small galley kitchen colors

itstime2014May 3, 2014

hi all, ok, its small 8' x 10' and 43'' between refrigerator door and cabinet opposite, hope some of you were sitting down when you just read that. its worked for me and its what I'm working with. I've picked out shaker door cabs in a cider maple finish and will extend red oak floor from small, theres that word again eating area into kitchen. I've really fallen for a marble mosaic backsplash. my choice for countertop would be absolute black granite which would also pop up on the 12'' between stove and refrigerator and the top of the cab in the corner. stainless steel sink. my question(s) then are what color appliances. stainless to match the sink? white to pick up the marble. black to pick up the countertop. is white too jarring with the black poking up here and there? should i just switch to a lighter/white granite counter top and go that route with white appliances? wall color is leaning to pale sages. thanks for your time, advice(other than to just move) and thoughts. dave

Here is a link that might be useful:

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heres the cab color. thanks, dave

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Beautiful cabinet color. I'd personally go with the black counters and stainless appliances, as long as you understand they won't be easy to keep fingerprint-free.

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I would go with stainless appliances.

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Everything sounds nice for your space. Same response here -- go stainless. It will reflect light so will help to lighten the kitchen. Also agree with prior posters that like the black counters with your wood cabinets. By the way, enjoyed your running commentary. You have quite the sense of humor.

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I too like stainless with the wooden cabs and black countertops! My kitchen is almost the same but I only have about 36" for an aisle between the cabinet runs.

We chose the same look for just about everything, except I chose Ikea white shaker cabinets and a black stone look resilient vinyl tile floor. My counters will be Black Alicante laminate, which looks like a black marble or soapstone. I'm on a small budget! I agree about the stainless being tough to keep fingerprint free, especially if you have kids.

We have excellent taste! :) Mine should be done next week (except the backsplash) if the counters come in and I'll post pics then.

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many thanks to you all for your thoughtful replies. your input has helped me decide, stainless steel appliances it will be. glad you enjoyed my attempts at humor, texasgal, I've found it's really helped to be able laugh every now and then during this kitchen project.

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I believe I learned it here - try wd40 for cleaning stainless steel. It works!

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I love the color of green. My favorite paint is benjamin moore. They now have an eggshell finish that is washable. I put it in my bathroom--it does clean well. I will be using it again in my kitchen. One of my favorite green colors is Classic Khaki from ben moore.

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