Under cab lighting + lighting in glass cabs, too much?

dermnpMay 8, 2013

I always assumed we would have under cab lighting and also have lighting in the glass stacked cabs as well. But the kitchen designer has thought differently. Now it will increase out budget by $1000. The electrician does think it may be too much to do both. What do you think?

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First rule - never assume. What seems like an "obviously" or an "of course" to me hasn't been so much for most of the people we've talked to about doing our kitchen...so, no assuming.

Anyway, as for your lighitng..why would it be "too much"? First and foremost, UC lighting is a task lighting and then secondary as an ambient light (some use for this and some don't). Lighting in glass cabinets is only an ambient/accent lighting, so it has nothing to do with if you have UC lighting or not.

The real question is, do you want to use your UC lighting for ambient lighting or *only* task lighting? And if you plan on it (UC) for both, you'll probably want a dimmer for it.

The UC lighting and the lights in the cabinets need to be on a separate switch...and it sounds like Sparky may not recognize that if he thinks it's "too much to do both", so don't assume that he knows to do that...make it very clear that's what you want.

Lastly for now...it's always better to have too much light and turn it off than too little. And it's easier to install "too much light" when doing your reno. rather than trying to add it later.

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I totally agree with andreak. UC and accent lighting are two different critters entirely. I'm sure that I would use both sources of lighting but I don't see using them both at the same time. UC for when I'm working in the kitchen & the interior cabinet lighting for when I left the kitchen in the evening--lighting the way for those late night snack runs, ya' know.

As to budget concerns....$1k is a pretty significant budget increase. I'd suggest having the electrical rough-in done now and add the fixtures later as you have some xtra mad money laying around. So long as the juice & switches are in place, hardwiring fixtures is (most usually) a quick & easy DIY task.

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Thank you for your quick responses. My husband was making me feel like I was asking for too much. But to me having glass without lights is odd, I want the option of putting them on. I like the idea of having him wire for it now because the materials are the expense of it. He did say he can do it later. We are over budget on so many other things, we do have to wait on this.

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Yes, if it's an option of one or the other, definitely get the UC lights now - the cabinet lights can go in later. Like ci_lantro said, if you can manage to get the wiring and switches ready now, you will probably save yourself some money since it's easier to do wiring while the walls are more accessible to run the wires.

When things are going over budget, it's easy to start to say, "this is extravagant." Your husband may not understand the difference in the lighting functions and that could be why he feels like you're asking for too much. In-cabinet lighting is typically for decorative purposes, so that could be viewed as "extravagant", but then, so is getting glass in the front of a cabinet and having those items that you want to display. ;-) But you have them, so show them. If you can, try to put together a timeframe on when you will have the money to get the rest of the lights put in - it tends to be something that you put off once the major reno is done and then suddenly, you're 3 years down the line and still don't have the lights in...so definitely put a timeframe on when you will have the money to get the rest finished.

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