New Kitchen Tool--Life Changing

beekeeperswifeMay 30, 2013

Julienne Peeler. Never heard of it. My daughter pointed it out to me.

Instead of dragging out the mandolin and then having to clean it, this took about 2 minutes to do this to two zucchinis.

Wow. (I know some, if not al,l of you already knew about this tool. But I had no idea!!)

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Here's a close up of the tool.

And that 2 minutes I estimated, included the washing, cutting off ends, getting out the bowl...the peeling was really much quicker!

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I like that!
My Cuisenart "stem" disintegrated a few years ago and I haven't gotten around to replacing it. I used it all the time to grate things.

I think I see another... tool ... I need ... to complete my tools. Along with my power tools...

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Ok I just ordered one, thanks for the tip! I love my microplane grater too, much easier than pulling out the grater.

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Oh- I want one! I love it. Thanks for sharing.

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Whoa! That's cool! That's a tool I would definitely use. Where did you get yours? Thanks for sharing, Bee!

P.S. maybe I haven't been around lately as much, but I don't feel like I've "seen" you around in recent days. Hope all is well!

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I just recently discovered this tool, as well. I had seen it on a cooking show, but now I can't remember which one. Actually, now that I stop and think, I believe it was on a local morning talk show that I rarely watch. They, too, used it for the zucchini to use instead of pasta.

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Never heard of it and now I need to have one. Bee, can you tell us which brand you bought? Amazon has about a dozen brands, and I can't tell whether one is better than any other. Thanks.

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Thank you, Beekeepers. For reminding me. I just went and looked--yup! Bought one of those, put it away in the back of a full-extension drawer and forgot all about it. I'm planning to transform my life today too. :)

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I have one of those! Love it, and just wanted to throw out there to be extra careful- maybe it's just me but I've managed to cut myself one or two times. Maybe I get a little over-enthusiastic about my julienning :-)

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And the best plain peelers are the same sort of design. I've always called them "D" peelers, because that's what they look like.

Here is a link that might be useful: peeler

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Typing On phone, so being brief...

Mine was from Marshall's. or TJ Maxx. I just went with a comfortable grip. They had several there.

Breezy, yep I've been busy. My business is starting to bloom, I find when I pop on GW I head straight to kitchens to read, but have been sharing some projects on Home Decorating. You should email if you want, beekeeperswife at gmail dot com


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I had no idea how badly I needed this. A few days ago, I spent about 45 minutes cutting carrots into julienne for a salad! I was nosing around on Amazon for a better solution, was thinking about a mandolin, and now have happily ordered one of these instead. Thanks for the tip!

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thanks for sharing! my mom had picked up one of these from an asian market stall on vacation for less than $1. she has been babying this thing for a few years but it is all rusty. i didn't know they had them here too! think i will have to get her a replacement in stainless steel!

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Beekeeperswife your photos are beautiful. I take a lot of pics of my food. I coworker was emailing me pics of his ribs from his patio this afternoon.

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