Backsplash help for chimney-style Brick Stove Surround

ccasanovaMay 23, 2013

36" Capital Culinarian range has been ordered from Trevor. We built the brick around the stove to mirror the fireplace on the opposite wall of the living room. It hides a 1200cfm Eurostoves/Modernaire hood. I wanted to keep the backsplash the same as the fireplace, but the firebrick is both too thick and porous. Countertops will be leathered absolute black. Pictured is a cream stone tile which is close to the glazed cabinet color. My questions are:
1. Should we use the cream tile, matching brick pavers or something else?
2. Will the brick and/or tile be difficult to maintain?

Thanks in advance. This is our last big decision. This forum has been wonderful for ideas and research. It has cost me thousands of extra $,$$$'s upfront, but I'm confident it is money well spent.

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Opposite wall in living room

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Teal blue/green glazed island. Sorry for the messy pic. Trying to give a complete picture of the space.

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I have brick around my range and down the entire wall, but have 27" of cabinet and filler between the range and the brick wall. So far the inner walls don't look any different than the outer walls, but I'm pretty sure we're pulling around 1500-1800 cfm with the hood and we run it almost every time we cook. That being said, there is no way that I would put it on a backsplash. Our brick is really rough too, and requires a scrub brush to actually clean splatters. I've debated on whether or not to seal it at least on the inner walls, but have yet to do so. I just shop vac with the brush attachment or use a broom to dust off the cobwebs every couple weeks. I think of all the things that I've dealt with choosing, trying to settle on a wall color and backsplash were the hardest due to the multiple colors of the bricks. I wasn't sure if a small subway type tile would be too busy with the brick, but I'm sure others can chime in. I'm 99.9% sure that I'll be using a pink marble tile for the backsplash. I think the polished surface will be a nice contrast against the rough brick, and I think the colors coordinate well with my brick.

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