beverage central and the lunch making station -- taking a lot of foot traffic out of the kitchen when it's time to cook and set the table as well as other times.

The uppers are 15" custom leaded glass doors with 2 small drawers below that come down to the counter. DH wondered what we'd use those small drawers for and realized we could use 2 more. They hold napkins, trivets, wine gadgets, tea stuff as well as vitamins and some pill bottles. The leaded glass cabinets have our glasses and stemware while I decided to put coffee mugs on the bottom shelf of the bookcase that goes between the two upper cabinets. It doesn't come down to the counter, so it creates the nook where our coffee maker and a few accessories sit.

I was going to take a photo since the last attempt was with a camera that got dropped and was out of focus, but DH took the camera on a trip out of town. Here's a drawing of the plan before we added glass doors.

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I love the hutches!

We have our coffee next to the main sink. I tend to get coffee grounds everywhere so being able to swipe them straight into the sink is ideal for me. The added plus is that the compost is under the sink so it's a simple matter to dump grounds and rinse filter holder. I'll admit this doesn't usually get done until we're making coffee the next day---and since I'm doing this BEFORE coffee, the simpler the better. We have to pass our fridge when entering/leaving the kitchen which means cream can be easily grabbed/put away.

Mugs and coffee are stored in uppers above the coffee maker and filters in a drawer below.

I really like having the coffee maker on a full height counter.

All of our tea making supplies and cups are near our range which is where we heat the water.

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wallycat, our coffee counter is 52 inches long by 18 inches deep (plus 1 1/2 inch overhang of countertop. The sink is an Elkay round 14" Undermount Single Bowl with 6" Bowl Depth. The 14 inches includes the lip under the soapstone and the actual interior dimension of the sink is 12 inches.

Hope this helps.

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