Recycled glass countertops anyone?

carolbarrelMay 17, 2013

Pros and cons please? What material would you use to best affix shards of glass to countertop and how to prevent staining? Could one use a dark grout with lighter glass shards and get a good result? Thanks for any input if you've ever experimented with recycled glass for kitchen countertops!

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Sophie Wheeler

They already exist. Look at Vetrazzo and Ice stone. No need to DIY. And in fact, DIYing wouldn't really be possible to do in a safe and effective way without some pretty heavy duty industrial type machinery. The biggest drawback to recycled glass counters is the expense (VERY expensive) and the fact that they are set in a cementitious base, which will etch when exposed to acids.

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Vetrazzo has a cement base, but I thought that Icestone used a resin base similar to quartz counters. (I could be wrong.) Yes, look at Vetrazzo--they have several styles that have the same glass mix but different matrix colors (Alehouse Amber and Alehouse Amber with Patina).

I do think that it would be a difficult DIY project. Not so much to construct the counters--I've read instructions on how to embed decorative elements in DIY cement counter. But to do through-and-through glass chips I think would require a lot of grinding and polishing at the end. Which would take the right equipment, and be time consuming and messy.

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Both use concrete. There are many brands that use resin. We are going with

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